What Is The Perfect Hairstyle For Your Face Shape?

What Is The Perfect Hairstyle For Your Face Shape?

face-shapesHairstyle is a very important factor when considering the overall personality and look of a person. It adds to the charm and gives the final touch to your look. For instance, you have worn a very pretty gown for a wedding but have left your hair simply open or made a ponytail. Will that look good? Rather, it will completely distraught the looks of your heavy party wear dress also. So it is very important to know what hairstyle to make and most importantly what suits you the best.

To change your look and your personality, you need a good hairstyle. Hairstyle throws a light upon your looks and attitude and it highly reflects on your personality. Just like a good clothing sense, a good hair style which suits you is another important part of grooming.

There are different kinds of hairstyles that people can go for. Different cuts suit different faces. Some styles may compliment you but a badly styled hair may make you look weird and distort your appearance. Before we discuss various hair style based on the face cut, it is important to know what texture your hair is:

Question #1 – What’s your hair texture?

Before you decide as to what to choose as your hairstyle, let’s first throw a light on your hair texture. After deciding this you can select which hair style will compliment your face cut.

Your hair can be of different texture like coarse hair, straight hair, curly hair or fine hair. Hair texture is very important in deciding the style since for example if you have curly hair then you cannot go for long flowing hair. Similarly if your hair is very silky, you won’t be able to carry wavy style.

People with coarse hair texture should go for cuts like layer or razor which helps in reducing and minimizing the thickness of your hair making your hair look sleeker. If you have straight hair then you should go for geometrical haircuts like bob cuts. If you want a long hair then you can go for tapered layers adding more layers at the end probably around the last 3 inches to add extra volume to it.

If you have got curly hair, avoid razor cuts. Other than this curly hairs are the most versatile of the lot. You can experiment with any style provided it suits your face of course. Also, you can go for layered cut since this makes the curls more manageable and reduces the bulk.

Question #2 – What is Stylish hair-do?

stylish-hairstyle-collection-2014-2015-for-women-hairstyle-2014-2015-latest-stylish-hairstyle-fashionmaxi-com-blogspot-com-1We all desire to look the best amongst all. But there are different generations liking different styles. The younger generation prefers a funkier look whereas the working professionals like a more elegant sophisticated look. So we should know and discuss a little about different hair styles suitable for different occasion or group.

Well if you are someone of a younger generation and quite daring or someone who would love to flaunt your hairstyle or maybe love visiting night party then this funky hairstyle is just perfect for you. This kind of hairstyle is more common in short hair. But it is completely unsuitable for a business purpose. You can get them in any good hair salon from a professional who is well versed with all the basics of hair styling.

In case of busy women who have no time to give to their dressing, short formal hair cut is a perfect match for your needs. Since these are inexpensive and can be done on your own. Also this does not require much maintenance and care.

Another common hair do is the blonde look. This hairstyle suits more on people who are of a fairer complexion or a skin tone.

Question #3 – What cut is your face?

A hairstyle which does not go along with your face cut will make a very unflattering combination. Hence you should always select a hair style which makes you look good and helps in highlighting your best features. Hence let us discuss different face cuts and their corresponding hair style to bring out the best in you. Faces are of different shapes and cuts.

1.Square shape

keira-knightley-hairstylesIf you have a face which has an angular jaw and a broad forehead then you fall under the category of square shaped face. For this cut, go with a hairstyle that will soften the angles of your facial shape. Stick with short to medium hair length. Having wispy bangs with layers around your face will also help soften your angles. If your hair is straight, consider curls or waves to achieve a nice balanced look.

Also avoid any style which will accentuate your chin or square face. So haircut like fringes, straight hair or centre partings should be avoided. You can also go for short hair style along with spikes.

2.Oval shape

Well if your face has the same width on your jaw and forehead and is curved then you fall under the oval shaped face category. Having an oval face is ideal because most hairstyles will work for you. This shape is well balanced and proportionate. You can easily have short, medium or long length hairstyles. For the best look, style your hair to be off your face.

You can also wear the slicked-bucked hair look as well. Nonetheless try opting for styles that cover your face at places since this will make your face look fuller but keep in mind not to add many fringes to it since this will hide the shape and add weight to it. If the texture of your hair is curly, then you should try and avoid a blunt cut.

3.Heart shape

If you have a face with a wide forehead and cheekbones and a narrow jaw-line then you have a heart shaped face. With this cut, try and avoid short hair or long hair too. Preferably a medium length hair is perfect for your face cut up to your chin. For this face cut, chin length hair is mostly suggested which can be wavy, shaggy or curly. By doing this we ensure that your jaw line will look fuller.

4.Round shape

pixie-cuts-for-girlsA face which is equal from all length and width is under the category of a round face. In this face cut you have to ensure that your face looks slimmer and you should select such a hairstyle which makes you reduce the volume of your face. For such a case, select cuts which fall below your chin.

Try to stick with hairstyles that have fullness and height at the crown. Also having off centered partings helps reduce roundness. By layering the top to achieve fullness and keeping the rest of the cut relatively close to the face, your round face shape will appear longer and narrower.

So, next time when you visit a hair salon select a haircut which compliments your face cut. Also while doing this, keep in mind your work schedule and way of living, since if you are a busy person then you will not be able to maintain the cut you have got, so in such case short hair will be more preferable since they don’t require much maintenance.