15 amazing Tattoo Mehendi Designs for girls!

15 amazing Tattoo Mehendi Designs for girls!

Latest-Mehndi-Designs-45When you are looking for some mehendi designs then search online. There is different style of mehendi designs available that you can put on your hand, back, foot, arms, naval and lower back areas. These days tattoo designed mehendi is becoming quite popular among girls and women of all age group. If you have love for tattoo and want to get one engraved then you can go for a temporary pleasure of getting a tattoo look mehendi on your shoulder, front neck or back areas that you prefer. You’ll not miss that tattoo style design at all. It is very easy for women to look pretty and enchanting in tattoo look mehendi as it gives a complete new definition to mehendi designs.

Most of the women like to get tattoo design on their foot, ankle area and calf to make a style statement. You will find different tattoo themes in foot design, shoulder design, back design, hands and palm design. Henna tattoo designs and various patterns look just amazing on your hands and feet. What else you need when you get water colored tattoo done on your hands and foot. You have everything from jewelry, attire, makeup and above all your tattoo mehendi, what else you need to be romantic.


Tattoo designs incite a romantic touch in your relationship. Indian culture possesses a huge significance of henna in their festivities and marriages. It not only works as an Ayurvedic treatment for hair but also enhance the beauty of any woman when put on hands and foot. Mehendi art is liked by one and all and it’s been modernized by professionals in the form of tattoo art.

Here are some beautiful tattoo designs for you:

Angel on the back as tattoo!

Beautiful-latest-tattoo-mehndi-designs-styles-trends-collection-indian-arabic-pakistani-american-uk-2011-2012-2013-2014-girls-boys-women-bold-shoulder-back-arm-11-224x300Who says that if you want an amazing tattoo then you have to go through severe pain? You can still go through best mehendi artist to get the angel tattoo on your back and look stunning by flaunting it by wearing halter neck style dresses. You can go for the most ideal henna artist that can make this beautiful design on your back and make you look adorable.

Angel depicts the freedom and good luck in life. You can adorn this tattoo design and showcase your freedom of living and charm you possess. This is just awesome design and loved by every girl and it’s the most popular tattoo design as well.

Traditional design in stylish avatar!

When you go for mehendi design make sure you get the best design done on your hands. There is a craze of tattoo mehendi design done on the hands, feet and back areas. You can get this beautiful traditional tattoo mehendi design done on the back of your shoulder and look simply stunning. You will simply love this look done in contemporary style.


This design looks like an avatar of modern tattoo. You can wear this tattoo design with some off shoulder, halters and crisscross neck designs. Every girl love to flaunt her curves and shoulder bones. So wear such dresses and flaunt the tattoo done on the back shoulder

Mid back cover like a tattoo design:

bbe40b8c793df3bf473afda88741edabIf you want to look sexy then you can go for mid back tattoo mehendi design on your back and look stunning. You can have this design when you have a sexy back to flaunt. Adorn this design with intricate Arabian mehendi pattern. This sort of tattoos is painless and looks extremely beautiful.


Paisley motifs on neck as tattoo!

7c6d6b0314dc18e58267ce407470ba26You can go for a simple blend of paisley and floral motifs in a form of tattoo and look extremely graceful. Get this craft done on your forearm or front neck one side and also on your tummy. It will enchant others and you as well. These tattoos are very stylish and give a new definition to Henna mehendi. Always choose the design that is easy to make and is very clear to you and other people. Avoid choosing complicated tattoo designs.

Stone tattoo art!

1a2483413f3cf9b39209f4e8dbfb1750When you get tattoo art on your back neck then make sure it’s highlighted. Lots of Henna designs with little glitter look mesmerizing. If you don’t want to go through the actual tattoo pain then this glittery mehendi pattern is enough to solve your purpose. This tattoo mehendi design has heart and 2 peacocks on both sides covered with stones that gives it a beautiful look.

Tattoo around the belly button!

Superb-Tribal-Belly-Button-Tattoo-For-Women-1Belly button is an area where the tattoo looks very sensuous. An attractive pattern around the belly button gives your attire a sexy look and people will appreciate you for this new gesture. You can adore your fit stomach, which is flaunting a perfect Henna tattoo. This tattoo mehendi has a mango shaped and little flowers on both sides.

Blue glitter anklet tattoo!

