Wow – Kajol Lost 18 KGS Within A Month But How?

Wow – Kajol Lost 18 KGS Within A Month But How?

Kajol Mukherjee, the daughter of actress, Tanuja Samarth and director – producer, Shomu Mukherjee, made her debut to the silver screen with Bekhudi in 1992. She amazed us with her fabulous acting skills in movies like Baazigar, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Gupt: The Hidden Truth, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, etc. Her grace and beauty garnered her a ton of fan following, who were quite shocked when she tied the knot with her Raju Chacha co-star, Ajay Devgn, on 24 February, 1999.

After marriage, she continued her amazing work in cinema with blockbusters like Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi, etc. When she became pregnant with her daughter Nysa, she took a sabbatical from Bollywood and in 2006, she returned to cinema with the Kunal Kohli’s romantic thriller, Fanaa, opposite Aamir Khan. Four years later, she gave birth to her son, Yug, and returned to the movies after a 5 year break with the movie, Dilwale, opposite SRK.

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All throughout her journey in the movies, Kajol’s beauty and grace has been unwavering but the most astounding factor is how she has maintained her great figure. Like every mother, she gained weight during her pregnancies but she managed to shed of this excess weight in incredibly less amount of time. After her first pregnancy, she was still a little bulky but now she has got back her sexy figure by losing 18 Kgs within a month. Want to know how? Then read on


Many of you might try to lose weight by seeing online blogs or silly advertisements, which guarantee you weight loss in ridiculously less amount of time. Such tricks and tips may lead to grievous health issues and diseases in the future. So Kajol went the smart way and hired a professional.

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At the beginning, she worked with her hubby, Ajay Devgn’s trainer; who helped in improving her stamina, increasing her metabolism and gaining the right weight as well as physique for her body type. After this initial training, she took up her own fitness trainer and personal health consultant, Shereveer Vakil.

Her trainer helped her tone up her body, lose any excess weight and improve her overall health. This was done by strict workout and diet schedule, which Kajol followed to the ‘T’. So, when you are looking to lose weight, do not use DIY trick which you might have read somewhere, instead consult and employee the services of a professional, who will help you lose weight without affecting your health negatively.

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Having the right mind set is the key to losing weight because, if you are not motivated towards shedding your weight, then you will lose interest in the entire process. Thus leading you stop the whole process midway and sometimes even causing you to gain more weight than before, as you become susceptible to stress or emotional eating.

Kajol made sure to maintain a positive attitude and the right mind set to achieve her excellent physique. Even when she was pregnant, the beauty was set on the fact that she wanted to lose her pregnancy weight as quickly as possible. She says that staying fit is akin to attaining a skill, whereas gaining weight is similar to losing a skill. When you are fit, you are healthy and happy, so you must always practice the skill of staying fit rather that losing it. Half the uphill battle of losing weight was won by Kajol’s steely determination and attitude.

So, when you are trying to lose weight, firstly make yourself mentally ready, this not only motivates you but also prepares you for gruelling and tiresome process of reducing weight. Activities like assigning a deadline for the weight loss might also help in schooling your mind for the hard tasks you will have to endure in the process.

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Weight loss takes patience, as it is a step by step process that requires you to sacrifice a lot of time and physical effort. If you want to lose weight quickly, then you are making yourself vulnerable to health issues and body damage in the future. So you need to prepare for the fact that weight loss is a process full of baby steps, it cannot be hurried.

Kajol is known for her patience and practicality; she has applied these qualities of hers into her weight loss regime. She understood that weight loss journey requires a great deal of commitment and effort in delivering the commitment made. The dusky beauty says that a person needs to first crawl before they can walk. Similarly, weight loss requires you to take baby steps before fully diving into the process.

You will not see results within just a day or week of following your weight loss regime, it will take time. This is a fact you need to understand and accept otherwise, you will open yourself to a world of disappointment. So, take baby steps and your body will show you results in good time. Don’t hurry it or you may subject yourself to issues like kidney stones, anaemia, stomach ulcers, etc.

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Workout is an integral part in any weight loss process, as it helps in losing weight, gain stamina and tone up your body. If you try to lose weight only by diet, then you will find that your weight might reduce but in the longer run you will also face issues like flabby skin, stretch marks etc.

Kajol made a good workout regime critical in her weight loss journey; therefore she was able to successfully shed so much weight in such small amount of time. Mrs Devgn, worked tirelessly with her trainer to target the burning of the fat areas and the strengthening of the core muscles of her body. Kajol increased the intensity of her workout daily and pushed herself to improve her performance. The Bollywood beauty includes various forms of workouts like yoga, squats, as well as lifts in her whole wellness regime. She can easily handle 150 pounds and in an intense muscle toning and calorie burning exercise known as ‘dead lift’ she handles more pounds. The super mom can also handle about 300 push-ups very easily.

Following Kajol’s suite is highly beneficial. But don’t try to do as much as she does, you need to start small before you handle such weights. If you employ a trainer, then he or she will plan a well-balanced and healthy workout regime for you.

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Some feel that with the right workout they will not have to watch their diet, whereas others feel that extreme diet will help in shedding that extra weight. However, both these notions are misguided because diet is something that is essential to the whole weight reduction process, as the right diet provides nourishment as well as strength to your body for a good workout and a healthy lifestyle.

Mrs Devgn completely understands the important role that a well-balanced diet plays in a successful weight loss regime; therefore she made sure to employ the services of a dietician as well as a trainer.

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Kajol ate healthy food that built her endurance and stamina. She consumed a diet rich in both protein and fiber with foods like chicken, eggs, nuts, paneer, milk etc.; she mostly eats non-vegetarian food. Kajol follows a strict diet that consists of only healthy fats, no junk food and low sugar. She also made sure to keep her diet flexible according to her travel plans, seasonal changes and her shooting schedules. No shortcuts like pills etc. were used by Kajol and the fact that the ‘Kara Arjun’ actress does not smoke or consume alcohol, helped her greatly in the battle against weight.

Do not starve yourself, as this will leave you too weak to work out or do any other task and not to mention the amount of health risks you will be inviting. It is always wise to contact a professional like a nutritionist or a dietician to prepare a customized diet chart, suited specially for you.

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The most important secret to Kajol’s amazing weight loss is her determination to become fit and healthy. She is comfortable in her own skin and loves her body but she understands the vitality of fit physique in a healthy lifestyle. Kajol’s philosophy about weight loss for working mothers in her own words is that, ‘you have to cook, clean, teach, manage and otherwise take care of the house. If you aren’t fit, no one else is going to be able to cope! Carve out some time for yourself, at least an hour to make room for a fitness plan. And make sure you eat right, that is most of your battle won.’ Of course having a supportive hubby who understands and loves a healthy lifestyle must have helped Kajol greatly.

You are beautiful as you are, but like Kajol you need to improve your healthy and maintain it. So, all the moms as well as woman can take tips from Kajol’s great weight loss experience and improve themselves!

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