Best Floral Mehendi Designs – Our Top 15

Best Floral Mehendi Designs – Our Top 15

Indian-Rajasthani-Mehndi-Designs-for-Hands-Image-2015-VideoMehendi is a ritual type of art that begin from Ancient Arabian Country.  It has identical significance during festivals and weddings in India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other nearby countries. Floral designs are one of the best and most used designs in Mehendi. Such prints are always an inspirational thing for human. When it is combined with mehendi, it work wonders and gives the most awesome artistic design. Mehendi is very famous among young girls and women equally. They like to put mehendi on various occasions and look beautiful.

The mehendi designs are available in many sorts but the floral mehendi designs are loved by one and all. You will simply love mehendi design that is made by flower and leaves patterns. These designs are quite popular among women of all age group and they like to showcase their mehendi on various occasions. You can seek professional mehendi artist help to get the best design done on your hand. They will simply make your hand and feet look more stunning than ever. Girls like to get mehendi design on arms so that it gives a look of armlet and only on ankle so that it looks like anklets. You can go for various designs and pattern in mehendi.


The floral prints can be used in all types of mehendi designs, no matter if it is Arabian, Pakistani or Indian. These can be supplement with filling, shading, rhinestones etc to boost the charm and beauty of it.

1.Diagonal Floral Mehendi Design

indian-mehandiThis is a beautiful diagonal mehendi. It is the best show stopper for any occasion. The flowers are beautifully designed. The dots and curved line making leaves are giving great look to this beautiful floral design. This mehendi is well deserved by all ladies and will enhance the beauty of your hand.  The dark color of mehendi with shades of light color is making this mehendi unique. This is the most beautiful design you will ever see in contemporary patterns.

2.Dense Floral Mehendi Design

floral-paisley-henna-design-This Dense floral mehendi design is just perfect for engagement or other occasions. The flowers with curved lines and tiny leaves make this mehendi beautiful for the back of your hand. This traditional design has given modern touch by covering two fingers and is great for all purpose. It will enhance the beauty of the back of your hand and is good for ladies who do not want their hand to be filled completely with mehendi.

3.Indian Arabian Floral Mehendi Design

Top-Lovely-Floral-Mehndi-Designs3Do you want to be an attention grabber on any occasion? If yes, then this design is surely for you. This mehendi design is great combination of Arabian and Indian Style. The flowers are the main attention grabber. The leaves covering the flowers are just fabulous and the tiny hearts and mango design on the wrist makes this pattern even more attractive. A perfect design for all hands.


4.Morocco Floral Mehendi Design

morocco-mehendi-designsIf you want something different and a new styled mehendi design, than you should apply this. This dark color mehendi is best for modern brides as the design on both palms is slightly different from each other. This little difference makes the pattern even more charming. It will provide a dazzling look to your ethnic attire also. In this design you will see a lot of space on your center palm, well, this is the main attraction and charm of this particular design and gives it a complete ethnic look.

5.Mughal Floral Mehendi Design

The-Floral-PatternThis Mughal mehendi design will surely brighten up any occasion as it can enhance the beauty of bride or anyone else wearing it as a matter of fact. The lotus has the pull and oomph factor in this pattern and to add to it, the peacock curves complete the feel of a eye pleasing design. You can also notice, that this design is a joined mehendi, that is, the design of each hand is incomplete unless you join both hands as if in a prayer. Such design requires a professional hand for such perfection.

6.Festive Floral Mehendi Designs

This is a great combination of flowers with certain mangoes designs. The dots on the finger tip make the back of the hand look more beautiful. This is a great design for the ladies who like to show her skin and mehendi both as this design does not cover your complete hand. In most offices, working woman are not allowed to wear heavy mehendi, so this one can be a good option. Your hand will look more alluring if you will wear bangles with this design.

7.Eid Special Floral Mehendi Design

mehndi-designs-2399-520x245This mehendi design will make your Eid full of compliments. It includes wrapping design with flowers and zigzag boxes which add extra beauty to your hands and appearance. This is quite modern way of applying mehendi. You can wear rings in middle and ring fingers. For more effects you can add stones in this mehendi design.


8.Pakistani Floral Mehendi Design for Feet

Pakistani-Henna-Mehndi-Designs-for-Hands1-580x479This Pakistani floral design will surely make your feet more gorgeous. This design is giving extra beauty to your feet fingers and is perfect to support your footwear. The flower on the feet and thumb is the main attraction of this charming mehendi design. Flowers are supported with lots of leaves and dots. This mehendi design will look best in dark color. This is fabulous choice for festivals and occasions.

9.Stylish Floral Bridal Mehendi Design

maxresdefaultThis is very stylish bridal mehendi. Usually you will see mehendi on entire feet till calf, but this mehendi is focusing on the sides of your feet, ankle and calf. The floral design is really unique and gives a fabulous look to your feet. This bridal mehendi is also supported by glitter, which is enhancing the beauty of it. Flowers can be crafted beautifully with leaves, dots and spiral designs. Definitely everyone will love this mehendi design.

10.Double Shaded Flower Mehendi Design

Dazzling-Mehndi-Designs-2015-For-Bridal-8This is the best design if you are running short of time. This mehendi design is best for karwa chaut and other occasions. The double shaded flowers are the main attention grabber and the design looks fascinating on the fingers as wellYou can wear rings in other two fingers. This is best suited for ladies who do not want to cover their entire hand with mehendi. This outstanding mehendi will not only makes you prettier but will also enhance your jewelry.

11.Floral Tikki Design at the Back of the Hand

Latest-Bridal-Mehndi-Designs-2014-30-660x400This floral tikki style is really a beautiful design. This is good choice for Diwali and Eid or rather any festival or ocassion. The flower at the back of the hand is the main charm of this mehendi. This mehendi is not covering your complete hand so this is also a good choice for working women. The dark color of the mehendi helps in increasing the attraction of the mehendi.


12.Simple Cute Floral Mehendi Design on Feet

maxresdefault-(1)This fairytale design will enhance the beauty of your feet and will support your heels as well. This is best for every occasion and you can apply it yourself also. The curved lines help in giving the perfect shape and support to the amazing flowers. The dots add extra effects to this mehendi.

13.Indian Floral Design for Feet

Simple-Mehndi-Designs-for-Feet-for-LadiesThis is another good choice for the brides to be. The semi circles on the fingers add to the charm along with the peacock shapes. You can try this design if you want a classic mehendi but do not want to cover your entire feet or hands. You can even add a bright nail paint to increase the designs worth.

14.Glitter Floral Mehendi Design

This is the modern way of mehendi. This is best for teenage girls and for working women. You can use any color of your choice. Just draw a design with dark color mehendi and fill the gaps with glitters of your choice. This floral designer mehendi is best for small occasions. It will also look good with your western outfits.


15.Floral Net mehendi design

Floral-mehndiLast but not the least, here is another flower design for you to try out. It is simple to draw and yet looks very attractive and charming. It includes very simple geometric designs like circles and lines. Perfect for any occasion.

So what are you waiting for, above shown are sooo many beautiful and attractive designs. Bring your mehendi cone and start drawing before the design becomes common.