Secrets To Get Darker Mehandi Stain

Secrets To Get Darker Mehandi Stain

images-(1)Application of Mehendi plays a very important role in our culture, be it any festival or an occasion a girls hand will never be devoid of this beautiful art. We prefer to put mehendi as it has a lot of aesthetic feelings associated with it and also believe in various sayings like a darker shade of mehendi means your mother in law loves you a lot, if you hide your husband’s name in your mehendi and he finds it, then he loves you a lot etc.  But despite all this, a darker shade mehendi has its individual importance and adds to the charm to the woman’s dress up as well as the occasion.

It is a trusted fact, the darker the shade of mehendi, the prettier it looks. Anyways, do you know anyone who does not prefer a dark shade. We girls can go to any measure to get dark mehendi whether it be staying away from water, wearing gloves, applying ghee or powder, we do not leave any stones unturned to get the maximum compliments.

So, without wasting further time, let us check out some granny’s tried and tested tricks to make your mehendi dark-

Wash Your hands And Feet Properly With Soap

downloadYes, this helps. Washing your hands and feet properly with soap before application of mehendi helps to get a darker shade. When you wash your hands with soap, all the dirt and oil will be cleaned from them. So, when you apply mehendi, it can be absorbed better and better absorbed mehendi will definitely give a dark shade.

Let The Nature Take Its Own Time To Dry

aid669564-728px-Make-Henna-for-Use-on-Skin-Step-12As we normally do, do not try to dry the mehendi by other means like gas stove, sigri, sun or fan. Let it dry naturally and slowly as this way the color will be absorbed better by the skin giving a dark shade. You can even sleep after application of mehendi letting it stay on your hand for 12 hours.

Heat Clove In A Pan

img_3263Place few cloves in a pan and heat it. Once its heated it will emit out smoke, roast your hand on this smoke for few minutes till you can bear the heat. This is a very common and useful method to get a darker shade of mehendi before any occasion.


Mixture Of Lemon And Sugar

Lemon-and-Sugar-Scrub1You may even apply a mixture of lemon and sugar on your dried mehendi to get a dark shade. Do this when you have your green mehendi on the hands before cleaning it. You can apply this mixture every 15-20 minutes for better results.

Application of Vicks or Pickle

body-parts-should-use-vicks-vaporub-cream_1cd93bc5ace09362Once you have removed the mehendi and cleaned your hands with a dry cloth, you can apply either vicks, balm or pickle on your hand. These products provide warmth to the hand, thereby helping to get a darker shade.

Do Not wash hand

download (1)Avoid washing your hands for at least 12 hours after application of Mehendi. Immediate use of water might lighten the shade as it takes time for the color to penetrate deep inside.

Make A Paste Using Amla or Coffee

Amla-superfood11Normally everyone mixes the dry mehendi in water to make a paste for application. Instead, you may even mix the dry mehendi in coffee powder or amla and then make a paste. Amla and coffee helps in giving a darker shade and tone to your mehendi making it darker and long lasting.


Use Mehendi or Cooking Oil

img_how_to_apply_mehndi_for_beginners_2625_origYou must have seen the mehendi artists applying something with cotton on your palms before application of mehendi. This is generally the mehendi oil. But in case you do not have the oil available, you can even use cooking oil in its place. But do not apply mehendi directly on your palms without any oil.

Remove Mehendi By Rubbing Hands

how-to-remove-mehndi-easilyAs already mentioned above, do not use water to get the mehendi off your hand. You can use a knife or you can rub your hands against each other to take the mehendi off as water can lighten the shade and tone of your mehendi. Let the mehendi stay on your hand for a minimum of 2 hours on your hand or feet.

Do Not Overdo

Over doing things might also lighten the shade of the color on your hand. For example, do not do the clove heat again and again. Once is sufficient. Similarly, application of lemon and sugar must be restricted to a number of times. You must not do it very occasionally. Despite the fact that they help in darkening your mehendi’s shade, overdoing it might reverse the actions altogether.

Hopefully the above mentioned tricks are useful to you for darkening your mehendi. A darker shade no doubt looks beautiful and mesmerizing and no one will be able to resist from complimenting you for your beautiful hands. These designs look best when carried out with Indian Attire. So follow these tricks and rock every festival.