Few Of The Most Effective Ways To Get Glowing Skin Using Turmeric...

Few Of The Most Effective Ways To Get Glowing Skin Using Turmeric In Just 3 Days

featuredGlowing skin is something that every one of us desire. With a stressful schedule and work load ever increasing it is very difficult to stay away from skin problems one of it being –losing facial glow. Losing the glow of skin could be due to many reasons like sun tan, lack of proper nutrition, pregnancy, pollution and, of course not to mention, stress. Glowing skin is something that adds to our personality and enhances one’s outward appearance that is very important for a confident approach to life and activities that include both on the professional and personal forefront.

We often go asking for advice for glowing skin that would help us to retain or restore the real glow of our skin and it is mostly drinking of ample water and exercise as well as inclusion of fruits in our diet that comes up as suggestions. These are the basic to get glowing skin and must be at any cost maintained and followed religiously, but if you have the dull look on face and you have a party or wedding coming up next week definitely you need something more apart from these basic routine. So you have something coming up that needs you to be prim and proper with glowing skin then read on:


image-1Turmeric has been coming down to us from ages. In Indian marriages the brides are often massaged with turmeric paste so that they look bright and beautiful on the wedding day. Turmeric has strong disposition of anti oxidants and anti inflammatory properties that helps in illuminating skin as well as eliminating pimples and acne. Acne and other kinds of eruptions might be the reason of the dull look as it overshadows your real glow. The best way to use turmeric is to mix two teaspoon of turmeric powder with a teaspoon of chickpea flour and add a little milk to form a smooth paste, make sure the milk is raw. When the paste is ready, apply on skin and let it dry. Wash with water or you may also wipe off the turmeric paste first and then wash with water. Apply toner and a cream that suits you. Do this twice a day and the result would be visible.

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image-2Yogurt is known to have pro-biotic property, calcium as well as protein. Yogurt includes lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that have been proven by dermatologist to work wonders for attaining glowing skin. Yogurt is easily available in the departmental shops or you can even prepare it at home. It is instructed that you pick the basic yogurt and not the flavored one as the added flavor might not suit your skin. Take two teaspoon of it and apply on skin using fingers. Wait for it to dry and then wash it off with water. It moisturizes the skin which helps to bring the glow back. This glow can be achieved due to the nutritive value present in the curd. This can be done twice a week.

Sugar and herbal face wash

image-3It is very important that we fight sun burn as it is the prime reason of losing the true skin tone. There is nothing called fair skin and dark skin, it is the natural glow that should be visible on your skin and sun burn or tanning prevents that. It not only dulls the skin but forms a layer of dead skin that results in many other skin problems. So, it is very important that we get rid of the dead skin by scrubbing.

Scrubbing can be done every alternate day if the skin is highly tanned, and then you can reduce it to twice a week when the tan is lightened. Take a face wash that is herbal in base or any face wash that suits your skin and mix it with a teaspoon of sugar and form the lather. Scrub for about a minute with brisk movement and then wash it off. Do it once daily but make sure sugar granules are not very coarse as it might hurt the skin.

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Raw Honey

image-4Being antibacterial and having anti oxidants, raw honey is a very good way of pampering your skin as it brings back the glow and keeps it moisturized. Using honey for skin is very handy. Just pour out a small amount of honey that you think would be enough to make a layer over skin. Spread the layer with fingers to make it thin. After it dries, wash it off with water. Do it twice a week but  if the party is at short notice use every alternate day before going to bed and apply toner and a healing night cream or a moisturizer after washing off.


image-5Take ripe papaya and mash with mortar and pestle or grind in the blender to form a paste and add one teaspoon of raw milk to it. Use it on your skin for glowing skin as it works faster and will make you party ready with around four applications.  The best effect of papaya is that it makes the skin hydrated and removes the flaky skin that so over shadows the glowing epidermis.

Aloe Vera

image-6Aloe Vera has the power to rejuvenate the skin and clear all the impurities that sit deep in our pores. It also helps in moisturizing. Take Aloe Vera stems and rub the sticky substance that oozes out of it. It is better to use the stems on skin rather than going for different brands of Aloe Vera gel as chances are there of it being adulterated, which in turn would be harmful for your skin. After the substance is dry, wash it off and pat dry. Use it every alternate day and do not forget to apply toner and a moisturizer that suits you.

Lemons and Raw Milk

image-7Lemons are great in reducing the skin tone that may have been caused by sun or pollution. They are citric and have been used as natural bleach for ages and will help in deep cleaning and bleaching. Using lemons alone might make your skin very dry, so it necessary that we use it with something that would counter its drying effects and the best would be raw milk, as it will help in neutralizing the skin. Take half a lemon and dip it in raw milk to rub all over skin and let it dry. After around 20 minutes wash with water and apply a moisturizer.


image-8Cucumbers have a cooling effect on the surface of skin as well as works from within to restore the natural glow. Grind cucumbers in a blender and apply it on skin and relax for 15 minutes. After that wash it off with water and pat dry and top it up with a good moisturizer. Molybdenum and Vitamin K are two major nutrients that are present in cucumbers which help to bring the glow in your skin.

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Rose Water

image-9Rose water is the simplest way of getting a glowing skin and you do not even have to develop a conscious routine to bring it in use. You must wash your face as and when required and apply a toner. Use rose water as the toner and you are all set to dazzle. Rose water has astringent properties that brighten the skin as it well help in reducing blackheads and pull out the deep seated dirt in the pores.


image-10Saffron can purify the skin and at the same time they have anti bacterial properties that can help in maintaining a hydrated and well nourished skin. Winters are especially the time for the skin to get dry, as well as it is the best time to use saffron on skin. Since saffron is dry and is in the form of flakes it is difficult to use it directly on skin, so mix two pinches of saffron in honey and apply on skin using fingers. Wait for the layer to dry up and wash off with water. Apply moisturizer.

Gram Flour

image-11Commonly known as ‘besan’, it acts as a great scrubber as well as mask and is very good for people having oily skin. Make a paste by mixing one tablespoon of gram flour with two teaspoon of raw milk and apply on face. You may either scrub your skin with that mixture or keep it on for about 20 minutes and wash with water applying a toner and a face cream afterwards. Use it twice a week. Try to buy gram flour that has granules as it will help in removing the dead skin.

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The above methods are all home based therefore cost effective and at the same time reliable. It is suggested that we do not subject our delicate skin to harsh chemical treatments that will in long run have a reverse effect. Home based treatments are safe and render good result without any side effects. The results are good enough to be visible in a week or sometimes right after the first use.

However, it must also be kept in mind that out of the above suggested methods or remedies only one should be picked and included in the skin care routine. Too many cook spoil the broth, this holds true for the skin too. Hence keep it simple and settle for a remedy that suits you.