10 Essential Questions To Ask Your Tattoo Artist

10 Essential Questions To Ask Your Tattoo Artist

10 Essential Questions To Ask Your Tattoo ArtistThe first and foremost thing to do after you have made up your mind on getting a tattoo is to do a thorough research on tattoo studios and artists in your vicinity. It’s better for you to read reviews, check their websites and also gather personal opinions and recommendations from your friends and family before you take the big step.

Additionally, you must also ask a few questions to your tattoo artist so that you know if he is genuine, reliable and trustworthy or not. Obviously it’s a big risk to just trust any tattoo artist with your body! So, here are some of the things, you can ask your tattoo artist before getting inked:

From how many years are you working in this field?- The more the experienced the better! The longevity of the tattoo artist in the field can render him more reliable and genuine than the Freshers.

Are you certified ?- Not everyone who claims to be a tattoo artist is genuine or certified. Even though they may be equally good at the job, it’s always better to opt for certified  artists as these artists are legally licensed to do the job.

What about your qualifications? –It’s completely O.K to ask for their qualifications as you are trusting that person with your body. Moreover, qualified, genuine artists share their experience without any hesitation and may also have undergone some training from  the local board of health and hygiene.

Is your work guaranteed?- Ask the artist if you can claim a refund if you are not happy and satisfied with the end product. It’s not fair to pay a huge sum for a crappy piece of work. So discuss the possibilities beforehand!

Can I have a look at your portfolio? –  You can see the nature of the designs and decide for yourself if he’s the one you choose for the job or not. A portfolio is a an evidence that reveals the  artist ‘s skill and aptitude.

neck-tattooWhat are your tattoo charges? – This will help you understand the artists’ charges and help you decide if it fits your budget or not!

Do you follow hygienic  methods? – Ensure that the tattoo artist uses a fresh needle, fresh bottle of colors and other necessary tools for the process and sterilizes the instruments in an autoclave, washes his hands before and after the procedure and wears clean latex gloves. The artist should also follow a proper blood disposal method  to prevent the spreading of various air and blood borne infections.

Are there any chances of infections– Discuss the sensitivity and nature of your skin, the preferred body part where you want to get inked and also the likelihood of acquiring an infection.

What about the after care?– Make sure you know all the details of the tattoo process and also the after care to be on the safe side. A good artist will always answer all your queries and doubts.

Do you drug abuse at work? – This is the trickiest question of all, but don’t worry its legitimate to ask if your artist takes drugs or not. After all, you don’t want to be risking your body with a person who is filling up on drugs while doing your tattoo.

Getting a tattoo is not as easy as you may think it is. It’s a life changing decision which is permanent! Yes, tattoos are surely going to last your entire life, unless you have saved up heaps of money for a laser tattoo removal process. So it’s highly recommended that you take your decisions wisely and not just rush the process. There are several essential things you will have to do in order to achieve a satisfying end result of your decision to get inked. Consider asking all these questions to your tattoo artists until you are fully convinced about the tattoo artist as once you get inked, there is no turning back!