16 Amazing Peacock Mehendi Designs For You..!

16 Amazing Peacock Mehendi Designs For You..!

pssPeacock is a symbol of love and peace and it is a very essential part of Indian culture. You will find presence of this bird in many Indian arts. Peacock design is one of the most desirable and wanted design in Mehendi as it brings a charm. These days peacock mehendi is becoming very popular among girls and it has been there since long in the tradition. Peacocks are simply gorgeous and look amazingly beautiful when adorned on hands and feet.

You will simply love the mesmerizing designs of peacock on your hand. People will not stop from appreciating the design but you have to get it done by some professional or else it will be totally spoiled because making peacock on hand is not an easy task. You can also hire a mehendi artist to get the most beautiful mehendi design. Let’s share some breathtaking peacock mehendi designs.


1 Long feather Peacocks Mehendi Design

This is a very beautiful mehendi design which covers your palm as well as wrist. The pattern is not messy and will help in making your hand look more stunning owing to the spiral and small mangoes designs.

You can also hire a mehendi artist to get the most beautiful mehendi design. Let’s share some breathtaking peacock mehendi designs.

2 Indo Arabic Peacock Mehendi Design

This beautiful peacock mehendi design will give a very impressive look to the bride’s hand. This mehendi design is very much inspired by Indian and Arabic mehendi DesignThe black color enhances this pattern and makes it quite charming.

3 Palm Peacock Mehendi Design

The peacock motif in the middle of the palm is the main attraction of this mehendi. Fingers and rest of the palm is designed with spiral circles, which enhances the beauty of the design. You can also wear bangles to add to the charm.

4 Peacock with Mughal mehendi Design

You can find our craft peacock in all mehendi design as it helps in increasing the grace of the mehendi. This mughal design of the mehendi looks elegant with peacock. It is really a master piece with intricate and beautiful motifs and peacock.

5 A Pair of Peacocks

This design will make your hand more elegant and will increase the beauty of your hands. In the middle of palm are the peacocks while the rest of the palm is filled with spiral designs.


6 Peacock Tattoo

This design is for the ladies who love tattoos. The best part of this mehendi is that it is not a permanent one and you can remove them easily, whenever you want.  The black mehendi is used to craft the tattoo for long lasting effect.


7 Peacock with unique Fingers Designing

This is a beautiful peacock mehendi design for the bride. This design contains lots of pattern with beautiful detailing and motifs. The best part of this mehendi design is the tip of the fingers which are kept open without mehendi, this fact makes this design more worth for brides who do not like mehendi design on the finger tips.

8 Bangle Design Peacock Mehendi

This style of mehendi design truly makes your hand more stunning.  This is a very tidy design with the wrists crafted with bangle patterns. It is a very good example of floral and peacock combination.

9 Love making Peacock Mehendi Design

This design is called Love making peacock and it is a symbol of love. The main focus of this mehendi is on both peacocks but beside Peacocks, the palm is also decorated with spiral and leaves patterns.  The curved shape on the side of the palm with diamond prints adds to the charm of the design.

10 Blended Peacock Bridal Mehendi Design

This is one of the most attractive bridal designs and it is very intricate. This mehendi design has many peacocks, which are the main attraction. Thumb has been given real importance and has been covered fully with beautiful semi circles and other designs. Fingers are done in different way, which makes them different. Every design has been crafted in delightful manner.


11 Flying Peacock with Flowers for your back

Mehendi designing is not only for hand and feet, you can also apply it anywhere on your body to use it like tattoo. Woman also applies these mehendi on their back, which gives a very appealing and refreshing look.


12 Designer Peacock feather Mehendi Design for the back of the Hand

This is a fashionable edition of the archetypal peacock mehendi. The peacock feathers are supported with dragon tails, which is giving this design a new look. The spirals and curved lines make this back hand mehendi design impeccable. The index finger is highlighted with patterns, while the other fingers have light dotted work which is making it more beautiful and elegant.

13 Peacock with open feathers

If you want to give mehendi a new style statement then this is the design for you. This mehendi design will add enormous beauty to the back of the hand while the dots on the feather of the peacock make this design more dazzling.  With this design you can wear couple of rings to increase the charm.

14 Peacock feather on your Ankle

Here is another peacock motif enhancing your ankle. This mehendi tattoo will also help to highlight your heels while the dots above give the look of anklet.  You can carry this mehendi with western attire as well.

15 Peacock and flower combination at your back

This is a beautiful tattoo art on the back. This design will look very enchanting especially with the feathers at the bottom which gives the appearance of flames.  You can also use this design on your palm.


16 Design your feet with peacock and flowers

Why to leave feet simple when you can flaunt them with beautiful mehendi designs. This is another beautiful mehendi for your feet.  The flaunting peacock with lots of leaves and different flowers is making this artistic mehendi unique and fabulous.