18 Amazing Fresh Flower Jewelry For Your Bridal Mehendi Designs!

18 Amazing Fresh Flower Jewelry For Your Bridal Mehendi Designs!

dsdsFresh flower jewelry for mehndi looks simply amazing. A wedding season is here again and girls look for various fresh flower jewelry designs to match with their mehendi design. Wedding is definitely one of the most memorable day in anyone’s life and all eyes stays on the bride on the big day.

You will find hundreds of unique creative ideas on fresh flower jewelry that matches with henna design and there are few things that you need to keep in your mind while designing flower jewelry on your own. There are various types of bridal fresh floral jewelry and few of them listed below:

1 Peacock like fresh flower jewelry!

During your wedding, you can choose a peacock theme and go for peacock like fresh flower jewelry.

You can make a peacock like jewelry with fresh flowers and make a delicate bracelet with inter woven flowers like jasmine and further accentuate the palms and hands of the bride.

2 Fresh bouquet flower that compliments your mehendi design!

You can choose a fresh flower bouquet instead of jewelry because the bouquet of fresh flowers in your hand looks equally beautiful as jewelry and compliments the mehendi design. You can make a bouquet of chrysanthemums and daisies.

You can let the imagination go wild and apply colored pearls or beads to accentuate that lovely bouquet as well as the strap in order to keep it fixed to your wrist, just like the prom corsage.

3 Rose jewelry to match with your mehendi!

Rose jewelry looks simply stunning and is loved by all brides. There are girls who love fresh rose flower jewelry to match with their wedding attire. Roses are loved by one and all and this is apt for wedding.

The hot red rose color can accentuate mehendi hue and makes you look more beautiful. One can easily make delicate rose buds in to the bride’s fingers and decorate the look.

4 Fresh flower jewelry as bracelet!

Fresh flower jewelry enhances the look of the mehendi and makes it even more elegant. Flowers make lovely jewels and most elegant bracelets that compliment your mehendi style. You can go for rose bracelets, yellow color flower or daisy flower bracelets on your wedding.

Just intertwine subtle white chrysanthemums along with rose buds by using stringed pearls and beads with viola. This way you will be able to make the most beautiful bracelets for you and your bridesmaids.

5 Unique flowery brooch!

When you are looking for something to adorn that makes you look beautiful and different on your wedding day then you can choose fresh flower jewelry and it can be in any form like neck piece, bangles, bracelets, earrings, matha patti or brooch.

This beautiful red rose’s neckpiece and brooch looks just mesmerizing. You can decorate the brooch with pearl and beads in silver or gold color to match with your attire.

6 Yellow fresh flower tiara for bride!

Yellow tiara looks lovely on brides and girls who are getting engaged.

You can enhance the overall look because of the yellow color shade of tiara flowers such as chrysanthemums and creates an enchanted look of the bride. She will feel like a princess on the very special day of her life.

7 Chandelier style fresh flower jewelry to improve the mehendi look!

This is really one of the most interesting ways to enhance your look during the occasion. Beautiful yellow chandelier flower designs are used to beautify the forehead, ears and hands of the bride.

This fresh flower jewelry makes the henna designs look more attractive and brighter.

8 Red and white jewelry design in fresh flowers!

There are many varieties of fresh flower jewelry designs available in the market and you can even get that customized according to your dress into red and white like in the picture below that goes well with the mehendi design.

There are a dress-up decided factor related to wedding and some special dresses, styles and jewelries are famous for special purpose such as mehendi ceremony.

9 Gorgeous peach color fresh flower jewelry!

Peach color fresh flower jewelry combined with pearls and beads is quite stylish and trendy pattern that will provide you stunning and stylish look and give you a different and a perfect appearance, which you always desire.

It’s always recommended to choose the flower jewelry that matches with your dress, mehendi and should be light weight as well so that it gives a delicate look to your bridal appearance.

10 Hand flower fresh flower jewelry!

This hand band fresh flower jewelry is simply beautiful.

Flowers, which are fresh looks really stunning on any bride and there are plethora of colors available in fresh flowers to be sewed in jewelry. You can even decorate this flower jewelry with golden and silver beads.

11 Tiara, bracelets, neckpiece and what not?

Brides like to include these fresh flower jewelries in their look and want to look beautiful on their special day. They use many things from mehendi to flower jewelry like tiara, bracelets, neckpieces and much more to give a unique look to their attire and over all presence.

You might want to look completely different from other people by wearing the fresh flower jewelry that matches with the clothes you wear on that day.

12 Armlet and hair fresh flower jewelry!

This fresh flower jewelry looks delicate when blended with henna design. They somehow manage to look amazing and prettier.

When you buy these flower jewelries then you have to be very careful and have to keep these jewels with utmost care, especially armlet and hair flowers because of its delicacy and to keep its vibrant color intact and fresh.

13 Buy a complete set of fresh flower jewelry on your wedding day!

When you buy a complete set of fresh flower jewelry beforehand, then you’ll have enough time to try making different .

And unique fresh flower jewelry that goes well with your mehendi and make the occasion even more special. This yellow bridal set looks just awesome!

14 Unique fresh flower jewelry design for you!

The flower jewelry doesn’t last long and get torn away in just a day or two. Though, they comprise of some of the most amazing and beautiful memories of your wedding day .

When you look back down the memory lane in photographs. You might get transfixed via the elegance of these bright shaded floral jewelry.

15 Try waist band in fresh floral jewelry!

These days’ trends are changing and girls like to go for fresh flower jewelry with delicate mehendi designs.

They like to wear beautiful waist bands flower jewelry to match with their mehendi and outfit.

16 Multicolored floral jewelry!

The one thing, which everyone pays consideration to, is nothing but the bridal henna design which is adorned by the bride along with this multicolored fresh flower jewelry design.

When you look back down the memory lane in photographs. You might get transfixed via the elegance of these bright shaded floral jewelry.

17 Simple sober fresh flower jewelry enhances the mehendi look!

This is beautiful yet simple fresh flower jewelry, which can be used to enhance the beauty of the bride and her sister equally.

You can use this white and yellow color garland flowers to make your bridal fresh flower jewelry.

18 Beauty at its best in fresh flower jewelry that looks just wow!

Why go for silver and gold rings when fresh flower jewelry is there in white and yellow color pattern. You can even use it on your head as matha patti and as earrings.

You will simply look out of the world. This fresh yellow jewelry is simply eye catching and very fresh and enticing!