Using Sugar & Lemon mixture You Can Easily Remove Underarm Hair Instantly...

Using Sugar & Lemon mixture You Can Easily Remove Underarm Hair Instantly in Just 2 mins.

feature-imageYou must have gone through a lot of pain regularly to get rid of the unwanted underarms hair. These make a lot of issues in your daily life which are difficult to deal with. The shirts or clothes we wear have stains on them due to the perspiration and it is not possible for us to remove these stains if they are rigid. It is an embarrassment in public if our underarms smell of the foul odor. To get rid of them you either go to salons or shave it. Both are very tedious and time consuming. If you go to the salons then you will spend regularly and bear the pain as well. In case if you shave them, it becomes a recurring activity and the hair also gets hard every time you shave it.

But what if you can get rid of the underarm hair, without doing all these things or even without going to the salon? In fact this home remedy will not only help you to remove the hair but will also get a glow on the skin and make it healthy. These main ingredients are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is a very commonly known fact that people do not care much about their skin in spite of it being one of the largest organs in the body.

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Anything that you apply on your skin gets easily absorbed and is mixed in the blood stream. Shaving is the most common ways to remove the underarms hair and it takes just a minute or so and you are ready to flaunt your underarms with the outfit you will wear. You can also choose to wax the hair or epilate it, as they have far longer results.

Let us look at the ways to remove underarms hair in just 2 minutes.

Sugar and Lemon

img-1Women have been using sugar waxing since centuries to wax the unwanted underarms hair. It is one of the easiest ways to prepare and apply and is a very effective method as well. Take one tablespoon of sugar and 2 tablespoon of lemon juice to make a paste that is thick enough to be applied on the underarms. Apply this paste and leave it on for a few minutes. After this take a clean cloth and wipe off the paste, you will see that the hair has started to come out in the cloth.

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This method is simple and natural. You can continue this method 2 to 3 times in a week and see the results that with every application your hair is being removed and slowly all the hair will disappear. Sugar acts as an exfoliator and helps to scrub the skin to make it look more radiant and glowing. Lemon is an acidic agent which removes the dead skins and weakens the roots of the hair to let it out easily.

Eggs and corn flour

img-2This method is a very well-known way to remove the unwanted hair. But it needs some care and attention as the egg white mask is very sticky in nature and while pulling it out you may feel the pain. But this pain is because the hair is being removed with the egg white. This paste will also remove the unwanted skin impurities to make the skin glow and rejuvenate it. The age of the skin gets better with every usage.

All you need is 1 egg, a tablespoon of sugar and ½ tablespoon of corn flour all mixed in a bowl. First you need to crack open the egg in a bowl and get the yolk to be added with sugar and corn flour to make a paste out of it. Apply this to the underarms and leave it for 20 minutes approximately. This paste will dry and stick to the hair on the underarms. When you peel it off the hair will be removed and so will the impurities. You can repeat this process 3 to 4 times in a week to get the desired results.

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Milk and Turmeric

image-3Turmeric has a very effective result on the hair re-growth, when it is mixed with milk or water or even yogurt. It also has anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties which keeps the skin healthy and clear. Turmeric has medicinal properties as well and can be used on wounds as well to heal them faster. Mix turmeric powder and milk along with water in a bowl to make a thick paste. Apply this paste to the unwanted hair on the underarms and leave it to dry for at least 30 minutes. After it dries out wash it off with warm water and use a cloth to pat dry the area as there are chances that it may burn therefore it is recommended to do so.

This method will help to stop the hair re-growth and will give you a clear skin on your underarms. It will also help to keep the color of the skin same unlike make it dark upon shaving. The main point of discussion is that the above paste works on areas where there is less hair growth. For Thicker and dense hair you can add gram flour or rice four or for that matter ground oats as well.

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Women at all times want their underarms clean as they dawn sleeveless dresses and would not want to be embarrassed with underarms hair being shown to others. This is the reason they keep on shaving their underarms every now and then. This makes their hair thick and also grows faster which is not a good sign. It can look like a never ending cycle and women get really tired of this act. They want a permanent solution to this problem as shaving is not the only alternative available.

The above methods will help you get rid of the hair in a natural way and will also ensure that your skin stays as beautiful as you would want it to be. Just pick the one that suits you and chuck the razor forever. If you are skeptical of any of the methods and their results; you may try out all of them and then stick to any one as per the results they show.

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