Dull and Flat Face? Get Fair Face and Pink Cheeks with...

Dull and Flat Face? Get Fair Face and Pink Cheeks with This Strawberry Face Pack

honeyyogurtforfaceJust remember the nursery rhyme, chubby cheeks and dimpled chin. Here we can change the line to pink cheeks. It is the dream of every female to have fair complexion, and fair skinned females gain attention everywhere they go. If combined with pink cheeks, they are sure to be envied for their beautiful looks.

There might be many commercial advertisements and creams, which show that fair complexion, can be achieved using them. But many people can be allergic to such creams and can get rashes too, making their skin all the more horrible to look.

Home remedies are the best way to get such youthful and glowing skin without any side effects. Such home remedies consist of various packs made from turmeric, milk, honey etc. Strawberry is also one such ingredient which can be used to get pink cheeks and fair face, since it is acidic in nature and also is helpful in removing excess oil generated in the skin. Regular use of strawberry as a face pack is bound to give the face and skin a beautiful glow.

Methods of doing strawberry face pack:

Strawberry and Papaya mask:

papaya-face-pack-for-dry-skinBoth strawberries and papaya are known to be beneficial to the skin, apart from having various other health benefits. Papaya has beneficial enzymes, which help in lightening and tightening the skin. Strawberry too is known for its delicious and juicy flavor, apart from its nice fragrance. Mixing the two ingredients is going to give a nice glow and remove the dullness of the face. Mix strawberry and papaya pulp, apply it on the face and leave on for 10 minutes. Wash the paste with plain cold water. This is definitely beneficial, if done on a regular basis.

Strawberry and Saffron paste:

When two divinely combinations are used, it is bound to give stellar results. Strawberry and saffron are no exception to this. Saffron is known to lighten the skin shade, and is a widely acclaimed beauty therapy for various skin issues. Saffron has to be soaked in warm milk for few seconds, and then the saffron milk has to be mixed with strawberry paste and applied on the face. Since saffron and strawberry have beautiful and natural fragrances, the skin will be definitely glowing and smelling good after using the paste.

Strawberry and Glycerin paste:

Anti-Acne-Strawberry-Face-MaskGlycerin is known to be used in various beauty products. When it is mixed with strawberry, it will be definitely beneficial in getting good results. Mix glycerin and strawberry paste or juice with a few tea spoons of turmeric. Apply this paste on the face and cheeks and leave for 10 minutes. This paste will remove the dullness of the face, and also lend a natural and pinkish glow to the cheeks, due to the use of strawberry and turmeric.

Strawberry and Oats pack:

Oats is known for its health benefits, and is also known to reduce cholesterol levels. The same oats can be mixed with strawberry fruits, in getting dull face turned into a lively face. Oats has to be grounded to a coarse powder consistency and mixed with strawberry paste. Few teaspoons of honey or glycerin can be added instead of water, while mixing the paste. Applying this pack on the face and washing it off with cold water is sure to give good and visible results.

Strawberry and Green Grape mask:

Strawberry-Mint-SyrupNot only healthy and tasty juices can be made out of these two fruits, also both the fruits can be blended well to make a great face mask, which helps in removing the dullness of the face in a jiffy, and to lend a beautiful glow. Take the juice of strawberry and green grapes in equal quantities to which a spoon of either rice flour or gram flour is to be added. Apply this pack on the face and wash off after 10 minutes with cold water. The mirror is definitely going to get envy seeing the results.

Strawberry and Potato paste:

This pack can be done by blending strawberry into a smooth paste, and potatoes have to be either grated or mashed. Both these pastes have to be mixed thoroughly, to which a spoon of curd is added for extra thickness. This paste can be applied on the places where the skin tends to be dull. Applying this paste or pack regularly will definitely remove the dullness of the face and give it a healthy glow.

Strawberry and tender Coconut Water:

Strawberry-bleach-maskBoth strawberry and tender coconut water are known to have multiple health benefits. Tender coconut water is sure to clear the body of toxins, and strawberry is known to give the dull face a perk up.  Few strawberries have to be grounded or blended and mixed with either gram flour or rice flour to which tender coconut water is added instead of plain cold water. Applying this paste can do wonders to perk up the dull skin.

Strawberry and Orange peel mask:

Strawberries are flavorful while oranges are abundant in Vitamin C, which is rejuvenating the skin. Orange peel has to be dried in the shade and powdered. Strawberries have to be crushed and made into a smooth paste. To both these pastes a bit of sugar syrup has to be added, so that the paste or mask can be applied evenly on the face. Doing this skin therapy regularly will ward off dullness from the face and give it a beautiful glow.

Strawberry and Apricot scrub:

strawberry (Small)Both these wonder fruits are known for their taste and lusciousness. When these two are combined into a scrub, it is for sure that the results are definitely going to be beneficial for the skin. Grind strawberry and apricots to a coarse texture and add a few teaspoons of honey to it for extra zing. Apply this scrub on the face evenly, and wash off after half hour with cold water. Using this scrub will relieve the face of the dullness quickly, and also lends a tender pink glow to the cheeks.

Strawberry and Poppy Seeds:

Various tasty dishes can be done from poppy seeds. These little seeds are known to give a certain thickness to the dishes. It can be combined with strawberry to give a wonderful shine to the skin as well. Poppy seeds have to be soaked overnight and ground into a paste with strawberries added to it. A bit of curd, lemon juice or honey can be added too. This paste has to be applied on the face, with the help of a cotton ball due to its runny nature. Washing the face after 10 minutes is going to help in a great way to ward off dullness from the face.

Strawberry and Almond oil:

Strawberries-300x200Almond oil can be mixed with strawberry fruits for removing dullness of the face and give it a nice and healthy glow. Strawberry fruits have to be crushed and mixed with almond oil. This paste has to be applied on the face and cheeks and massaged in a circular motion to improve blood circulation, and also remove the dullness of the face. This pack will give astonishing results when done regularly.

Strawberry and Banana paste:

Both these wonder fruits taste heavenly when made into a milk shake or a smoothie. Likewise, both these fruits can be made into a smooth paste, to get rid of wrinkles and dullness of the face and skin. Banana and strawberry have to be made into a smooth paste, without any lumps using a blender to which a teaspoon of turmeric is added. This paste has to be applied on the face regularly to alleviate dullness of the skin and give it a fresh look.

Strawberry and Egg white:

Strawberry-bleach-maskEggs are known to have all goodness in them needed for maintaining one’s health. It is used as a remedy for various problems related to the skin or the hair. It can be mixed with strawberry paste to give the skin a baby soft texture, remove dullness and also get pink cheeks. Mix the white of an egg with crushed strawberries and apply it on the face. Let it remain for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it with cold water. This has to be done regularly for desired results.

Strawberry with Groundnut:

Strawberries and groundnuts have to be soaked in water overnight, and ground to a smooth paste with the help of a blender. We know the benefits of strawberry, groundnuts too are equally beneficial due to the presence of oil in it. Applying this paste on the face, to which a spoon of cucumber juice and oat meal is added, is definitely beneficial to the skin and cheeks, in warding off the dullness and giving the cheeks a pink tint.

Strawberry and Fuller’s earth mix:

Strawberries-300x200Fuller’s earth is known for its numerous uses in treating skin problems. When it is mixed with strawberry the results are bound to be great. Two spoons of fuller’s earth and strawberry has to be mixed with honey and made into a smooth paste. This paste has to be applied on the face and washed with cold water. Doing so, will clear the face of the dullness and give the skin a nice healthy glow.

So, dull face is no longer a cause to worry about. Try out the above given home remedies, and get a fair face and pink cheeks to make others envy of your beauty.