Sapna Vyas Patel’s Weight Loss Story Will Make You Go Like OMG!

Sapna Vyas Patel’s Weight Loss Story Will Make You Go Like OMG!

We all struggle with the little too much weight, that is hard to loose and when we see actors go through this struggle with ease; we think that this is mainly due to their high expenditure on professionals like dietician, trainer etc. But when you see the weight loss example of a non-celebrity, then you gain the confidence that you too can go through the uphill battle and get the perfect body you desire for. One such person is Ahmedabad’s Health Minister’s daughter, Sapna Vyas Patel.

Sapna began her battle with her extra weight in 2009, with a crash diet but this diet was quite difficult and had little benefit. So, in 2011, she began educating herself about nutrition and workout, then she implemented what she learnt; like regular workouts, healthy diet etc. into her life. She was successful in reducing her extra pounds without having to face any side effects like stretch marks, dark circles, loose skin etc. When asked about her weight loss journey Spana said:

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“I weighed 86kgs at first and then brought it down to 53kgs within a year. I lost 33 kgs. Even when I was fat, I was very happy in my own skin. But, I was thought of to be more than my real age and deep down somewhere it did hurt me a lot. I didn’t like it, when once an unfamiliar person assumed me to be my niece’s mother and at this time I was just 19. This small incidence created a turmoil within me and I chose not to accept the thing I could change.”

She says that “I plan my diet in such a way that I never feel hungry. I eat after every two hours but in small quantities. Our body craves for certain type of food, when it is deprived of it. For example, avoiding sugar completely would make the body crave for it. I keep check on my protein, fat and carbs sources,”

I know Sapna’s amazing transformation after losing 33 kgs must have awed you, so keep reading to know the effective and easy weight loss tips that Sapna recommends:

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Homemade food

Sapna says that for weight loss, homemade food is your best option, as you have better control of them thus allowing you information like how many calories are present, what the ingredients are etc. You can specially design you meal plan to suit your workout plan and there is of course the sheer joy of making our own food. This is a cheaper option that we can make tastier by using our imagination in the culinary world.


Weight loss can only be achieved, when you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is the combination of good amount of exercise, a healthy diet, stress-free environment etc. You do not have much knowledge about such matters, so like Sapna, it is best if you consult a professional like a nutritionist, who can give you a diet chart, outline your exercise routine etc. It is crucial that you maintain a balance between your workouts and its intensity otherwise; your body might get harmed.

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Core training

Plain muscle mass development is only fleeting, rather than that you need to concentrate more on core training. If you are looking to enter arenas like body building modelling etc. then muscle mass development is perfect for you but if you are simply looking to lose weight, then core training is a much better option. Core training doesn’t just strengthen your core as well as muscles but it also increases your body’s flexibility, stamina and metabolic rate. The chance of injury during core training is also very minimal.

Ginger/Green Tea

Ginger/ Green tea are rich in antioxidants thus keep diseases like cancer etc. at bay and it also increases our metabolism rate. Drinking such teas will supplement greatly on your weight loss battle, but you need to make sure to have it in its pure form rather than adding artificial sweetener like honey, milk etc. However, you need to take caution of consuming these teas in a limited manner; otherwise you might have to face side effects.

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Avoid emotional eating

We all have the weakness of eating unhealthy food when we are bored or are feeling emotional; in today’s date this is topmost reason for obesity. We can indulge in our love for junk food once in a while, but doing so as a medium of comfort will have adverse effect on your whole diet and overall health. Sapna suggests that you must channel your feeling, whether positive or negative, towards something much more constructive and useful.


Having optimism is a good thing but over expectation can prove to be deathly. You may have set a few long term goals as well as small term goals for yourself; however you mustn’t feel discouraged or disappointed when you are unable to meet your short term goals. Everyone has a unique body type that requires certain amount of time for their workout and diet efforts to reflect. Your body will take its time to lose the excess weight, you cannot hurry it and having a pessimistic attitude towards the process can extend the whole weight loss process. So, do your workout and proper diet patiently with an optimistic attitude and then only goods results will reflect at the end.

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No late night meals

Our body is designed naturally to rest at night and at this time our body functions are not as speedy as they are in the morning. During the day, the calories we consume can be shed but at night this is not possible, as we don’t perform any physical labour. So, you must abstain from eating late night snacks, otherwise your weight loss struggle might extended inevitably. So sleep soundly at night and wake up on time.

Avoid keeping wrong foods at home

Our home affects us and our diet immensely, so if your home has unhealthy snacks that hinder your diet like chips, biscuits, chocolates etc. then you get attracted toward them. This may lead you to breaking you carefully followed diet. Therefore, you must remove all the negative food from your home and only stock your home with the foods that are suitable for your diet plan, like fruits etc.

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Don’t stay up late

Staying up late can affect your melatonin production; this hormone is crucial for maintaining the body’s circadian rhythm and regulating other hormones. Staying up late can also have a very adverse effect on your whole lifestyle, as you have less sleep thus are not enthusiastic about your workout or diet. Being mentally prepared is very important for the weight loss struggle, so you need to have the solid 8 hours of sleep; otherwise you feel both mentally and physically drained. Set up a schedule rather than taking help of medications.

Limit Alcohol and quit smoking

Indulging in a little alcohol is fine but when you go overboard, the alcohol enters your blood stream and nearly damages every part of your body. So, make sure to limit or totally stop your alcohol consumption. Smoking on the other hand is totally unacceptable because smoking destroys you stamina and without the correct amount of stamina, core training is not possible. Smoking also has an adverse effect on your lungs as well as oral hygiene. You need to quit smoking but don’t shock your body by quitting suddenly; you need to quit it slowly and taking the help of a professional can also prove to be quite useful.

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 Avoid Sweetened Foods

We Indians love our mithais, especially during festivals and functions. However yummy these sweets might be you also need to consider the fact that sweets have a high amount of sugar, which equals to high amounts of calories. The sugar increases the fat levels in the blood resulting in high risk of a heart disease and they don’t also have nutritional value. But don’t be saddened, you can have your sweets but in a limited and controlled manner.

No crash diets

Ways that suggest losing ‘20 Kgs in 2 months’ etc. might be tempting, but the people who suggest such methods might be unaware of the fact that our body is designed to loose only certain amount of weight in a set period of time. Forcing your body to lose more weight can prove to be very disastrous. Shedding 4 Kgs of weight per month is healthy enough.

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Calorie Deficit

Keep a watch on your calories. If you consume a certain amount of calories the amount you burn must be higher than that, otherwise your plan of losing weight might get effected. This is a basic and most important step of losing weight.


Water is the best drink in your weight loss plan, so make sure to consume the needed amount of water. An average person should be drinking around 2-3 litres per day but every person’s water consumption need varies, so go accordingly. Drinking water is a healthy habit for you to follow in your weight loss program.

Sapna also has started a Facebook page, which will give you a full insight into her weight loss journey. Sapna has made weight loss much simpler; hope these simple tips help you out!

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