8 Homemade Remedies to Get Soft Feet

8 Homemade Remedies to Get Soft Feet

Get-Rid-of-Corns-Step-7---CopypIn the present age of rush and dynamism, we hardly get time to take care of our body. Moreover, feet being one of the most neglected part. So result: ugly looking, unhealthy skin, dampening the beauty our feet. Everybody wants to have soft, beautiful feet and nobody loves to see cracks or irregularities on his or her feet. And such feeling is natural.

There is no denial in the fact that feet should also be taken as much good care as any other limb of the body. Not just because of look factor but also because if feet is not healthy, our ability to perform tasks also gets affected. So, from all perspectives, attempts to maintain healthy and soft feet are justifiable.

Unfortunately, nowadays, markets are flooded with so many costly and harmful products that claim to provide healthy and smooth feet, free from cracks or roughness. However, hardly we find them useful enough. Rather we must switch from artificial solutions to natural solutions present within our houses and our reach.

Both being economical and effective, homemade remedies are ready to give you a different experience altogether.Here we are presenting eight homemade remedies our solutions by which you can heal your lacklustre feet and make it softer, smoother and healthier. The only thing you require is perseverance.


Daily foot scrub:

A common problem with everybody’s feet is the development of cracks and fractures. Due to this, the skins becomes rough and hard. To get rid of the dead and hard skin, scrubbing on a hard surface is the only solution. However, to obtain better results, one must apply some moisturiser or prepare a simple scrub paste which can be applied on the feet before scrubbing.

There is a very simple method to prepare homemade foot scrub. Take half cup milk and add a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it properly. Then apply the paste to your feet and leave it for 10min. Then scrub and wash the feet with Luke warm water. This should be done twice every day, and very soon you will start observing improvement in the lustre of your feet.

Coconut oil:

Coconut-Oil2Because of its anti microbial and anti fungal properties, coconut oil can do wonders to heal your dry skin on the feet by keeping it moisturised and safe from bacterial and fungal infections. Before going to bed, one needs to wash the feet in warm water and then dry it by wiping with the help of a cloth.

Then apply coconut oil on the feet and take rest. Next day morning, clean the feet properly and apply some moisturiser. Regularly doing this over some days will produce tangible changes.


Paraffin wax:

After some time of cooling, a solidified, creamy mass is obtained. This creamy substance can be applied over feet and can be allowed to be there overnight. Next day, it can be cleaned properly. Changes can be seen after regular application for some weeks.

Epsom salt soak:

assaddEpsom salt can be very effective in healing cracks and rough skin. It also helps in proper circulation of blood. The magnesium in Epsom salt draws out toxins and thereby helps in promoting skin health. For this one needs just to add half cup of Epsom salt in a foot tub of water. Then soak the feet in the water and leave for 10-15 minutes.

After that, feet can be scrubbed using a pumice stone and then again it can be put in salt water for ten more minutes. Then feet can be dried well, and moisturiser can be applied. Repeatedly doing this for few days can show this results.



Lemon, because of its acidic nature, can help a lot in getting rid of dead and dry skin present in feet. They are very cheap and also readily available. Lemon can be used in different ways.

   It can be directly mixed with water that we use to wash our feet. After soaking our feet in the lemon mixed water, were can use any scrubber to scrub our feet and then let the feet dry before applying moisturiser or jelly.

   It can also be mixed directly with petroleum jelly we use and can be applied to the cracks and dry skin. However, before that, we need to wash and clean out feet thoroughly and let it dry.

   Lemon can also be mixed with the homemade scrub that we have already discussed in point 1.

Ripe banana paste:

Banana-Milk-and-Oats-scrubIn every household, one can find ripe bananas. Also, it is available in all seasons. So, ripe or overripe bananas can be brought to great use in healing cracks and rough skin. Simply one needs to blend two or three bananas in a blender or mixer and then allow it form a paste like substance.

This paste can then be applied to the feet and after 10-15 minutes, feet can be washed and cleaned with warm water and left out to dry. Regularly doing this will help in moisturising and softening the skin. Apart from direct application, bananas can be used to make creams also.

Homemade foot cream:

As said many times above, after every soak, we need to use some cream or moisturiser to apply on our feet. Now, wouldn’t it awesome if we can prepare our own cream at home itself. There are various ways:

   A small bottle can be taken and in it, we need to add one or two sounds of olive oil, some lavender oil and few drops of lemon. Now, by continuously shaking this bottle till the mixture turns milky, it becomes ready to be applied on the skin. We just need to shake the mixture every time before using it.

   There quarter cup of coconut oil and one-half cup of Shea butter cream along with some amount of lavender oil can be taken in a plot and heated till they melt. After it melts, the mixture can be cooled down and stored properly in a container for using it again and again.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera smoothes and heals the cracks present in the feet as effectively as any other artificial product, and it has an added advantage of not having any side-effects. It is naturally available and grows in abundance.

Two or three Aloe Vera leaves can be sliced, and their skin can be peeled to remove out the jelly substance. This jelly can be stored in a container, and few basil leaves can be crushed and added to it. Adding turmeric powder can also be useful. The entire paste then can be applied on the feet and be left out for 10-15 minutes.

Afterwards, feet can be washed with warm water and allowed to dry before applying some moisturiser.These were some useful homemade remedies that every common man can afford to apply so as to obtain healthy, beautiful and smooth feet for longer duration of our life.