54d90e5ec85933fa1d8c12c7e8c87970Glitters are in fashion and look amazing. A tattoo on your anklet is a good idea and it enhances your freedom of life and thoughts. This cute colorful Henna design makes a wonderful tattoo. It charms many people and spread its magic. This big tattoo motif is very pretty and usually visible when you wear Capri and jeans.


Back shoulder tattoo design!

bbe40b8c793df3bf473afda88741edabThis back shoulder black mehendi tattoo design in round circle looks beautiful. You can wear off shoulder dress to flaunt this tattoo and look gorgeous. This motif is made by using leaf pattern and asymmetrical design. Tattoos are becoming quite famous among girls these days and what could be more beautiful than adoring the painless henna tattoo.

Back dragon tattoo Henna design!

back-body-mehndi-8This beautiful tattoo for the whole back gives you a striking look. When you wear something backless then it looks just gorgeous and you can flaunt your style with the Henna tattoo design. This design is quite mesmerizing and difficult to make. Girls who are very stylish and modern usually adorn this look. This back tattoo design covers the complete back and gives you a new look to see yourself and life altogether. There are different meanings associated with these tattoos.


Exquisite mermaid mehendi tattoo design!

Few designs are just wow and take your heart away! This little mermaid figure design is very pretty and makes you feel like a queen. This tattoo design can be made on any part of your body like lower back, arms, hands, palm, back and belly. Some modest tattoos on your back shoulder wonderfully matches with your modern outfit. You can add a little traditional touch to it by using stylish bale design. You can show the mermaid figure with exquisite mermaid tattoo pattern aesthetically made on the belly button. Only a professional Mehendi artist can made this beautiful tattoo art that is exceptionally good.

Waistband tattoo style!

upload_2014-7-25_8-25-47You can get this beautiful tattoo style near your belly and entire waist area as a waistband style tattoo design. It is traditional as well as contemporary. Your curves will be enhanced a lot in this design and you can exhibit your best features with such tattoo patterns. Tattoos are usually painful but getting this type of design engraved with henna is simply painless and much in demand as no one wants to undergo severe pain to get a tattoo.


Floral mango tattoo design!

You can choose beautiful designs for tattoo on your arms, hand, legs, ankle, back and shoulders. There are different tattoo henna designs that are available. You can choose this floral mango shaped stunning design for tattoo as it indicates blossoming love. There are many girls who like to get floral tattoo engraved on their arms. You can get it too. Just checkout the design that looks stunning on the forearm. This beautiful design looks very pretty when it’s done by some professional as expert gives a pretty clean look while designing the pattern.

Feather man tattoo design!

A-long-simple-peacockThis design is quite popular among girls that showcase their free will side. They want to be just free from all locks and hence to show off their style they usually go for feather man tattoo design to look stunning and striking. This design is little difficult to make and hence you have to have a professional artist to make this tattoo for you on your back. You can get this on the lower back as well.


Lord Ganesha tattoo design!

ganesha-hennaYou can choose various God’s images in tattoo designing. Lord Ganesha tattoo design look so cute on forearm. You can get this design inside OM. Just checkout the beautiful tattoo design made easily on arms.

15-chandlier tattoo design!

28-aupoman-hk-henna-tattoo-hand600_397This beautiful chandelier tattoo design is looking extremely pretty. You can get this on the upper side of your biceps and look a stunner. You can get this made with the help of your friends and family member as this design is very simple and you can make it easily. Mehendi tattoo designs are becoming very popular among girls as they don’t want to get all that pain involved in engraving the real tattoo.

These are few floral, abstract, peacocks and unique tattoo henna designs that look lovely on the girls. You can choose the best tattoo mehendi design that suits your style and enhances your charisma. These mehendi tattoo designs are quite popular among girls as they want something very stylish and in tattoo pattern because they cannot go for real tattoo making due to its painful procedure.


You can choose the best tattoo and get it done by some expert on your hand or ankle and even on lower back and shoulders. Apart from these designs you can choose something mythological designs like picture of Lord Ganesha tattoo, Lord Shiva tattoo and other God’s images.Tattoo mehendi is loved by all age group people and they like to flaunt it like anything. Many girls like to adorn the mehendi on their belly button and flaunt the flat belly in sarees, lehengas and low waist dresses. You can wear this mehendi as well and look stunning.