7 Of The Most Gaudy Tattoos Of All Time

7 Of The Most Gaudy Tattoos Of All Time

fun-face-tattoo-lesya-628Tattoos are the most in thing in today’s generation. People get tattooed almost at every area of the body and they have some seriously amazing ideas which makes people think twice as to how on earth did they ever think about it. But everything has got a different side of the coin. The same goes with tattoos. You should see the vague ideas people apply to getting tattooed.

Once this is complete they also regret it and get it changed by adding something to it to make it look good. However this is not an easy task and needs a lot of thinking. But some people get themselves tattooed in such a way that they do not understand their mistake and still carry on in the same way. Let us look at some of the gaudiest tattoos of all times.

1.Make use of your underarms hair

1You would not have thought in your wildest dreams that your underarm hair can be converted in someone’s pubic hair. Yes you read it right and you have got to see this for yourself. It is the most atrocious tattoo that I have ever seen and hats off to the tattoo artist to create it.



If this tattoo makes you go bonkers and you have had enough then wait for the next tattoo to be seen.

2.Belly Button put to use

2Have you ever thought of your belly button to be put to any use? I guess no, cause who would have thought of a belly button to be used so uninterestingly. Take a look at it yourself and give a verdict about the person who has got it made on his body.



I hope by now you must have dropped the idea to go ahead and get yourself inked at all! But we are not done yet and there are lots more to come.

3.Chess board

3People do stupid stuff is a very common thing but charting the list is yet to be seen. Here in the picture below you will see a man with chess board made on his face. I don’t know what was going on in his mind but it is very stupid of yourself to get a chess board made on your face. I mean you have clearly some identity issues, buddy!!!!



Have you ever messed up your name all by yourself? No, well here is a tattoo that tells everything about how to destroy your name.

4.Ana is my name

4You have always loved your name and we all love our names. You might hardly come across people who do not like their names would change it. This female’s name s ANA and just look at what she has done to it, either out of fun or mistakenly.



We all love to keep our properties intact and have our names on it so that no one trespasses. But have you ever thought of getting your private parts engraved with your lovers name on it?

5.Trespassers will be awfully shocked

5So here is a picture of a couple who not only loves each other dearly but also has named ach other private areas to their partners in a fancy manner. This surely is true love taken to the next level. The next time you break up with your partner be ready to explain a lot to your next about your ex!!!



Your ass is a gateway to exit many waste products out of your body but we did not know it could be designed in such a way that you would actually welcome things coming out of it.

6.Ass is the way

6This ass tattoo is a tribute to all those who love their butt cleavage but are not able to express it. Go ahead and have a look at this tattoo design.



Have you gone bonkers at times and did stuff that made you repent later? Well here is a classic example of being a complete jerk.

7.Explain by words

7People do not want to tell you what they want and still make you do things that they want. This is explained in the next image where the guy has clearly stated his intentions to anyone who comes close to him.



These are just a few examples of some of the gaudiest tattoos people have designed on their fantastic bodies. You will come across many more but the above ones are the best from the lot. So always remember of the after effects of getting a tattoo on your body. You do not want to make a fool of yourself and go in public.