You Should Never Straighten Your Hair At Parlor – 5 Important Side...

You Should Never Straighten Your Hair At Parlor – 5 Important Side Effects You Didn’t Know!

Every girl’s fantasizes to have long, lustrous and lovely looking hair that listens to her! Don’t you? While there are numerous tips, techniques and advises available to beautify your hair, there is no guarantee of what will work for your hair! There are various treatments as well, that are naturally available and man-made too to increase the volume and length of the hair.

Depending on the texture, color and quality of your hair, different people will suggest you different things to do and apply on your hair, to make it look shiny and lovely. From application of naturally available things like curd and lemon, to parlor available products and treatments, majority of women have tried and tested most of them on their hair, with the hope that their hair will look like desired. But alas! The hair will never stay the same for a long period of time. In fact, seasons, your lifestyle and your diet also have a lot to say and affect on your hair.

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The most common hair types are straight, curly, frizzy and wavy. While straight hair is a dream of most women, not everybody is lucky enough to have such hair. Straight hair is considered to be a boon – such hair will remain straight, come what may! Tie your hair into braids for a whole night, open it the next day, and your straight hair will remain the same. Such texture of hair is the dream hair for most women and thus to get such hair, man has invented a treatment – Hair Straightening.

What is hair straightening?

Hair Straightening is by far the most useful solution discovered for unmanageable hair, which includes frizzy and wavy curls. Straightening is very similar to hair smoothening. The only difference is smoothing is 80% straightening, while hair straightening is straight 100% straightening of your hair, with a natural look of straight hair.

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How long does it stay?

There are two types of hair straightening – Temporary and permanent. While temporary straightening stays up for 2 to 3 days maximum or until you tie up your hair tightly. On the other hand, permanent straightening stays on your hair until you decide to chop them off. Same goes with hair smoothing.

Advantages of Hair Straightening

Be it temporary or permanent hair straightening, it will bring in the following benefits to you and your hair –

  • The first and foremost, it changes the complete look of your hair by making it look lovely
  • It removes all the waviness and friziness in your hair and makes the hair more manageable
  • It makes your hair shiny and brings out the real volume and texture of your hair
  • It goes with all kinds of outfits, occasions and looks

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Disadvantages of Hair Straightening

Like every coin has two sides, even this solution to frizzy hair has certain disadvantages like:

  • It makes your hair dry
  • It demands lot of care and cost (as parlor straightening can get quite costly)
  • It makes your hair prone to the side effects of chemicals and heat
  • If you over do it, it can damage your hair
  • It requires lot of time to do it, and then lot of effort and patience to maintain this beautifully done hair straightening

Though there are some advantages and disadvantages of hair straightening, yet in today’s dynamic environment, lot of women are opting for this option. You can either choose to do this at home by yourself or at the parlor. To do it at home, all you need is a straightener machine and electricity. Different brands offer different hair straightening products – so choose the one that fits your budget and style.

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Hair straightening at the parlor

If you choose to just spend some money and get the straightening done at the parlor, as you do want to experiment on your own hair, then today, almost every parlor has the facility of hair straightening. But, getting your hair straightened at the parlor can have its own side effects. There are a lot of people who say that You Should NEVER Straighten Your Hair at Parlor. Wondering why? Here are 5 Important Side Effects you should know about getting your hair straightened at the parlor

It makes you hair exposed to tons of chemicals and various treatments

Chemicals and exposure to heat treatments make your hair quite dry. Now think, if you get your hair straightened but it looks dry, what’s the use of the entire process? Chemicals tend to damage your hair and lot of heat makes your hair pores weak and in turn makes your hair also weak. In some worst case scenarios, the hair can get extremely damaged and burnt as well, if there is excessive heat given to your hair. Ensure to keep a check on the temperature and the chemicals, which the parlor suggests for your hair.

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You and your hair may become prone to different types of reactions and allergy

This side effect is quite common in most of the women, who go for hair straightening. As we are all aware that be it temporary or permanent hair straightening, parlors use lots of chemicals to tame your hair and then make use of excessive chemicals to keep the straightening stay for a long time. When your hair is exposed to such high chemicals, it is quite a common scenario that your body might become prone to certain types of allergies or reactions. Such side effects may either appear immediately after the treatment or can pop up after a few days pass by. Some common allergies and reactions due to this process of hair straightening could include itchiness on your scalp and/or skin. It could also include red eye, extensive itching in the eye or rashes on your scalp and/or skin. If you observe anything similar to this happening to you after hair straightening, do not wait further and consult a doctor immediately and take necessary precautions before the allergies get worse.

Severe Hair fall

This is the last thing a woman would want. But it is a sad truth that, if the types of straightening you have opted for, doesn’t suit your hair and scalp; it might lead to extensive hair fall that you haven’t experienced before. This happens because firstly, your hair has never been used to such kind of heat and chemicals. And then on top of that, you have to take extra care, you are not allowed to tie your hair for a long period of time and this leads to dryness of the hair and in the end hair fall. If this is not taken care of at the initial stages, the hair fall gets worse. Once you hair gets prone to hair fall, then it is very difficult to have a control on it. The worst part is that straightening will already make your hair look thin, upon that when you start having hair fall, then your hair looks thinner. That is why it is recommended that as soon as you observe the first signs of hair fall, consult a dermatologist and take precautionary actions as soon as you can.

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Hair Straightening can cause damage to hair cuticle

There is one thing that you HAVE to remember – once the hair straightening process begins to cause damage to your hair cuticle, then this damage is not reversible. If the parlor people provide your hair with lot of heat along with chemicals, then there are high chances that your hair cuticles i.e, your hair pores might get damaged. The hair cuticles are an important part of your scalp, as they are the ones from where your hair actually grows. That is why it is always suggested to take precautionary measure before going for styling. Talk to your stylist about the treatment and take all precautionary steps before the treatment. It is advised not to use iron on wet hair. Also, never hesitate to ask the parlor stylist to show you and test the heat of the iron rod before applying it directly on to your hair.

Your hair can get prone to dandruff

Yes! You have read it right. Whenever you do something new to your hair, it may or may not suit your hair and scalp. If your scalp is too sensitive and you expose it to too much to heat and chemicals, it is bound to show some side effects. The most common side effect to such things is origin of dandruff in your hair. When your hair and scalp become drier than usual due to excessive in-take of toxic chemicals, your scalp may crack and that leads to settling in of dandruff. Due to this, your scalp may tend to get itchier and if the dandruff is not treated at the initial stages, then it might get worse and begin to show up on your hair.

Keep these side effects in mind and check with your stylist for all of it before indulging in the hair straightening process.

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