10 Homemade Masks To Tighten Your Skin Overnight

10 Homemade Masks To Tighten Your Skin Overnight

aYou might be fed up of age marks on your skin. Wrinkles, spots, blemishes, etc., make you feel quite inferior. You suddenly start losing confidence and are self-conscious when you identify a few marks on your skin. Is there a way to treat it? Of course yes treatment is possible only if you start early. Skin tightening is one method which can help you get rid of several skin imperfections almost permanently.

There are many laser treatments, injections and medications in market which promise skin tightening. But, natural homemade recipes can certainly be more efficient and bang on your buck you invest. You need to look pretty and the process has to be quick. If, I were to tell you that the list of 10 masks I will share, will result in skin tightening almost overnight, will you believe me? May be not, try these masks to believe it!


1 Egg white mask

Egg-White-Flour-MaskIf any ingredient can be particularly highlighted for skin tightening, then it would certainly be egg. Different masks for skin treatment, lightening, etc., do use egg in different forms. In this particular mask, you would be using the egg white. Just separate the egg white from the yolk and apply it on your face. Let it be there for a few minutes say 20-25 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

2 Egg white, fuller’s earth and honey

This mask consists of fuller’s earth (referred to as Multani mitti) and honey in excess to the very beneficial egg white. Fuller’s earth is a beauty ingredient which has been in use from several centuries. Honey is a moisturizing agent which restores moisture in the skin enabling even tone and smooth finish to the skin.

You can add glycerine in the mask if your skin is too dry. For normal skin honey would be sufficient enough to maintain the moisture in the skin. Just mix little bit of fuller’s earth and honey to the egg white that is separated from yolk. Mix well and add glycerine if necessary. Apply this mask and let it dry for 15-20 minutes. This mask improves blood circulation and lightens the tan marks.

3 Egg white, sugar and curd

Dealing_with_Diabetes_the_Ayurvedic_Way!_Nine_reasons_to_boot_Sugar_out_of_your_life!Sugar is predominantly used as a scrubbing agent in different masks or face packs in order to remove dirt and oil from the skin. Curd or yogurt as usual is very good companion that consists of nutrients that nourish and catalyse the entire process.

To make this face pack, add sugar and curd to the egg white and mix it well. Apply this mixture to your face and let it dry for some time. Wash off with warm water once it is dry. Initiate a few circular massage movements on face before washing for better and quicker results.


4 Cabbage leaves, oil and rice flour

SALT-AND-OILCabbage leaves are generally found in the bins of your kitchen. However, they can be utilized for making your skin healthier and prettier. You will additionally need little bit of rice flour and oil. You can use olive oil or almond oil or any other oil that suites your skin the most. Olive and almond oils are the best to make a choice out of, for most skin types.

Realize a paste out of cabbage leaves after grinding it. Add rice flour and selected oil to it and mix well. If your skin is too oily then you can skip almond/olive oil from the face mask. In such circumstances, you can add egg white to the mixture too. Apply the mixture evenly to your face and wash after some time.


5 Cabbage leaves, honey, oil and curd

Cabbage leaves is a surprising element but is known to specifically be very effective against wrinkles. It is a great ingredient for skin tightening too. Other ingredients of this homemade pack include honey, olive or almond oil and curd.

Make a paste of 2-3 cabbage leaves by grinding it.

Use a container to mix it with honey and curd.

Add oil for dry skin and skip for oily skin.

Keep the mask on for at least 15-20 minutes after application.

Use warm water to wash your face thoroughly.

6 Papaya mask

Papaya consists of several enzymes which have been scientifically proven to fight aging of skin. They additionally help combat porous skin to initiate skin tightening. Papaya juice or mashed papaya can directly be applied to the face to experience great results over a period of time. However, if you are looking for overnight results, you would have to add other ingredients to make it more effective.

Rice flour and honey can be used with papaya to make it even more beneficial. Just mash a ripped papaya into a smooth paste and add half cup of rice flour to it. Add 2 teaspoon honey to it and mix well. Apply this paste to your face in good quantity and wash if off with cold water after 20-25 minutes.

7 Banana and honey mask

Here’s-Why-You-Should-Eat-Bananas-With-Peel-1Banana just like papaya is a fruit that is bundled with loads of goodness. This fruit is not only good for health but is equally good for skin. Many beauty brands now market their products using banana as a main ingredient. Banana face pack can be prepared using honey and olive oil.

Just mash banana into a paste like structure with little bit of consistency. Add one teaspoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of honey to it and mix well.

8 Banana and rose water

You can also prepare a banana mask with help of rice water. Rose water would be required to prepare this mask in addition to a ripped banana. Rose water is a very beneficial liquid that cleanses the skin deeply. The procedure is simple just pour a few drops of rose water to mashed bananas and apply it on your face. Wash your face after a time span of 20 minutes.


9 Lemon mask

Potato-Pulp-and-Lemon-Pack-3Lemon is the naturally sourced bleaching agent, which does wonders to the facial skin. Avoid using lemon mask on the dark circles below the eyes as lemon juice is not suitable for delicate skin. People with certain skin types (soft skin or reactive skin) should test lemon juice on their elbow to prevent excessive skin reactions.

That said, for people who can use lemon, it is a wonder ingredient. You can apply lemon juice directly to face or mix it with little bit of honey, oil (for dry skin), etc., to create a complete mask. You can see visible changes after 2 or 3 uses itself.

10 Aloe vera mask

Aloe vera cannot miss out when we are talking about homemade masks, can it? Aloe vera is ideally not a household ingredient but is identified in most homes considering the relief it provides from burns and tanned skin. You can use paste which you get from the aloe vera leaves or aloe vera gel as per your convenience.

To make this paste take sufficient amount of aloe vera paste or gel and mix it with a few drops of honey. Apply this in good quantity and wash your face with cold water after 20-25 minutes.

If you were looking for some stunning developments to your skin, the above 10 masks would be quite helpful in determining them overnight. They are 100% safe and natural. They can be easily sourced as your home without the need for spending excessive dollars for procuring costly treatments and therapies.