How To Get Crystal Clear Spotless Glowing Skin Tone in Just 3...

How To Get Crystal Clear Spotless Glowing Skin Tone in Just 3 Days?

Flawless clear skin is the dream of every person. A person with clear, radiant and flawless skin tends to attract more people apart from getting the credit of maintaining a healthy skin.

Radiant or flawless skin means spending fewer minutes in front of the mirror, and also spending only few bucks on minimal make up needs. By having radiant skin a person can have dual benefits of both, saving time as well as money. Many a times various cosmetic products used on the skin to get a radiant glow may do more harm than benefit, since many of the creams which are available commercially may not suit all skin types.

To have a clear spotless skin you need not go to spas or parlors and spend thousands of rupees. Nor do you need to go and buy expensive creams of various brands. Just hopping into the kitchen and looking for kitchen cosmetic items shall ensure that you get flawless spotless skin very easily.So now let’s hop into the kitchen and do quickly scour the vegetable box of your refrigerator so that a Pandora box opens for your secret recipe for flawless spotless skin.

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Tips and remedies for spotless clear skin:

Herbal or detoxifying potion:

As we have all known and studied, water is the main lifeline to stay alive. Many say that people can stay without food for a few hours but not without water, since the body gets dehydrated fast and may lead to fatigue and restlessness depleting the body of necessary minerals.

Such water can be used without any side effects, and without worries of burning a hole in the pocket. To do this herbal or detoxifying potion, you will need two to three glasses of water, a few slices of cucumber, a few drops of lemon juice and a few leaves of fresh mint. All these things have to be mixed with water either as it is or can be made into a juice and refrigerated. This juice or potion has to be sipped once in two or three hours. Doing so regularly will ensure that clear skin is all yours without any difficulty or side effects.

Healthy green drink:

Greens as we all know are definitely good for health. The same greens can be used to get flawless radiant skin too. To do this healthy green drink you have to take fresh coriander leaves, a handful of curry leaves, a stalk of celery, and mint leaves. All the leaves have to be grounded in a blender and made in to a juice like consistency with enough water. To this juice a few teaspoons of honey and a bit of ginger can be added for extra taste. This healthy green drink has to be had on an empty stomach regularly.  Doing so ensures that the skin is pimple free, scar free and is radiant and glowing at any age.

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The ever tasty, ever favorite, ever easily available potato can be made use of to get clear and radiant skin. Potatoes have to be cut into roundels, and these roundels have to be massaged onto the skin in circular motions. Massaging in circular motions, on the skin with potatoes, ensures that the blood supply to your skin is perfect. Rubbing the skin with potato slices is beneficial, since potatoes are known to have natural bleaching properties and helps lighten the skin tone.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil can be made use of regularly to get radiant and glowing skin. Unadulterated or pure olive oil should be massaged on the skin in circular motions. You must let the olive oil stay on the face for half hour at least before wiping it off, with a clean cotton cloth which is dipped in warm water. Olive oil due to its rich Vitamin E content is known to benefit skin and the cotton cloth which is dipped in warm water ensures that the clogs or the pores open up and the dirt accumulated on the skin is gone. This process can be repeated twice daily for more beneficial results.

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Rose water:

Rose water is another easily available ingredient at home, which can be made use of to get clear skin. You can dip the cotton ball in rose water and apply it on the skin. After half hour, wash your face properly with cold water and pat dry. Rose water is not only therapeutic to skin but it also leaves the skin fresh and youthful. Other than this, rose water acts as a natural perfume too.

Coconut oil:

The wonder oil made from coconut is a remedy for all cosmetic problems right from the head to the toe. A bottle of coconut oil at home ensures that the family members pay lesser visits to the spa or high end saloons to groom them. You must apply the warm coconut oil on your skin and massage it nicely using the finger tips to ensure blood circulation. Massaging regularly by using warm coconut oil ensures that wrinkles and fine lines disappear from your face completely. We also know that coconut oil is a natural and excellent moisturizer which helps in keeping the skin soft and supple and also lends a youthful and radiant glow to the skin.

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Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice:

Both apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are known to have properties which help in getting clear skin in a short span. Due to the astringent properties present in both apple cider vinegar and lemon juice, using it regularly, is a sure shot way to get radiant glowing skin. Few drops of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice have to be mixed along with a few drops of rose water and applied on the skin. You must let this mixture stay on the skin for half hour minimum before washing it off thoroughly with cold water. Doing so regularly ensures that your skin is free of blemishes, wrinkles etc.


How can a spotless skins topic end without the mention of the easily available turmeric at home? Turmeric the wonder herb, medicine, drug whatever named, is a best and tried and tested way of getting radiant glowing blemish free skin instantly. Freshly ground turmeric root along with a few drops of warm milk, made into a paste has to be applied on the skin. Once the paste dries up completely, you must wash your skin thoroughly with lukewarm water. Doing this regime regularly is for sure going to ensure that the skin glows irrespective of the age of a person. Now we all know why our grannies looked so charming and beautiful even when they were 70 years and above.

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Aloe Vera:

If there is an Aloe Vera plant at home, we can be double sure that a good and reliable beautician is available on hand all through the year. The leaf of the Aloe plant has a slimy gel when cut. This slimy gel is known to do wonders for the hair, the skin, for healing wounds and cuts. Aloe gel can be applied on to the skin directly and allowed to dry. Once the gel dries up, the face can be wiped with a wet, clean cotton cloth or tissue. Regularly using aloe gel, helps the skin to retain its youthfulness apart from lending a beautiful glow to the skin which even costly cosmetics can’t guarantee.

Tomato Juice and Honey:

Juicy red tomatoes are not only good for making tasty juices, soups, jams and sauces. Tomato juice is also equally beneficial for giving radiant glow to the skin and retains its youthfulness. You must mix properly the tomato juice and honey and make into a paste like consistency. Now, this paste must be applied on the skin and allowed to dry. Once the paste dries up, face has to be washed naturally with warm water and wiped gently. Applying this tomato juice with honey is definitely going to give your skin a wonderful healthy glow which everyone would be jealous of, including the mirror on the wall.

So what are you waiting for? Want to look beautiful without spending a dime? Step into your kitchen right now and start preparing the beauty mask to look all the more beautiful and gorgeous. Get started now….!!

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