10 Fantastic Sketch style Tattoos To Show You Are Artistic

10 Fantastic Sketch style Tattoos To Show You Are Artistic

10 Fantastic Sketch style Tattoos To Show You Are ArtisticThe art is not just restricted to great sculptures and paintings but they are also expressed in many different form. Even in the tattoo world a lot of tattoo artists are professional in expressing their artistic talent. A tattoo is no more a simple design but it has now turned out to be a great sketch which is directly inked on the skin.

Every now and then, though, that sketch aesthetic can make for some great tattoos.  So if you are following the new tattoo style then you should definitely look out these amazing sketch tattoos.

Mom’s love


When drawing a tattoo design, tattoo artists are passing by the same steps as other artists, including the raw sketch step. But some arty ink lovers don’t want their tattoo to look like a finish product. And this tattoo sketch is a great form for art that the tattoo artist has portrayed on an individual’s forearm.



This is a simple yet lovely tattoo sketch that almost anyone would love to have. Actually the best part of this tattoo is that it is a unisex tattoo which symbolizes power and strength. The tattoo artist (Knot) definitely deserves much applause.

The Kiss

For those individuals who enjoy the messy aspect of tattoos which also has some wonderful meaning in it, you need to check out this tattoo sketch. Isn’t it so lovely to have it on your shoulders or the chest? This tattoo sketch is done by Léa Nahon.

Flamenco dancer


This colorful and vibrant sketch was done by Sandro Secchin Simão. If you love the contemporary graphic effects such paint drips, watercolor and trash style then you need to get inspired by this stupendous art.

Sasha unisex

9a41a25ec6b7dac5c6e5f447f714e7c5Combining precise shapes and bold, in-your-face colors, these tattoos are quite simply a thing of beauty. The geometric aspect makes them triumph over the usual tattoo offerings, with this Sasha’s creations proving a hit across the world.

Realistic undead pin up


This realistic tattoo sketch was done by David Corden. He is an artist who gives a lot of importance to the detailing. His gothic pinups are inspired designs that are visual masterpieces in their own right.

Vintage style tattoo

This is a lovely vintage style tattoo with a hidden meaning in it. By giving the skull a gramophone instead of a brain the artist is trying to explain that there is a great link between man’s musical creativity and the state of mankind. The tattoo sketch was done by Otto D’Ambra



The sketch tattoos are captures of everyday life, or studies of objects and animals. The creativity is unlimitless and some tattoo artists are even famous for their sketch style. After seeing this elephant sketch tattoo we bet you say it is a portrait and not just a tattoo.

Lady and skull


Can you imagine bringing all of your sketches to life, as a piece of art? Tattoos today are recognized as a true piece of art, and we really cannot deny that. This great master piece art is a commendable piece of body art.


As the name suggests, submerged tattoo sketches are a lot famous these days. In this tattoo style, 2 different objects are combined together to give a feeling that both are actually one.

All these images above definitely prove that the tattoo designs are just not designs and much more else they can be. The best sketch style tattoos were all given above and the tattoo artists for these arts should definitely be appreciated to the piece of art they have found. How all these happen is there is a specific technique of using a tattoo machine as a pen to get irregular lines so the final artwork looks like a rough sketches in a notebook. The results are awesome!