15 Cute Rakhi Special Mehndi Designs To Bedazzle You

15 Cute Rakhi Special Mehndi Designs To Bedazzle You

asxRakhi is a special occasion for women. Apart from dressing up like a princess and adding makeup, mehndi is a special accessory that makes women complete. Mehndi is quite trendy and can be used even without occasions. But it is these occasions like Rakhi, which make, use of mehndi even more special. If you were searching for some dazzling mehndi designs with a flavour cuteness, you can find at least 15 of them here-

Shade your way through this design

If you love some shading, you would like this design. This is a simple design with little bit of shading that makes it very attractive. Pointed ends, spacious designs, flowers, wall carving, etc., make this design very special.

Right mix of traditional ideas with modern style

In the event of Rakhi, there has to be a traditional flair to mehndi too. However, you might not like it being too traditional and old fashioned. This design is a great alternative as it compiles modern patterns with traditional ones very well. The centre part of the hand enjoys traditional look while the fingers and wrist region have some really special modern patterns. This is a perfect blend for traditional and modern patterns.

Creeper pattern

If flowers and intricate patterns were adjusted in creeper form, they would look extremely good. The extension of patterns with some curvy modern styled tails can also look extremely cool. This is quite easy to do and once you start using it two or three times, you will be able to complete it in 45-50 minutes. It is spacious and use of colour makes it extremely trendy.

Traditional paisley design

Traditional designs involving paisley can never go obsolete in ever so modern lifestyle. This design depicts the same. Fine lines and checker pattern make the design even more appealing. Overall, it looks very clean and appealing to eyes. It might be slightly time consuming, but surely worth it.

Floral collection

If you are mehndi expert and love floral collection, this design is for you. The design is exceptionally great however, it is not easy to draw such designs. Flowers in the middle, checker pattern in the fingers & wrist, curtain like cuts, special ends on fingers and wrist, etc., make the design complete.

Wrist focus

If you are a person who loves mehndi designs to extend till wrist however, do not wish to invest loads of time, this is for you. This is a simple design that is focused on wrist, but does not look incomplete or ugly in full hand too. There is a small pattern in the middle of hand which actually takes a toll of entire hand while the main design extends in the wrists. Fingers and palm have very minimal design but the hand looks fulfilled. You can complete this design quickly.

Front and back hand mehndi

If you were searching for an intensive pattern that could be applied to the front and back of your hand, this design can be great. The design looks artistic with special regard to the wrist. You would not require any bangles to accessorize your wrist with this mehndi design. It is a modern design, which has been loved by a lot of girls. The pattern’s let can be adjusted as per requirement. If you are in hurry, you can cut it short by some length.

Full hand mehndi

If you desire for a full hand mehndi design that can give a new feel to your entire hand, this is the right design. This design consists of flowers, which have been drawn using thick lines. Spokes, paisley, butterflies, etc., have been used artistically in this particular design.

Simple and easy

If you do not want to invest too much time for mehndi, this design is for you. It does not cover your hand entirely, but looks good. The design flows diagonally and ends on the wrist. It looks good and it is simple & easy. It is a great design for kids and busy women.

Maple work

Maple work is loved by most of the women and hence, maple work in mehndi designs are also equally popular. This design has a clean centre with some basic flower like design but it is surrounded by chains of maple work designs. The design looks complete and stylish.

Encrypt the concept of Raksha Bandhan

On the eve of Rakhi, you can encrypt the concept of Raksha Bandhan on your hand. It can be slightly tough but comes out really well as shown in the picture. Just like how the bride encrypts the wedding designs in her hand, there is new trend of brother-sister in mehndi. Outlines and background just make it appear like a sketch of a real incident.

Stylish blend of patterns

This pattern can also be described as a pattern full of semi-circles. The mehndi pattern consists of semi circles, dots, circles, fine lines, paisleys, leaves, etc. Use of colour in the pattern can further ignite the design. It appears stylish, clean and appealing.

Rakhi on your mehndi

Different Rakhi designs can be encrypted on the hand just like the Rakhi concept in the previous designs. The design is very simple but can appear trendy and new too. It can perfectly suit the occasion of Rakhi and can indicate your preparation for the event.

Intensive Rakhi design

If you loved the previous Rakhi design, you love this too. This is a slightly broader Rakhi design with more details that include several spooks, paisley design, puja items required in Rakhi, etc. It truly brings together the required puja elements in Rakhi in a single tread. It’s a lucrative pattern for Rakhi.

Colourful pattern

This is a design which consists of loads of paisleys. They are well accompanied with petal like structures that are a little smaller in shape and size. Use of different highlighting colours can make design even more attractive. Some other small elements like the dotted circles, spooks, leaves, etc., float around the empty spaces of the design.

What’s your choice for Rakhi?

The list of the above 15 mehndi designs can fascinate you to the core. You can select the best design based on convenience and relish the artistic touch on your hand!