6 Amazing Home Made Hair Oils To Prevent Greying Of Hair

6 Amazing Home Made Hair Oils To Prevent Greying Of Hair

images-(2)Grey hair visible from the hairline and the sides can really make you conscious but these are natural that is age related or which can come up due to premature aging. It must be notified that premature grey hair can be caused due to smoking, hereditary, poor diet, sun damage, etc. No matter the reason, white or grey hair can be your greatest concern associated with hair and beauty care.

Natural remedies and worthwhile hair care tip can solve majority of issues dealing with hair. Making grey hair turn black naturally to have it look like the original Indian dark hair can be acquired by means of homemade hair oils only.

Let us go through some of the home made hair oils which naturally help in getting rid of your grey or white hair.


1.Curry leaves hair oil

Curry leaves that are also known as kadi patta has several perks for hair. They tend to prevent the premature hair graying and they absolutely make the hair black and darker naturally. Other than this, curry leaves also relieves hair from scalp infection and makes them dandruff-free.

To prepare curry leaves hair oil, collect a cup of curry leaves, clean it and let it dry under hot sun as long as it becomes dark brown in color and crisp. Once you find them crisp and dried, grind to fine powder. Now include four heaped teaspoons of this powder with 200 ml of olive oil or coconut oil and bring it under boil. Two minutes after boiling, switch the stove off and let the oil cool down. Now, filter the oil and then store it in a containing with airtight lid.

It is recommended to apply this oil on your hair and scalp once or couple of times in a week. You may apply it using your finger tips and massage in circular motions gently to enable the oil to integrate on your scalp and hair for a minimum of forty minutes before taking hair wash.

This process consequently darkens the premature grey hair and offers you a desired dark beautiful hair. Going for hair steam after completing the procedure opens up the scalp pores up, thus helping the oil to penetrate deeper, offering quick results.


2.Homemade amla hair oil treatment

Lettuce-And-Indian-Gooseberry-JuiceAmla is known for offering a remarkable remedy while it comes to making the premature grey hair dark. It has been used widely among women across the world for many ages and you would come across some amla ingredient in many of the natural hair dyes as well.

Cut fresh fruits of amla into smaller pieces and grind them into paste until smooth. You can consider including some rose water while grinding it. Apply this paste with your regular hair oil and close the container tightly with a lid or cloth. Allow the Amla ingredients to soak in your oil for minimum of one week. Later, after a week, filter the oil and transfer it to a clean bottle.

Every night before heading for bed, apply this oil and massage it onto your scalp. If you heat it mildly, the results might be much faster. Now, use a shower cap to cover your head and go to sleep. Next morning, wash your hair thoroughly. This amla hair treatment can either done every day or in alternative days to experience some visible results within a week. You can observe your grey hair strands becoming dark.

3.Almond oil and lemon juice

sweet-almond-oilBeing a great source of antioxidant vitamin E, it is known that almond oil acts as a natural remedy to treat fine lines, age spots and wrinkles. Along with these, it is also quite beneficial for hair. Massaging hair and scalp using almond oil tends to prevent the premature graying of hair as it excellently nourishes the roots of hair, offers more elasticity and avoids split ends. It also works against dandruff and delivers a healthy glow to your hair.

It is also a well known fact that lemon is a great source of vitamin C, B and phosphorus that tempts hair growth by providing enough nourishment to the roots of hair. It adds shine and volume to the hair strands.


4.Homemade Egg oil

Egg oil is also referred as ovum oil or egg yolk oil. Derived from egg yolks, this oil is enriched in triglycerides, phospholipids, cholesterol, oleic acid and palmitic acid. Egg oil also contains vitamin E, B7, B, A, lecithin and fatty acid that greatly works as a best nutrient for hair and combats early graying of hair. Adding into the ever-raising list of natural oil, the egg oil is yet another creative addition.

It is easier to make this oil at home. To start, first take some hard boiled eggs, peel them off after letting to cool down naturally. Take off the yolk from white portion and smash the yolks on a shallow frying pan. Next, heat them until the oil oozes off it. Once the oil is cooled, filter it and apply on your hair and massage at least once in a week.

Egg oil is one of the best oils used to treat grey hair. It is found that hair becoming grey is due to the lack of melanin, which is responsible for hair color. With aging, an individual trends to produce less melanin resulting in grey hair. Although it is natural for people to get grey hair, it sometimes relies on the way of living and lifestyle as well. The massage with egg oil tends to open the blocked capillaries and allows blood circulations. The required nourishment to the roots of hair prevents graying of hair.

5.Castor oil

Castor oil is extracted by pressing the plant seeds. It is colorless and shaded in pale yellow. The oil along with its derivatives is utilized in producing soaps, lubricants, inks, paints, waxes and so on. In the natural process of healing, the castor oil is employed to treat different ailments of human health. It is also found that applying it on skin can heal various issues.

Particularly for hair scalp, castor oil is considered excellent. To prevent experiencing the growth of grey hair, castor oil works remarkable. Often, it is recommended to apply this oil in particular areas, especially on the hair scalp for boosting blood circulation. When combined with coconut or almond oil, it helps in stopping growth of grey hair quicker.

It is easy to make castor oil in home. The oil is known to contain the ingredients of omega-3 fatty acids that can prevent grey hair successfully. One of the significant properties of oil, humectants, if mixed with other nutrients, aids in locking hair moisture.  The other amazing perks of castor oil includes promoting hair growth, treating scalp infections, darkening hair, thickening the hair mass, treating dandruff, making hair shiny, repairing split ends, etc.


6.Sesame oil with carrot juice

Drumstick-Leaf-And-Sesame-Seed-OilThe oil mixture containing sesame oil, fenugreek seeds and carrot juice that is commonly used in Southern parts of India forms one of the major highlights of Ayurvedic practitioners for the earlier graying of hair.

For homemade preparation of this oil, you would want sesame oil, carrot juice and fenugreek seed powder. You must take both carrot juice and sesame oil in equal amount. For example 100 ml each or one glass each. The amount of fenugreek seed powder must be half of juice and oil.

To start the preparation, you must first mix sesame oil, fenugreek seeds powder and carrot juice in a clear bottle jar or some other container. Store the mixture under sun for about 21 days. Include the resultant oil mixture after twenty one days on your hair and scalp. Follow this procedure for at least three months.

This mixture can also be employed for treating graying of hair on other parts of the body like moustaches, beards, chest, eye-brows, etc. This could miraculously convert grey color of hair.

Apart from applying the aforementioned homemade hair oil to prevent grey hair, it is crucial to stay away from applying harsh chemicals on your hair.