Apply These On Your Hands,Wait 15 Minutes And Wrinkles Disappears Completely!

Apply These On Your Hands,Wait 15 Minutes And Wrinkles Disappears Completely!

Let us face it, Wrinkles are inevitable. They will come when they have to, as our skin looses elasticity with time. Women spend a fortune to delay this sign of aging for as long as they can. Whether these treatments work or not or how much ill effects do they have is debatable. Wrinkles probably start appearing first on our hands. They are the hardest working, but still neglected parts of your body. The skin on the hands is very thin, and the fat on the back of hands is very less and hence skin of your hands bear the ravages of time firstly. Also, these parts are washed the most and use of chemicals in the hand wash etc. can further add to the damage. So, what if we tell you that you can do few things at home and reverse the effects of aging which is already there on the skin of your hands? Yes, it can be done that too quite easily and the results are pretty amazing.

Read on to know all the things you can do instantly to remove the hand wrinkles


We all know the humble eggs for its toning and tightening effects. This can also help you with improving your hands elasticity. To use this, first separate the egg whites and mix 1 tablespoon of honey in it. Try and use the most original honey you can find. The artificial ones are filled with sugar, and they would hardly have the desired effect we are looking for. Now spread this mixture on your hands and leave it on for 15 minutes. Make sure you leave the hands in an open position and do not close it. This may further worsen the wrinkle situation. After 15 minutes, wash your hands with mild soap and water. You will be able to see instant difference in your hands. They will appear smoother and wrinkle free instantly.


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Which women do not want silky smooth and young looking hands? After all, you could have the best skin on your face but still the skin on your hands could be a give away about your age! Take a small potato and bake it for 10 minutes. Now peel it out of the skin and make a puree of it by mashing it with a spoon. No need to mash it completely in to a paste, just make sure there are no big lumps in there. Now to this puree add 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoon of honey and some fat included milk. You can store this mixture in fridge for around a week. Just 2 or 3 days a week, apply this mixture on your hands and let it stay there for good 15 or 20 minutes. You can do this before you go for a bath. Or just simply wash it off with a mild soap and water. The soaps used should be as chemical free as possible and fragrance free. They should not dry your skin as it worsens the wrinkle issue.

Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is known for its toning properties. Just take few drops of oil and massage it on your hands for around 5 minutes. Do this slowly but firmly. The firmness of course depends on how much can you take, but it obviously should not be very hard. It just has to be firm. Massaging this on a regular basis can renew your skin and relax them as well. Tired skin will love it.

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Lemon and sugar

This one will help the wrinkled hand skin with age spots that appear on the skin with age and sun’s exposure. Take half a lemon and squeeze out its juice. Now in this juice mix two tablespoons of sugar and mix it lightly. Do not over mix as we still need sugar granules. This mixture needs to be messaged on your hands using circular motions. Lemon will slowly fade away the spots as it is known for its bleaching properties and sugar will help exfoliate the skin. This mixture will leave your hands soft and young looking. Massage for about 10 minutes firmly and then wash off with cold water, to see visible results.

Almond oil

Dehydrated hands will show more wrinkles and are also prone to further damage. So the logical thing is to keep your body well hydrated. But we will not tell you to just massage your hands in oil. The trick is, dip your hands in a bowl of almond oil. Now take them out and immediately put them in very cold water and hold for 5 minutes. Now pat dry them lightly and apply a good moisturizer that is meant for very dry skin. After applying a rich layer, insert your hands in cotton gloves. If possible let it stay overnight. The next morning, simply wash it. You would fall in love with your new, young looking and wrinkle free hands.

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Petroleum jelly

Now this is a simple remedy but the effects are simply amazing. Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly on your hands and massage it a little, so that it is applied evenly on hands. Now cover them with cotton gloves and leave it overnight. Wash it the next morning and you would see the well hydrated hands with less appearance of wrinkles. Repeat it on daily basis for desired results.

Grape seed baby oil

This oil has excellent moisturizing properties apart from nourishing properties. It maintains and repairs the epidermis layer of the skin. Full of anti oxidants a simple massage of this oil, twice or thrice a week will enhance your hand’s skin tone and help clear the fine lines on them. It also keeps the skin hydrated and we all know hydrated skin will be less prone to wrinkles.


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Vitamin E

Vitamin E oil too can help hydrate the epidermis layer of the skin. It is an antioxidant and this oil is vey thick. This oil thus penetrates well deep in the skin, and makes the wrinkles less defined immediately after use. Not just that, it will prevent the appearance of new lines as Vitamin E will repair the skin from inside. You can simply buy a Vitamin E capsule and smear it on your hands. You may leave it overnight, but as mentioned this oil is quite thick so either wait and massage to properly penetrate in the skin or cover your hands to avoid spoiling the sheets.


Avocados are a great option, when you are looking for some home tips to help nourish your skin. Just simply mash a ripe avocado and apply it on your hands. As the oil from the mashed avocado penetrates the skin layers, it will help them to nourish and repair and thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Regular usage will ensure youthful looking skin. So next time you see this fruit, do not just think of its nutritional values and good fat, think about how this can help you with maintaining the healthy skin on your hands.

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The old and wrinkled skin of your hands will greatly benefit from the cooling and healing properties of the humble cucumber. Just grate some cucumbers finely and put them on the hands. Keep it like this for around 15 – 20 minutes. Not only will this decrease puffiness but will also decease the wrinkles. Cucumber is also used in removing puffiness of eyes and same properties help take away the swelling from hands too.

Orange juice

Squeeze an orange in a bowl. Now take a cotton swab and apply it thoroughly on the skin of your hands. You can do this twice a day if possible for better and faster results. Just after a few applications, you will start to notice visible changes on the skin. It will have less wrinkles and a toned look.

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Castor oil

Castor oil is known for its anti aging properties and its use in such treatments. Apply a few drops of it as a cream every day after bathing. Not just hands, you can use the castor oil on your entire body. This will help keep your epidermis soft and hydrated. This helps because if the epidermis is well hydrated and repaired it will be more flexible, which will thus reduce the appearance of wrinkles. You can use this twice a week and see the skin on your hands changing in to a younger looking for forever manicured look.

Apart from these tips and tricks to remove wrinkles from your hands you should avoid drinking and smoking. This has proven effects on wrinkle. Always protect your hands from harsh sun, cover them and put a good sunscreen. You should never use hot water to wash your hands; always use cold or lukewarm water. Along with all this you should also take a well balanced and a healthy diet to maintain the young looking youthful skin and look beautiful forever.