She Used Garlic Mixture to Stop Hair Fall And to Re-grow Hair...

She Used Garlic Mixture to Stop Hair Fall And to Re-grow Hair Within a Month.

Everyone today wants to look perfect and it is simply impossible to have an adorable look without flawless long hair. Long hair can add stars to your charm by adding elegance to your personality. Every woman yearns for long, shiny, thick and strong hair that can turn the oodles of eyes. But keeping up to their expectations is not at all easy as ABC. One requires constant efforts to develop and maintain Rapunzel like hair. Since we all know that Rome was not built in a day, similarly we too need to give in to it our persistent endeavor to it. And if you are ready to work upon it, we are here with these simple yet effective tips and remedies for all you girls out there:


Giving your hair a regular oil massage will enable them to extract required minerals and proteins. Along with this, it gives a special shine and sleekness to your hair when used. Some people might not like the idea of rubbing oil on their heads but giving a hot oil massage to your scalp is something that you are surely going to enjoy because apart from making your hair glossy, it will give you relief from stress. In turn, your hair will begin to grow at a much faster.

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If you are fed up of your hair fall problem and tired of using different hair products for its treatment, then this is the perfect remedy for your problem. Coconut milk is easily available and has an exquisite property to cure the problem of hair fall and breakage. All you have to do is to apply it on your scalp and let it stay overnight and then rinse it off properly the next morning. By repeating this procedure for few days, you will definitely get healthier and flawless strong hair strands. Also, coconut milk is an effective and natural product that conditions your hair without causing any chemical harm.


Garlic oil is extensively known for its exquisite property of curing the problem of hair breakage. To get best of the results out of it, just boil few cloves of garlic along with olive oil or coconut oil. Leave the mixture to cool down and then apply it on hair roots slowly and properly. This will boost the regeneration process of your hair and will improve the blood circulation in your head. Continuous use of this garlic oil mixture will surely give you better and faster growing hair.

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Aloe vera is known for its hair strengthening properties. A perfectly blended mixture of aloe vera gel along with brandy and egg white can bring a mind boggling change to your hair. All you need to do is to mix these three, apply it onto your head and leave it for an hour or two. Then rinse it off thoroughly with normal water. This remedy will help in growing your hairs quickly and will give your hair a beautiful and lustrous look.


For all those vegetarians out there, flax seeds are the best option for you to acquire omega-3 fatty acids. Flax seeds are well known for its rich fatty acids content, which is found to be essential for good hairs. All you need to do is to simply soak some flaxseeds in water for about four days and ensure that the water has been absorbed properly. When it is done, massage your scalp with this solution and let your hair get enormously useful nutrition. You can see the change in your hair within just use of few days. It will enable your hair to grow strong and thick. You can also try eating ground flaxseeds, which will not only improve your hair quality but also your skin quality.

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Vitamins are the most vital source to help your hair grow both in length as well as health. Intake of vitamins on regular basis can help you to speed up the process of hair growth. Hair supplements can bring fantastic changes to your damaged hairs. You can take Folic acid in form of pills for better hair growth. Doing this, your hair will strengthen as well as become more voluminous. Vitamins A, E, and C are extremely essential for smoother and silkier hair. But before altering your daily diet and taking supplements, just make sure that you consult a physician so as to avoid any side effects.


Although people only recognize henna as a hair dye but it has many vital characteristics and is very fruitful for your hair. Apart from strengthening your hair, it provides a harmless way of coloring your hair and does do any harm to your hair follicles. Henna prevents hair fall by blocking the cuticles and give a exquisite shine to hair. People who are suffering from hair loss or baldness just have to prepare a mixture of henna, oil and curd and apply it on their hair. This will definitely bring a change in their appearance of hair and very soon you can notice think and stronger hairs.

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Green tea is essentially used in hair products to treat split ends and strengthen them. It contains many anti oxidants along with nutrition like “Panthenol” which makes your hair stronger and flawless. It also cures the problem of dandruff by shedding it away from your dry scalp. Hence it gives soothing and healthier look to your hair. Drink a cup of green tea on daily basis for those long and thick hairs.


Bananas are famous for their numerous health benefits, one of which also includes its hair strengthening quality due to high vitamin content in it. It is a fruit with high nutrient content, which includes vitamins along with minerals (example- potassium, iron, zinc and manganese). Bananas are also used as hair mask and have hair conditioning factor in it. For making a hair mask out of banana, just mash a ripe banana in some honey or milk and then apply it on the hair. Let it remain for about an hour and then rinse it off thoroughly. With regular use of this remedy, you will very soon notice that your hairs are growing at a very fast pace and are much silkier than before.

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The various measures that you have been trying might not give you the expected results but they surely accelerate your hair growth process. However, apart from these solutions, you need to have a good and balanced diet also. This is the most important thing you must keep in mind due to many factors. It helps faster hair growth by making them stronger from roots. It gives hair a better look and also helps in increasing their volume. A balanced diet contains all the essential nutrients that help you in proper growth. A good diet ensures healthier and long fast growing hair.

Everyone desires for those long and thick hairs but not everyone is blessed with them. But worry no more, as by trying the above given remedies you can definitely get those strong, thick and shining hairs.

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