Apply This Oatmeal Mask for 12 Consecutive Days to Get Glowing Fair...

Apply This Oatmeal Mask for 12 Consecutive Days to Get Glowing Fair Skin.

featureEveryone wants to look good, be it a male or female. There is a different kind of confidence if a person looks good, and it makes a huge difference in the personality of the individual. There are various ways and techniques that claim to make a person look good, some of them are cosmetics and creams of various companies, surgeries, spas and salons which again use certain artificial things and natural homemade remedies or the products which can help a person get a shine on his/her face.

It is always suggested that rather than going in for any artificial products, people should use natural products, as they do not cause harm in the long run. Side effects such as rashes, redness, irritation on the area where the product is used, blisters etc. are some of the common things observed between individuals. The chemicals and the bleach present in manufactured products generally do more harm than good to the skin. The way humans require oxygen for breathing, in the same way the skin requires to breathe so that it looks fresh. Due to various constraints like pollution, stress, exposure to the ultra violet rays of the sunlight, the cells and the tissues often tend to become dull and worn out.

This article will give us a brief overview of the natural mask that can be used to get a glowing skin which can be used by both males and females.

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Carrot mask:

carrotCarrot is known for its benefits for weight loss and also to get a healthy skin. Carrots contain beta carotene, vitamins C and vitamins K which are very beneficial for the healthy skin. This mask absorbs oil from the skin, by soaking the excess sebum. As this mask contains honey, which is known for its anti-bacterial properties, it prevents pimples and acne too. Along with this, the pack moisturizes the skin, closes the open pores on the face and gives a shine to complexion of the skin. It is also helpful to prevent wrinkles and lessen the oil content on the face. To make this mask you will require 2 to 3 fresh carrots and 1 tablespoon of honey.

Preparation – Grind the carrot to make it into a juice. Please ensure that the juice should not be thin, as application of the same over the face will be a little challenging. Mix the honey along with carrot juice that has been prepared. The mixture should be a thick one which can be applied on the entire face and neck area easily. Keep the pack till it gets completely dried, this would ideally take around 20-25 minutes. Once dried, the pack should be removed using cold water. Repeat this process continuously for 10 to 12 days to get astonishing results.

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Oatmeal Mask:

oatOatmeal is known for their health benefits and high protein value and less carb content, making it an ideal healthy meal. But what is not known is that, it can be used as a face mask to produce some mind boggling results, if used in the correct manner. Oatmeal helps in removing the dead cells in the face, along with the dirt and other unnecessary deposits that has been accumulated. It helps in decongesting the pores on the face, thereby reducing changes of pimples and acnes. One of the ingredients of oatmeal mask is milk, which is known for benefits like removing sunburn, smoothens the skin, lighting the skin tone and above all it is a natural moisturizer. To make this mask you will need 1 tablespoon of oatmeal and half a bowl of milk and water.

Preparation – Mix the oatmeal with water and milk. Let the oatmeal be soaked in water and milk for 15 to 20 minutes. Apply this pack on the face and keep it till it completely dries off. Clean the pack with cold water once dried. This practice needs to be followed rigorously for 2 weeks, to see visible results.

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Pudina Mask / Mint Mask:

pudinaPudina is one of the best natural ways to reduce oil from the face. Pudina is known for anti-bacterial properties and is also high in methanol content. These things help in removing excessive oil from the skin, and control the sebum which is produced in the face. Pudina is often used while manufacturing products like skin cleansers, toners, coolers etc. as it is known for its cooling effect. Pudina or mint is also rich in vitamin A which strengthens tissues of the skin and improves the texture as well. Because of its cooling properties it helps in reducing the itchiness and any kind of allergy from the face. To make this mask you will require 10 to 12 dry Mint leaves and 2 tablespoons of rose water.

Preparation – Mash the mint leaves to make it into powder. Mix this powder with rose water and make it into a thick paste. Apply the mask on the face and neck, and keep it for around 1.5 to 2 hrs. after this, wash your face using lukewarm water. This procedure should again be followed as a routine for around 11-12 days to get healthy glowing and shiny skin.

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Tomato Mask:

tomatoThe ingredients used for making this are 1 to 2 tomato, 3 to 4 drops of lemon juice and around 1 spoon of dried lemon peel powder (which is easily available in any general store).  Tomato is known to be an ultimate solution for any skin related problem. It is a known fact that tomato juice is regularly used by households and people who have oily skin. Tomatoes are known for their acidic properties, which help in various things like reducing pimple and acne, reducing the oiliness of the skin by reducing the size of the pores as they are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

It is important to note that tomatoes are high in antioxidants and a substance known as lycopene, which are the things that help to retain the moisture of the skin and fight any damage done to the cells. This pack contains lemon and lemon peel powders which again have their own positive effects, if applied on the skin. Lemons contain citrus contents which help in removing the acidic tissues and cells. Also dry lemon peel powder is known to be a very effective facial scrub for skin exfoliation.

Preparation – Make a mixture using tomato, lemon juice and lemon peel powder. Apply it on the face and let it rest for 20 to 25 minutes, before washing it off using cold water. Use this mask regularly for 10 to 12 to get quick and effective results.

There are a number of natural packs which can be used to get a clean, glowing and healthy skin. The above mentioned are few of the natural homemade masks, that can be prepared easily at home for a healthy glow on your face. These packs can be used round the year and across all seasons. In case a person is suffering from any allergy or gets any kind of burning or itchy sensation, he/she should ensure that they stop the use of the pack with immediate effect and consult a good doctor. It is also important to note that balanced diet is an extremely important part for a good skin. No matter how many face packs or creams a person applies, unless and until there is an inclusion of healthy food in the daily diet, there would not be major impact observed.

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