Guava Leaves Can Stop Hair Loss And Boost Hair Growth 4X Faster

Guava Leaves Can Stop Hair Loss And Boost Hair Growth 4X Faster

Thick, lustrous shining hair is the dream of any individual be it a man or a woman. The thick mops of hair, falling on a man’s forehead adds to his charms all the more, and makes girls swoon over his looks and go weak in the knees. Likewise thick, long hair is the dream of every women, be it a teenage girl or a woman in her forties. In earlier days these many types of shampoos, serums or other hair care items were not available to them to experiment with. But as of now, that’s not the case. Each day a brand new shampoo or hair oil is making entry into the market, promising lustrous hair growth and arresting hair fall within a short time.Not many know that most of these shampoos contain harmful chemicals, the prolonged use of which may lead to various kinds of scalp infections. We have to thank Mother Nature for all the bountiful she has granted us on this Earth. For each one of the ailments, Mother Nature has an answer within her. We need the right guidance from the elders or we need to heed to elder’s advice when it comes to beauty tips.

Had anyone imagined that the guava leaves which were available in our backyard could be the easiest remedy for hair fall? Yes you heard it right; the guava leaves are wonderful remedy for hair loss and also in getting thick hair growth within a short span of time.Here is how we can make use of the guava leaves through a combination of various other easily available items at home and bid goodbye to hair fall, since guava leaves are rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin C which are equally important for hair growth and stopping hair loss.

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Remedies for hair fall using guava leaves:

Decoction or herbal potion of guava leaves:

This is the simplest remedy, one can do to stop hair fall, with immediate effect. Pluck a few fresh guava leaves, and wash it thoroughly. Once the leaves are cleaned well, put the leaves into a pan of water and bring the water to boiling point. The color of the guava leaves has to change from green to brown. Once the leaves turn brown in color, put off the stove, and allow the guava decoction or potion to cool down. Strain the water, using a clean strainer. Apply this herbal water or decoction or potion of the guava leaves to the scalp and let it stay on the scalp for 2 to 3 hours before washing it off. Doing this herbal therapy regularly is for sure, going to arrest your hair fall immediately.

Guava Leaves and Fenugreek seeds:

Another good remedy, for stopping hair fall, with immediate effect is using fenugreek seeds with the leaves of the guava tree. It can be used as a powder or in the form of a paste. To use this powder or paste, guava leaves have to be sun dried as well as fenugreek seeds have to be roasted. Once the leaves dry up well in the sun, it can be crushed with the hands and the roasted fenugreek can be made into a fine powder using a blender. The two powders can then be used with coconut oil and applied on the scalp and roots and tips of the hair. Doing so regularly will give amazing results.

If it is used in the form of a paste, fenugreek seeds have to be soaked overnight and ground into a smooth paste. To this paste, ground guava leaves can be added and applied on to the scalp and washed off with a mild shampoo. This remedy can be done weekly twice for quick and visible relief from hair fall.

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Guava Leaves Paste and Lemon Juice:

So another remedy is coming up, which can be done without any fear of side effects or allergies. Lemon juice is good for the entire health of the body and it is no wonder that it is used in all the beauty tips and topics. Likewise leaves of the guava tree are filled with Vitamin B and C which are very much essential for hair growth. Combining these two is a sure shot way of arresting hair fall and help in getting thick hair growth.

The leaves of guava have to be ground well into a fine paste, to which a few drops of lemon juice should be added. This paste has to be applied on to the scalp, and washed off with cold or warm water. Care must be taken to condition the hair well after washing it, since conditioning helps in keeping the hair free of tangles.

Guava Leaves and castor oil:

Guava leaves, has endless benefits, and can be mixed with any of the easily available items on the kitchen shelf. Castor oil, as we all know is thick, and known for its viscosity and helpful in arresting hair fall and helping in hair growth.

The use of castor oil can be made all the more beneficial, by adding the leaves of guava. Paste of the guava leaves has to be mixed well with castor oil, and applied on to the scalp. Care has to be taken to apply the paste evenly to the roots and tips of the hair. It would be better to use warm castor oil, since warming the castor oil a bit has its own benefits as well as it is easy to apply.

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Guava Leaves and Hibiscus Leaves Paste:

The leaves of both the guava and the hibiscus have tremendous beneficial properties in arresting hair fall and promoting healthy hair growth. Both the leaves of guava and hibiscus have to be washed well and ground into a thick paste. To this paste, if needed an egg white too can be added. The paste of both the guava and hibiscus leaves, along with the white of an egg must be applied on the hair with the help of a hair brush, parting the hair into sections, right from the roots of the hair to the tips of the hair. After two hours, hair must be washed well with cold water, with the help of a mild shampoo. This hair pack is very much beneficial in arresting hair fall and helps in getting quicker hair growth.

Curd and Guava Leaves Paste:

Curd is known for softening the hair. Guava leaves paste can be mixed with thick curds, to which a few teaspoons of olive oil, castor oil and coconut oil is mixed and applied on to the scalp and roots. This mixture of curd and guava leaves paste has to stay on the hair for two hours before washing it off well with a mild herbal shampoo. Alternatively soap nut powder too can be made use of to wash the hair.

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Henna Guava Leaves Paste:

The leaves of henna and guava can be either made into a smooth paste or applied on the hair like a pack. Alternatively, henna leaves, hibiscus leaves and guava leaves can be sun dried and made into a herbal powder and mixed with soap nut powder. This herbal powder can be made use of to wash the hair regularly. Doing so will ensure that hair fall is to the minimum and also hair grows at a faster rate.

Amazing isn’t it? Did you really know that guava leaves which we considered as trash, could actually have sooo many benefits individually as well as combined with other products. So waste no more time, protect your hair and make it thick and long with these leaves.