Simple Ways To Get Crystal Clear Spotless Skin Using An Egg

Simple Ways To Get Crystal Clear Spotless Skin Using An Egg

kjnkjWe all know the usefulness of egg in various recipes. Egg is a wholesome nutrition food which can be eaten by people of all age group without any fear. The only precaution to be taken while consuming egg is that it has to be cooked properly and sourced from a hygienic place.

Having spotless skin is the dream of every person, females in particular and eggs are the cheapest way to get an adorable looking skin. Going to parlors may not always be advisable as it is costly and time consuming too. Also after a certain age the use of heavy chemicals on skin must be avoided since the regular use of chemicals on skin tends to dry up skin and also leads to various kinds of skin allergies.

Certain precautions have to be taken before the damage is too much for the skin. Since facial skin is the first culprit to show any signs of damage extra care has to be taken to protect it.


Some precautions that need to be taken in order to have a clear and spotless skin are:

  1. Maintaining hygiene using simple techniques goes a long way in ensuring that the skin stays soft, supple and blemish free. Face has to be washed regularly with a good face cleanser, since soaps tend to dry out skin.
  2. Avoiding foods which are high on sugar content, junk foods and high calorie foods is the next step to get a clear and spotless skin.
  3. Drinking lots of water and fruit juices to keep the skin hydrated is a tip which is not to be forgotten. Water helps in detoxifying the harmful chemicals accumulated in the body over a period of time.
  4. Eating fiber rich foods is another thing which has to be followed to get a radiant skin. Fiber rich foods help in proper bowel movement which in turns prevents acne and pimple to appear on the skin.
  5. Massaging the skin with essential oils like coconut, almond or olive oil is another tip which has to be followed religiously if a good and spotless skin is needed. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E which helps in repairing burnt skin. Also skin lightening creams can be used to boost the fairness quotient of the skin.

Eggs are used from ages, in the beautification of the whole human body. Apart from using eggs to beautify the hair, the skin too can be made spotless with the regular use of egg and egg masks. Eggs contain certain minerals and vitamins which help in giving a light colored skin, apart from making it wrinkle free, and also help in giving a spotless skin when use them on a regular basis. Some of the best remedies using egg to get crystal clear spotless skin are listed below:

Egg white:

egg whiteThe white of an egg, can be used to do a facial treatment at home, which helps in giving the much needed face lift to the skin. It increases the longevity of the skin and prevents it from aging, and also helps in preventing wrinkles on the face. The egg white can be applied as it is, or mixed with gram flour for even better results. This egg white facial tend to give best results for people who have oily skin and who feel that the pores on the skin always tend to be clogged.

Egg and Tomato Mask:

egg-maskEgg can be used with various vegetables and fruits to make skin lightening masks. The pulp of tomato has to be mixed with the white of egg and applied as a face pack. This pack has to stay on your face for an hour before washing it off with cold water. Doing so on a regular basis ensures that the dead cells are removed, dark circles, puffiness of the eyes are gone and even tone of the skin is retained. This mask also helps in decreasing age spots which are usually found after the age of 40.


Egg and Cucumber Mask:

Cucumber is a natural healer and coolant when it comes to skin care regime. When it is added with egg, additional benefits are for sure. Cucumber has to be grated to a fine paste and mixed with the white of an egg. This mixture or mask has to be applied on the face and washed off after an hour with ice cold water. The ice cold water used to wash face gives freshness to the face and the mask of cucumber and egg helps in retaining the youthfulness of the skin.

Fuller’s Earth with Egg:

Fuller’s earth is known to give skin radiance when used on a regular basis. When it is combined with an egg it is definitely very beneficial for the skin. Mixing both in equal quantities and preparing a mask is the first step to be done. The mixture or mask prepared should not be too watery. Once the mixture or mask is prepared it has to be applied with the help of a cotton ball which is dipped in rose water and wash it after an hour. Rose water too has its own benefits and when this mask is applied on a regular basis the results are definitely worth mentioning and noticing.


Egg Sandalwood Paste:

Sandal wood is known for its healing properties, and also helps in treating scars, acne and pimple problems. Sandal wood paste when applied on the face, definitely gives beneficial results to the skin. When combined with egg white, it goes without saying that, it is a sure shot remedy to gain spotless crystal clear skin. Sandalwood paste is to be mixed with egg white and made into a paste. Honey too can be added for additional benefit. The pleasant fragrance of sandalwood paste and the skin lightening properties of egg white is sure to give out a spell bounding result.

Egg white And Lemon Juice:

yogurt-lemon-honey-mask (Small)The egg white has to be mixed with lemon juice and applied on to the face. The benefits of lemon are aplenty. Since lemon is rich in Vitamin C which is very much essential to clear out dark spots and to give bright skin, this is a wonder remedy to get crystal clear spotless skin in a short span of time.

Papaya with Egg:

papaya3Papaya pulp with egg white is another remedy which has to be tried to get spotless, clear skin. This mask is cost effective, harmless and skin friendly since both papaya and egg are natural ingredients. The pulp of papaya has to be mixed with the egg white and made into a smooth paste. This paste has to be applied in a circular motion to improve better blood circulation to facial skin. Using this mask on a regular basis helps in getting rid of dark spots and in treating acne and pimples. Black heads too can be removed with the regular use of this pack.


Gram Flour and Egg White Face Pack:

The use of gram flour to whiten the skin is a known remedy for ages. Gram flour has skin tightening and skin color lightening properties. Egg white is also known for its skin lightening properties. When both the products are used together it is for sure that the desired results will be achieved. Gram flour has to be mixed with egg white and made into a face pack mixture. This mixture has to be applied where ever dark spots and blemishes are found. Keeping this mixture for a while and washing off with warm water is bound to give amazing results.

Potato Egg white mask:

Potato is known to lighten the skin and many users vouch for it. Potato must be grated or mashed to made into a smooth consistency and the white of an egg has to be added to it to make it to such a consistency that it doesn’t run on the face when applied. This mask is for sure to give skin a much needed revitalization and also helps in getting youthful, scar less and spotless skin.


Almonds and Egg Pack:

almonds-superfood-for-weight-loss-600x337Almonds are rich in Vitamin E and have antioxidant properties, which help in giving the skin a sheen and protective layer. It is also known to have anti inflammatory properties and helps in reducing blemishes, scars and reduces skin allergy and irritation. A handful of almonds have to be soaked overnight and ground into a smooth paste.

To this almond paste, the white of an egg has to be added. The paste has to be applied on the skin evenly. Let it stay there for 20 to 25 minutes and then wash it using cold water. Doing so regularly gives blemish free skin and a glowing complexion is for sure without a visit to the parlor.

Apart from using these packs for a glowing skin, face has to be washed regularly with apple cider vinegar, green and chamomile tea etc for stunning results. Also regular meditation, leading a stress free life, doing exercises on a daily basis and staying cheerful also adds to the years of the person by giving a crystal clear youthful skin.