So Thin There Is Way To Increase Your Weight Naturally ​

So Thin There Is Way To Increase Your Weight Naturally ​

When it comes to physical appearance we often connect it with our size and weight. Everyone wants to look good and even though looking good has nothing to do with a person’s size or weight, we often connect these two things and see them as synonymous. Today our world has given beauty a particular size and people who are above or below that size are not considered beautiful. This creates a negative outlook in the society towards physicality and does not let body positivity stand strong. Some people think that body positivity means that a fat or overweight person must not lose weight and an under-weight person must not gain any weight and stay happy. The real meaning of body positivity is to find happiness at any size and not letting the society take away that positivity and happiness from you. So a body positive person can also work on improving their body for their own satisfaction and happiness.

When it comes to weight loss we can find articles and advice on every nook and corner specially from aunties who comment on people’s weight every chance they get. People always point out every bulging belly or big thigh they see and start suggesting ways to lose that weight without even asking if the person wants the advice or not. But what about the people who wish to gain weight? On television we often see advertisements of products such as endure mass etc, but what about natural remedies? Just telling a person to eat more is not a solution. So let us take a look at some natural remedies that can help a person to gain weight naturally and effectively.

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Peanut Butter:

Peanuts as we know are filled with fats and protein and therefore become an ideal option for people who are making efforts to gain weight through natural foods. It also contains several vitamins like vitamin E and B. Folic acid and magnesium are also present in peanuts. Spread some peanut butter on a slice of whole wheat bread (or any bread you want) and your calories rich nutritious breakfast is ready.


“Sunday ho ya Monday roz khaao ande…”

Eggs as we all know are filled with nutrition and goodness. They are cheap and loaded with protein, vitamins A,D, E and cholesterol. Eggs are popular with body builders because they are so easily available and are packed with calories. The yolk of the egg also known as the yellow part consists of high levels of cholesterol which is why people who are trying to lose weight do not eat that part. But for those who are trying to gain weight should definitely eat he yolk as it will benefit them immensely.

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Eat more fruits:

Fruits and specially the tropical ones play a big role in weight gain. Mangoes, papayas, bananas and pineapples have natural sugars and therefore prove essential for weight gain. You can either eat them raw or if you wish to add more calories to them then just toss them in your smoothies and desert to make the process of weight gain more delicious.

Try Avocado:

Avocados are often called the magic fruit and are a quick and effective way to add a good amount of fats to your daily diet. An avocado is full of calories and is another source of minerals and vitamins like folic acid, Vitamin E and potassium. This makes avocados a good input in salads and even spreads for your morning toast.

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Beans are filled with nutrients and therefore work wonders for your body. They are rich in carbohydrates, proteins etc. They are even high in fiber content which helps us digest our food quickly and increase our metabolism. As we know they come in different varieties such as lima beans, soy beans, kidney beans etc which is why you would not get bored of eating them.

Try Butter/Ghee:

Butter as we know has high amount of calories. It makes for a nice breakfast and gives you the required nutrients for the entire day. Do remember that butter has saturated fats in it, so enjoy eating it but don’t cross the limit. If butter is something that you don’t like much and want something ‘desi’, then you can even opt for ghee. Ghee can be used in controlled cooking as it contains intense flavor. You can add eggs that are slightly fried in any of these two for a healthy breakfast to boost your calories.

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Drink more water:

Another great tip is to drink more and more water daily. This is the oldest trick in the bag for a healthy body. Ask any nutritionist or dietician and they will tell you to increase your water intake. Water helps in gaining as well as losing as it kick starts your metabolism which is extremely important for our body.

Nuts are your best friends:

If you are trying to gain weight, snacking is the best part. Nuts can be a great choice for snacking as they are naturally filled with fats and nutrients. They are also rich in fiber which helps in digestion of food. This makes them an amazing option for snacking and they will also keep your stomach full for a much longer duration. They are small and easy to carry anywhere you go.

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Cheese is something that is loved as much as chocolate and we are all guilty of eating extra cheese in pizzas and nachos etc. They are the best topping for any junk food and can be added to almost any dish. Also cheese has many variants and you would never get bored. Almost all the variants of cheese have high percentage of fats and therefore will work wonders for your goal of gaining weight naturally.

Eat more potatoes:

 We all love potatoes and even call it the king of vegetables. Potatoes are rich in starch and carbohydrates and increase calories in every meal. There are some other qualities that people don’t know about potatoes including the fact that they are high in fibers and proteins and also vitamin C. Mostly we prefer eating potatoes without the skin and forget the fact that potatoes carry abundant nutrition in their skin. When you peel it off, major portions of proteins and various vitamins are actually lost.

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So, these were some simple ways and foods to help you gain weight naturally and effectively. There is another thing that we should understand as there are some misconceptions when it comes to weight gain, people often think that gaining weight just means eating whatever you want and whenever you want. That is not true. It is true that consuming carbonated drinks and eating outside especially the junk food makes you gain weight quickly, but it is not the healthy way to gain weight. The best option is always to go for things that are healthier and nutritious and will not harm your health in the longer run. It is true that you get to eat more when you are trying to gain weight but what matters most is eating well. This remains true for weight loss too. You should always try to eat well and by that I mean eating healthy food. We can all have cheat days and eat junk food and everything but we should know our limits. Set a limit to the junk in life and you will be fine!