Massage Your Breast This Way To Increase Cup Size In Just 30...

Massage Your Breast This Way To Increase Cup Size In Just 30 Days

10-facts-about-breasts-03-rSome women have smaller breasts than others. This causes a sense of inferiority complex in the women. A smaller breast is not a problem, but there will be a social pressure on them. This will in turn, affect their confidence level. Even marriages have been delayed due to small breasts. Not everybody is born with large breasts, but you can increase the size of your breast with some self-help massages. There is no harm in these techniques as they are natural. Only thing is that it will take some time before you can see some result. Also, it should be done regularly.

What is the reason for small breast?

Why do some women have small breasts? There are many reasons for it. It might be because of genes, hormonal imbalance, less nutrition, etc. If the breast size is small due to your genes, then nothing much can be done about it. In case of hormonal imbalance, you could take proper treatment to balance your hormone. Also proper nutrition is needed to have large breasts or to have your breasts grow a little bit.

You can also go for surgery or take medicines prescribed by doctor, but they can cause some side effects. So, some natural or home remedies can be followed. Also many people prefer natural methods more than surgery.

Do at home remedies for small breasts

Woman putting absorbent pad to her breast for protect milk drippingThere are some do at home remedies that can help you to increase your breast size. You can have fat rich foods, as the breast is made up of fatty tissues. You can do exercises and yoga postures that help to improve the breast size. One of the easiest ways is the breast massage. But with all these techniques, you have to do them consistently for at least a month to get some result.

Breast massage

aid5102996-728px-get-rid-of-a-rash-under-breasts-step-6-version-3Breast massage is a simple technique that is used to improve your breast size. It is safe and natural and does not have any side effects. You need not have some special equipment to do this. You can do breast massage yourself.

While massaging the breasts, the blood circulation is increased. The hormone oestrogen flows through blood vessels only. Thus the hormone is stimulated. The other hormone prolactin which also helps in breast enlargement is secreted when you stimulate the breast tissues and nipples. Thus massaging helps to improve your breast size. Massaging your breasts also helps in preventing the breasts from sagging. This also makes the breast firm.

The beauty of the massage is that it not only helps to increase your cup size, but also makes your breasts firm and shapelier without doing any additional work for that. So not only those with small breasts, but everyone can do these massages at home daily.

How to massage?

While massaging the breasts, you should do it with a cream or oil. If you are not using anything, then rub your hands together to generate heat, and then massage breasts gently while the heat is still in the hands. Always massage with firm strokes. Don’t use too much pressure while massaging, your hand strokes must be gentle, yet firm. Always massage with inward strokes first.

  • You can use any oil to massage. Even some herbs that are ground can be used.
  • Always massage with your fingertips.
  • Avoid applying pressure on the nipples.
  • Depending on the massage type, you have to do it from 2 mins to 15 mins daily.

Massage oil

benefits-of-coconut-oil-liquid-formYou can basically use any oil for massage. Coconut oil, olive oil, Almond oil, etc. would be good. In case you don’t like to use oils, you can use some moisturising lotion for the massage. Do not use any oil that helps in breast feeding. You can also grind some herbs and use them as mask to do the massage.

Massage types

There are many types of massage that are used. Let us see some massaging types:

Basic massage

maternity-nursing-bras-wireless-lace-font-b-open-b-font-button-underwear-woman-font-b-breastThis is the basic method of massage. In this, the left hand is kept in left breast and right hand in the right breast. Take some oil or cream and gently massage your breast in circular motion. Both breasts should be pushed inwards towards one another. Left breast should be done in clockwise direction. For the right breast it is in anti-clockwise direction. The massage should be done in circular motion from the outer part towards the nipples. Do not massage the nipples as they are very sensitive.

Do this for 15 mins in the morning and 15 mins in the evening. This massage should be done daily for at least 30 days to see some improvement.

Chi breast massage

Chi massage helps to improve circulation and also to spread chi (energy) around the breasts. It helps in secretion to the hormone prolactin. This is a very easy massage. This massage also involves acupressure in it. Let us see how to do this massage.

  • Place your hand on your breasts.
  • Spread out the fingers slightly. The finger tips will be in chi points. Apply a little pressure on the fingertips.
  • Gently apply pressure and move both the breasts inwards, then up and then down towards each other. You have to rotate them in 360 angles. This is one rotation. Do only inward strokes while all the time applying pressure on the chi points.
  • Do this for 360 times daily. You can do it 1 or 2 times per day.

Female dee breast massage technique

Home-remedies-for-sore-breastThis is based on the female deer exercise. This can be done in both breasts simultaneously or in one breast at a time.

Place your left hand on left breast and right hand on right breast. Place hands on the inner side of each breast or towards the centre of the breasts.

Rub your hands together and place them on the breasts. Start by moving your hands down, then towards the sides, then up again and then back to the centre of the breasts. This will be one rotation. It is like drawing a circle around your breasts with your hands keeping the nipples as centre of the circle.

This massage can be done a minimum of 36 times and a maximum of 360 times. Also, you can do it twice a day- in the morning and in the evening.

The motion of the massage is inward. Before starting this massage, do an outward massage to 10 times. This will help in clearing the lymph’s and helps the breasts to get the full benefit of the massage. There is a chance of causing blockages if you directly do the inward massage.

Kneed boobs

10-facts-about-breasts-03-rThis method is not a massage. It helps in improving the blood circulation and increasing the breast size. In this method, you have to do with both hands and also on each breast separately. Let us assume doing on the left breast first. Keep your left breast on the outer side and move your hand horizontally towards the nipples. Keep the right hand at the bottom of the breast and move up towards the nipples. Repeat this in alternating breasts. You can do this for one minute on each breast.

Cleavage push

breast-enhancement-creamThis could be done in both the breasts at the same time. Cup both your breasts at the same time. Push up from below towards your chin. This should be done gently. Hold in that position for a few seconds and then release. This can be done every time you remove your bra. This helps in getting blood back in your breasts.

Japanese breast massage technique

This is more of a breast gymnastic rather than massage. This method was developed my Ms.Takiko Shindo. She is a mid-wife from Japan. She has come from a family of mid-wives. She has published a number of books on pregnancy and breast enlarging techniques. She has found a wellness institute. She has learnt Ayurveda also. So she combines Ayurveda, traditional Japanese medicine and also her experience as midwife and gives classes and offers treatment. She has also done some demonstration programs of this technique with some models.

Breast gymnastics consists of various techniques. We can see some of them here.


breast-cyst-696x365Cup your right breast with your left hand or with both the hands. Slowly bounce your breast. It should be bounced horizontally towards your collar bone. It should be done in a speed of 2-3 times per second. You could do it for 25-30 times. Repeat the same with your left breast.


Cup both the breasts at the same time i.e. cup right breast with right hand and left breast with left hand. Do a jiggling or bouncing action to both the breasts at the same time. Repeat for 25-30 times. This should be done at a speed of 2-3 times per second.

This technique helps in enlarging the breasts. Also it gives right shape and prevents breasts from sagging. Live demonstration of this technique is done by Ms.Shindo in various parts. You can also see a you tube video of the demonstration.