DIY! Step by Step tutorial To Make Perfect Hairstyle In Just 1...

DIY! Step by Step tutorial To Make Perfect Hairstyle In Just 1 Minute

In this fashionable era, where hairstyle speaks volume about your personality and gives a complete new look to the attire you wear, it has become necessary to learn a few tips for instant hairstyles that you can make without taking any help. And the puff in your hair, which was one of the trendiest hairstyle in the 90’s, is now back in fashion again.

You can see a lot of Bollywood and Hollywood actress wearing the puff style for their hair and don’t they look stunningly gorgeous? It takes not more than a minute to create a puff, which would definitely give you stylish and an elegant look in a go. Puff hairstyle can be worn by every woman irrespective of their age, and young girls simply look wow in it. Now, let’s see the varieties of puff hair styles, which any young girl can wear and look graceful.

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Puff hairstyle for straight hair:

Ladies with straight hair can style their hair in numerous ways, and one of such is by puffing them. The procedure takes just one minute, where you have to separate the part of the hair where you desire to puff, with the help of a hair brush. Back brush the hair portion with a comb and then comb it straight, doing which your hair would look fluffy. Then make a puff and pin it up with some bobby pins. Comb the remaining hair which hangs to your shoulders with a brush and apply hair spray to set your hair. Bingo, your puff style is ready. Just look in the mirror and you would look different and graceful.

Puff hairstyle in dirty hair:

By dirty hair, we mean hair which are not washed, and believe me; maximum hairstyles look great on dirty hair. On a clean hair, wearing a hair style gets difficult to manage as they tend to slip frequently. To make a puff in your hair, use a natural bristle brush which is soft and prevent breakage of your hair and comb it till you are free from all the tangles. Part your hair in equal section on the top and tie it with a rubber band, where the puff is to be made. Comb the remaining hair and tie a knot, and then untie the rubber band on the top section. Bend forward and comb it briskly up and down, in order to create volume to your hair. Make a puff sideways with this portion of the hair and pin it up. Untie your back section of the hair and let it fall straight down your shoulder or give light curls to it. At last, spray your hair to hold your style for a longer duration. Your hair style is ready and so are you for a party bash.

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Puff hairstyle in the middle:

This is a very simple yet elegant looking hairdo, which is generally worn by college girls or working ladies, who go to office. To begin with this style, divide your hair in three sections, front, middle and the back. Tie a knot to the front and the back sections separately with a rubber band and hold the middle section straight up with your hand. Brisk comb this section in up and down motion continuously till the time it gains volume. Comb it straight back and make a puff in the centre, securing it with the help of bobby pins. Apply hairspray to lock the style and allow the spray to dry for few seconds. Once dried, open the knot of the back section of your hair, and blow dry them. Lastly, open the knot of the front section and comb it properly, take help of blow dryer and comb to give a layer style in the front. Isn’t it simple? Look stunning with this style and be the centre of attraction at work or in college.

Puff hairstyle for coloured hair:

Vary often, this hairstyle can be found in celebrity parties and TV shows. If you want to look like one of them, then first of all get your hairs straight and get them coloured. Then part your hairs in two parts, take the front part of the hair and spray all the tiny hair that is present in the front. Back brush this section rigorously till they attain volume and then make a medium height puff out of it and place it in the middle of your head. Use bobby pins to fix it tightly and let the back portion loose, making them fall straight down to your shoulder. Your celebrity look is ready, which would definitely grab attention of many in any party you attend.

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Double puff hair style:

Double puff hair style looks extremely fantastic, if they are worn by young girls. They give your style an altogether new meaning, making you look stunning and gorgeous at the same time. To make this style, part your hair in two parts and clutch the back part of your hair. In the front part, divide your hair in two sections, then bend and comb your hair to and fro on both the sections, and clutch one of the sections. Make puff with the first section and place it in the side of your head, securing it with multiple bobby pins. Puff the second section, and place it in the middle in the form of a bun, again with the help of multiple bobby pins. Lock your style with a hairspray and then open the clutch of the back part of your hair and comb it to bring to one side of the shoulder. This simple hairstyle makes you look beautiful and suits any kind of Indian or Western attire.

Natural and messy puff style:

This messy and natural puff style looks classy and elegant in ladies of all age groups. To start with, divide your hair in two parts, front and back. Hold the front hair straight upwards and leave a strand of hair on either sides. Build a small and low puff out of this part, and place it in the middle of the head with the help of tick-tack clips. Curl the side strands and allow it to fall in front and let the back part of the hair as it is. This would give a natural messy look to your hair, which is generally worn by many of the Bollywood celebrities. Be one of them, without going to beauty parlours to gain this look.

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Large and wavy hair bun puff style:

No doubt, for this style, you would require a large hair bun. To make this style, first of all, separate a larger portion of the front hair which extends to middle and brush it to and fro by bending forward. Once volume of hair is attained, leave a small portion of the front hair and make a puff with the remaining and insert a bun into it very carefully. Secure this with the help of several bobby pins, so that it is tightly fixed to the centre of your head. Hold the portion that was left in the front and style it across your forehead and pin it in the side. For the back portion of the hair, use curly iron to draw some beautiful waves. Once done, secure your hairstyle with a hairspray and your wavy large bun puff hairstyle is ready to show off.

I hope you liked these puff hairstyle tricks, which could be done easily at home without the help of any hair stylist. You may also make braids and twists in your puffed hairstyle, to look even more gorgeous and different.

The best part of puff hairstyle is that it consumes minimum time and can be styled without any hassle, if you have to rush to a party immediately or if you go to college.

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