Simple Tricks To Be Followed During Pregnancy To Get Fair Skinned Baby

Simple Tricks To Be Followed During Pregnancy To Get Fair Skinned Baby

Congratulations on finding out that you are expecting! We are sure you are overwhelmed with advices and to do’s and not to do’s from every near and dear one. Apart from obviously making sure that the baby is happy and healthy, many moms want their babies to be beautiful and fair too. They do not ask these questions with the fear of being judged. Well, there is nothing wrong in trying out things that can ensure that you have a fair baby. After all, no matter what anyone says, the world is always biased towards the fair skinned human beings. So, let’s see a few simple tricks that can help you in getting a fair skinned baby.

1. Diet

Although, the color of the baby will hugely depend on the skin color of his mom and dad but there are few foods that we believe can influence the skin color of the baby or certainly improve it.

  • Saffron Milk

Take 5 to 6 strands of saffron and put in the warm milk and mix it nicely. You may want to add little sugar to this too. Just make sure that you are using the original saffron as there are some fake saffron available in the market that smells exactly the same of original. Buy saffron from a known and reliable place. Now drink this once a day. You may have this before you go to sleep. Saffron is an excellent beauty product too and has properties known to purify blood.

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  • Coconut

Eating coconut during pregnancy can help the baby’s color too. Have at least 3 to 4 medium sized coconut flesh daily for better results.

  • Milk

White food items are believed to help improve the baby’s color. Milk is anyway recommended during pregnancy, so make sure you have lukewarm milk daily.

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  • Egg

Do not have eggs if you are allergic to them. Also, never opt for raw eggs. Have your eggs properly cooked. In this case, you should preferably have them boiled. If you do not like the taste, you can have scrambled eggs too.

  • Almonds

Have a handful of almonds daily to meet your nutrients requirements and also to have a fair baby. Yes, the wonder nut, almonds can actually help you have a fair skin baby.

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  • Ghee

We all hear it from our moms and grand moms about the benefit of having ghee during pregnancy. But most of the expecting moms avoid ghee to avoid getting fat. In fact, you should be having at least 2 tablespoon of ghee daily to meet the fat% requirement. Also, ghee is known to help purify the blood and make the baby’s skin color fairer.

  • Oranges

We all know Oranges are an excellent source of Vitamin C and highly recommended during pregnancy. Apart from its high nutritional value, oranges are known for their skin fair properties too and are widely used in skin care cosmetics. Eating an orange daily during pregnancy can help you get a fair skinned baby.

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  • Pineapple

Not everyone can have pineapples when expecting, as moms have a sudden aversion to it during pregnancy. But if you can, have a bowl of pineapple slices as your evening snack. Not only will you avoid unnecessary calorie intake during snacks time, but also this fruit can enhance the baby’s skin color.

  • Saunf or Fennel seeds

Yes, our very own fennel seeds have skin whitening properties too. You can either have a small spoon after your meals or you can boil them in water and let it cool down and then have it. The fennel seeds are an excellent coolant and will have soothing effects, apart from helping the baby’s skin color.

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  • Vanshlochan powder

This powder is easily available at any herbal drug store. As the name suggests, this powder is considered safe to be taken during pregnancy. Not only this, it actually avoids miscarriages. Pregnant ladies can have this powder before going to bed but do not take it for more than 3 months. You may want to check with your gynecologists before consuming any sort of herbal medicines during pregnancy.

  • Grape Juice

Grapes are loaded with AHA, which is Alpha Hydroxyl Acids and are known to be beneficial for skin whitening properties. You may have a small glass of this once or twice a day and this will not only help the baby’s skin color but also help in any swelling or body cramps that you might be facing.

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  • Amla Murabba

Anything rich in Vitamin C and also Iron would definitely help the skin color of the baby. Our Indian gooseberry is one such fruit that you can take without a risk. You may have one of it each day before breakfast.

2. Supplements

Folic acid is one such supplement that you can start taking, once you are trying to conceive. Have prenatal supplements advised by doctor and inform if you are deficient of something. Normally Iron and Vitamin B12 is something that you will be taking, which will help in the baby’s normal growth and good blood circulation, which in turn will help in good skin.

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3. Extra Diet

Any diet rich in Omega -3 is recommended, which means flaxseed, walnut, spinach, beans etc. Omega – 3 is known for its skin benefitting properties and having these while expecting will not only help mom’s skin texture but the baby’s too. Remember, the baby is eating what the mom is.

4. What you see is what you get

Yes, looking at fair skinned people more often or if you are fair skinned yourself, then looking in the mirror a lot, will help you get a fair skinned baby. You can also put pictures of fair babies around you for the same effect.

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5. Looking at the moon daily

This is something that ladies believe very earnestly. Looking at the moon and that too full moon whenever you can; at night will help the unborn baby have fair complexion. There is no logic explained behind this but it probably is the same as what you see during pregnancy is what the baby will look like when born.

6. Avoiding Sun

Yes, you should avoid sun when you can, when pregnant. Not only it is advisable to do this during pregnancy but you should also follow same normally too. The only sunlight you should be getting is in the early morning hours, which is beneficial as it contains Vitamin D, the only vitamin that you cannot have from food. Otherwise, avoid getting tanned as this will affect the would be baby’s color too.

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7. Eat something white first thing in morning

The first thing you should have when you get up in the morning and are empty stomach is something white. It could be anything from coconut water to milk, but make sure the first thing that goes in your stomach and eventually to the baby should be white. This is known to help the complexion of the baby too.

8. Avoid Tea & Coffee

Moms known to have tea and coffee during their pregnancy are believed to have dark complexioned babies. Avoid tea and coffee at all cost and if you are addicted and cannot function without it, have it with excessive milk and very little tea leaves and coffee beans. These beverages are anyway of no nutritional value and you leaving them when pregnant will only benefit your health and babies complexion.

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9. Avoiding sun eclipse completely

If there is a sun eclipse during your pregnancy, it is advisable that you do not leave the house at all and stay in a room that is closed but well lit from inside. Ladies exposing their body when pregnant are believed to have dark and deformed kids.

10. Maintain healthy lifestyle

Taking care of your general well being, will ensure the baby’s overall health too and that means he or she will be blessed with good skin texture. Make sure that you have healthy food habits throughout, maintaining a healthy weight gain, going for walks daily and being generally stress free will help you tremendously.

Please note that all these points discussed above have no medical theories to support them but are believed to help for a fair and beautiful baby. All babies are gifts from God and should be treated like one and you should not to do anything which is not considered safe just to have a fair baby. All points mentioned above will only benefit the baby and not harm it. So, follow them as per your discretion and enjoy your pregnancy!

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