26 Mind Blowing Indian Mehendi Designs To Inspire You

26 Mind Blowing Indian Mehendi Designs To Inspire You

xyzAll woman loves mehendi, it is the most important part of every rituals as without mehendi your ethnic look is incomplete. Mehendi plays very important role in every occasion, it not only looks beautiful but it is considered as fortune. Mehendi is derived from Sanskrit word “Mendhika”, the use of henna paste and turmeric powder is sustained by Hindu custom transcripts and history.

Mehendi was introduced in India by Arabian countries, now it has become an essential part of Indian custom. You will find importance of mehendi in all communities in India, you will find that all woman wear mehendi during festive seasons and in other programs. It enhances the beauty of their hands and feet.

Here are 26 Mind Blowing Indian Mehendi Designs to inspire you.


1 Some Eid curvy designs:

This mind blowing mehendi design is best for Eid, Diwali or for similar festive season, you can try it yourself or even you can take help of professional for the same. Eid brings happiness to all Muslim homes across the world. This design look fabulous on hand and it is not even messy, it is elaborate properly. Instead of green you should use black mehendi for this design.

2 Bird looks designer mehendi:

You can choose this mehendi design for small rituals and ethnic parties. This unique design is different from regular boring mehendi patterns. This is combination of motifs with bird looks very modern and trendy. Even this mehendi design will look beautiful on baby girls.

3 Hand filled mehendi design, especially for you:

If you like your complete hand filled with mehendi, than this is better choice. The hands are filled with intricate designs and patterns. This bridal design will look awesome with ethnic wear. For this design you need to use two colors.  

4 Weave design and floral pattern:

You can try combination of traditional and modern design. This design demonstrates how gorgeous design can be integrated on the flipside of your hand. This pattern includes weave design with floral pattern.

5 Palm and finger patterns of Mehendi:

Weddings are curtailed without gorgeous mehendi. If you love customary pattern and motifs, then attempt this style. Red color mehendi is making this design more beautiful for bridal. Fingers and palms pattern also looks fabulous.


6 Light pattern work mehendi design:

This design is for woman who does not want filled designs, just for the sake of fortune. You can choose this design if you are not very much involved in mehendi. If you are working woman and designer mehendi is not allowed you can opt for this single floral mehendi.


7 Floral design pattern:

This is one of the most traditional patterns of mehendi. You can design it yourself. This is great for all occasions and for all age groups. This floral design is sign of fortune. You will find many women wearing this design during karwa chauth.

8 Cone style mehendi:

You can go for this pattern for any occasions and festival, this is very unique and sleek design. For this the point of your mehendi cone should be very sleek. It has stunning and convoluted motifs on complete hands. The slits among the designs and peacocks attach more beauty to this pattern. Black mehendi will enhance the beauty of this design.

9 Shaded mehendi design:

This mehendi is best for small functions and festivals. It covers complete hand but still looks elegant. The shaded flower along with leaf adds more beauty to this design.

10 Crisscross design of Mehendi:

This crisscross design with floral motifs looks great on bridals hand. Its dark color will make it more prominent and gorgeous. This is very fabulous and tidy design. This simple design will enhance the beauty of your hands. You can also wear nail polish with this design to enhance beauty of your hand.


11 Light mehendi design for office:

Here is one more endearing design. Where incredibly little mehendi is decorated on the back of the hands. This design will suits all type of occasions. This design is so simple that you can wear it in office as well.


12 Elbow design with flower and leaves:

This is an awesome simple design that will cover your complete hand till elbow. This 15 inch design with flowers and leaves will make your hand more beautiful. This design will look more stunning on small hands.

13 Finger patterns designs:

This full hand mehendi design will make other saying wow. The pattern on fingers is main highlight of this mehendi. This very sleek design is best for bridal or big occasions. Complete pattern is giving modern look.

14 Gap design of mehendi:

This pattern is again suitable for brides who want traditional but simple designs. Basically this design is very bold and tidy. Nowadays woman don’t want to wear complicated designs they love beautiful and sensible designs. The gaps between the designs are main highlight of this design.

15 Sophisticated and simple designs:

This design is best for engagement parties and karwa chauth.  If you will wear this stunning pattern on the ring ceremony day than all focus of camera and other people will be on your beautiful hands only.


16 Spring design in mehendi:

If you want some Arabic touch in your mehendi pattern than you can choose this design. This pattern is best suitable for Eid and other small occasions. You can draw this design yourself. For this design the point of the cone should be sleek.

17 Microscopic and attractive mehendi design:

This is a very attractive and microscopic work. This bridal mehendi will embellish the hands of the bride and craft will make them look more gorgeous. This design includes symbol of love like peacock, sun and many other Hindu marriage symbols.

18 Modern floral design for young girls:

Every pattern on fingers are different, this designing makes this mehendi more modern rather than traditional. The flowers are enhancing mehendi. This filled mehendi design is lovable among teenage girls.

19 Traditional motif design mehendi:

This mind blowing Indian bridal mehendi is also very beautiful and elegant. This pattern is full of traditional motifs. This green mehendi will make brides hand more beautiful.

20 Bale style mehendi:

This chic style mehendi is very trendy; it covers complete hand with one finger. This design is for girls who don’t want typical design. It is ideal for Diwali or Eid.


21 Heart shaped motifs:

a3This shading mehendi design looks amazing with traditional and gorgeous look on broad hands. This simple design looks great on any social gathering.


22 Filled and curvaceous dots mehendi:

This singular mind blowing pattern looks quite different from regular one and will suit any occasion. The complicated designs on the fingers and the open space on the hand gives this design an awesome look. This design is showing your hand and mehendi both.

23 Lotus design in Mehendi:

This is another design with lotus at the centre and it will give your hand a modern look. You can make it yourself as well. This is a very simple design which you can wear in day to day functions.

24 Arabic inspiration in Mehendi design:

This mind blowing design is inspired by Arabic design. The black color of the mehendi makes it more beautiful. If you want tidy and simple mehendi design with peacock than this should be your choice.

25 Finger pattern design with curves:

Here is another mind blowing mehendi design, which is simple but traditional. This design includes beautiful motifs, which makes it more demanding pattern among all age ladies. It is not only covering your complete hands with finger but it is also showing your hand.


26 Glittering mehendi design:

You must also try this mind blowing trendy mehendi. If you get bored of same colors of the mehendi than try this one. It will enhance the beauty of your hand. This is simple mehendi design, which is covered with glitters. In this modern way of mehendi you can use glitter of your choice or matching to your dress. These mehendi designs are just wow and will make anyone go crazy about the deisgn!