Beautiful Bridal Mehndi Designs For Legs On This Wedding Season!

Beautiful Bridal Mehndi Designs For Legs On This Wedding Season!

Mehndi or Henna word comes from the Sanskrit Language as “Mendhika”. Henna mehndi designs became a new cool, where they generally referred it as mehndi tattoos (Henna Tattoos). Henna (or mehndi) is a temporary tattoo that’s exotic and beautiful adornment to the female body. This type of a tattoo enables women to play around with different designs and shapes on different places on their body, without any pain.

Different countries and regions have different henna designs. Arabic henna designs have bold, abstract lines. Their henna tends to feature larger floral designs. Indian and Pakistan henna is more complex than Arabic’s. Indian henna tattoos are more delicate and detailed. Their designs often involve dots, lines and paisley. Smaller floral designs, elephants and peacocks aren’t often used.

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Henna is a synthesis method of mehndi art that has been developed by incorporating little elements of Indian plus Arabic styles. Mehndi is a vital part of girls life when they head towards weddings, parties, engagement, ring ceremony and various occasions. Mehndi is most enjoyable ritual because it marks the beginning of all the celebrations of the marriage and one of the most fun-filled and glamorous pre-wedding occasions in India which generally takes place a day or two prior to the wedding. Mehndi ceremony is a basic part of a Hindu/Muslim wedding.

If we start counting the adornments for legs, the number would be really less. But whatever is there is worth a good glance. Bridal mehndi Designs are very complicated, therefore on this wedding season, we have compiled some of the most beautiful mehndi Designs for Bridal that you will absolutely adore.

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1 Green & Red Glittered Mehndi Design!

Tinges of red and lush green on true henna color! Adding details to the plain henna design can steal the show. It gives more attention to the entire mehndi design and looks colorful, that can also go along with your wedding attire. Simple but still elegant design and this mehndi design is aesthetically crafted for a bride’s feet.

2 Detailed Mehndi Design

An artistic design on upper part of your feet and complementing patterns on your fingers! This design is good to be put on every occasion when you want to adorn your feet beautifully as well as want to keep it simple too. As said before adding details can bring in more attention to the feet! The white and golden brown glitters are always a treat for eyes to witness the dazzling mehndi design.

3 Full-Leg Classic Mehndi Design

When it comes to the D-Day, every girl loves to stick to the best-kept Indian tradition. Adore your culture’s richness with this intricate Marwari Mehndi design on your feet. A full-leg Mehndi design can’t be more beautiful than this. It has every ingredients of an authentic Indian Mehndi pattern.

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4 Mehndi Design On The Sides!

This design is great for brides as well as for bridal occasions. There are traditional flower motifs and the traditional Indian mehndi is used for doing this design. We love the way the design is shaped up – it starts off on the feet and then extends till half section of the lower legs.

5 Arabic Styled Mehndi Designs

We know many of you prefer small and no fuss designs rather than those with intricate and very fine details. So, here’s a beautiful design which has very few intricate patterns. We can see a number of floral patterns and Arabic style inspired themes in this design. It’s a great pick for those who love such designs.

6 Creative Floral Design

Who says henna is only green, they are dark, black and sometimes comes with readymade in red henna. But this time have the paint in blue this season. In cute paisley designs, this Mehndi pattern will look amazingly attractive. To make your feet look more appealing, you can go for pink nail paints. Simple design, added extra details and finally, it is to match your bridal attire.

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7 The Royal Mehndi Design

These mehndi designs for legs looks very elegant and will make any woman feel like a queen. The intricate designs and small details talk a lot about the artist’s expertise. It has an anklet type design near the ankles making it look even more beautiful. We also love the unique design and the perfect details which make it a superb choice.

8 Half-way Mehndi Design!

This beautiful one of the mehndi designs for leg is quite elegant and will suit brides perfectly. We love the distinct weave patterns on the feet which fill the complete area but do not create any clutter. We also love the mix of traditional and modern patterns in the mehndi. The design shows a large number of finely done details which make this a fine choice for Brides.

9 Round Leg Mehndi Design

This looks very pretty, sophisticated and graceful where round design is found in the center of your foot. Very few patterns put above and below to complete design that makes overall design elegant. The round design means concentric circles with various patterns that adorn your leg. This is extremely attractive and eye-catching.

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10 The Chick Girl Mehndi Design

Opting for any chic design and stylish design has various reasons to attract girls. You can apply this mehndi design on rear part of the legs, which makes your legs more gorgeous and alluring. The design looks really unique and attractive with its tribal art pattern.

11 The Red Patterned Mehndi Design

In this design, you make a touch of red and lush green on real henna color, that makes your feet more gorgeous! This gorgeous mehndi design is very aesthetically crafted on the feet, this normally opted by the brides. Flaunt your feet in tones of red and maroon. This mehndi design is traditional yet modern!

12 The Tribal Mehndi Design

The tribal leg mehndi design is simple but excellent. It has a great tribal look which is created with some abstract pattern, so that this mehndi design has a modern look. In this design you cannot find any floral motif, animal figure, some simple abstract like dots, spiral pattern adorn your legs.

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Legs are the most important part of our body and feet is the most open part. So, to decorate your legs you have to choose some gorgeous mehndi design by which your legs become more beautiful and gorgeous. From above list eye-catching leg mehndi design you can easily choose the best to adorn your legs.