13 Simple & Easy Tips To Get Shiny Hair At Home

13 Simple & Easy Tips To Get Shiny Hair At Home

Chic-bunShiny hair can be dream come true for many people. Dull and unhealthy hair can often be a symbol of unhealthy lifestyle. You do not want people perceiving negative things about you because of your hair. Many people are induced to trying different types of shampoos, conditioners, etc., for shiny hair. Most fail to live up to the expectations and some do work but for temporary reasons. The long term impact of commercial products is well known to all of us.

It certainly doesn’t mean that you should give up the dream for shiny hair. Often ignored, some easy tips when incorporated in the lifestyle can yield phenomenal results. You do not have to always try too hard or spend too much money to achieve good things. Some good things can come easy too. So, let’s discuss 13 simple and easy tips to help you achieve shiny hairs-


1.Go natural

The first tip is to focus on natural products for your hair. Don’t discriminate your hair products based on cost or features. Discriminate hair products based on the ingredients they possess. Read loads of reviews and buy products that have higher natural content in it. While most products promise natural ingredients and frankly no marketer will tell you it sells chemicals, but very few of them actually contain some percentage of natural elements.

If you aren’t lazy, you can also consider some homemade solutions for these commercial products. Did you know, you could make your own shampoo, conditioner, rinsing agent, etc., from the convenience of your home? Sounds cool, right? It is a fact. By just utilizing a few tablespoons of your kitchen ingredients, you can replace 90% of your commercial products. But, it is not easy, so we emphasize on selecting the right products for your hair.

2.Use of cold water

ice-cubes-can-be-too-coldMost of us love hot water bath. Very few people less than 30% of the population enjoy taking bath in cold water. A research said that 15% of the people fear cold water bath. But, cold water can actually be great rinsing agent for your hair. The science behind use of cold water can be simple. Cold water holds the moisture and makes hair appear more soft & shiny. Many people debate these reason, however it is proven fact after several researches and theories. If you feel sleepy, cold water bath can make you active and fresh too.


3.Do not buy a hair dryer

hair-dryingBlow dry using a hair dryer can make your hair dull and weary. Hair fall, split ends, dryness and dullness are some list of problems which are accompanied by use of a hair dryer. Make it a point to use a towel to softly pour out water droplets from hair. Let the hair dry by itself. Do not use hot equipment and steam. Wet hairs are weak and it will lead to hair loss.

4.Keep the comb away

hair-combingNewMany people are extremely self-obsessed and use comb several times a day. Consistent combing can make your hair dull. When rough comb surface rubs against the hair strands, hair loses a good deal of moisture and shine. If you are obsessed of combing too many times, get over it. Use wide tooth combs as they can minimize damage and make a habit of combing not more than once/twice a day.


5.Use a water softener

Sometimes, hair dullness or hair problems are not due to your carelessness, hereditary factors, etc. They can also be due to other reasons which we had not thought of. Most cities of the world are facing water problems and use of water filter is quite common in urban areas. The pH level of water is way too harsh for hairs, which relates to hair dullness.

Get your tank cleaned at least once a year or twice a year if you use muddy bore-well water. Install a water softener that purifies water and maintains the pH levels to ensure less damage to your hair and skin. Scalp infections, hair fall, dullness, etc., can be solved to an extent by using a water softener.

6.Tonnes of water

8-glasses-of-waterYour daily appetite for water also determines the shine of your hair. If you are hydrated, your hairs are also equally hydrated. Once the hair receives sufficient amount of oxygen and water, properties like shine and smoothness accompany for long time. There are several benefits of drinking huge quantity of water and goodness of hair is one more addition to it. This is also a very simple tip to get shiny hair at home.  

7.Beneficial foods

Just like water, our diet also impacts our hair quality. Disorganized, dull hair is a symbol that our lifestyle is not up to the mark and we are following an unhealthy schedule. Oily food, fast food, spicy food too often, etc., can cause several health disorders. It can impact your hair quality adversely too.

Iron and zinc are two most essential nutrients that stimulate quick hair growth. Consume vitamin C rich food as the absorption ability of these nutrients is enhanced by it. Fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, are great for hairs. Small tweak in your diet can help you get shiny hair really effortlessly.


8.Easy to use Gelatine

cabbageleafNormally, if you are looking for some treatment for your hair, you will find a list of ingredients and a list of procedures. Most people think it is cumbersome and forget to implement it after reading. Use of Gelatine is probably the easiest of all. You just have to mix little bit of gelatine to one tablespoon of warm water and your hair pack is ready.

Now, this is the simplest thing to do to get shiny hair. Just apply this pack on your hair entirely and then rinse after 10-15 minutes.

9.Aloe vera gel

Aloe-Vera-and-Olive-Oil-Hair-MaskAloe vera gel is commonly available in the market nowadays. You don’t have to hunt for an aloe shrub to extract the gel but you can buy one for yourself from the nearby store. Again selection of the brand or aloe vera gel product has to be thoughtful. Aloe vera gel has several benefits and is effective in protecting hairs from UV rays too. It is rich in moisture content and hence, departs the shiny appearance to hairs when used twice or thrice itself.

Apply aloe vera gel directly on your hair and let it be there for 15-20 minutes. Wash your hair off by using a mild shampoo.



53d57fa008a0c_-_beer-hair-lgnBeer is another great product for hair which is known to add shine and volume simultaneously. It can be slightly expensive for hair (not for drinking though). It is easily available in the market and you can prefer purchase of beer which has been specifically diluted for use in hair. Be conscious on what brand of beer you buy.

The protein rich ingredient makes your hair look a lot more vibrant, feel a lot shinier and also adds good volume. It is easy to use, no need of any ingredients other than beer. You get sufficient lather to replace your old shampoo.

11.Focused treatment

Sometimes, most part of your hair looks shiny and cool but it is the ends or tips which spoil the show. Dullness and weary hair can not only be associated with scalp or centre region of head but it is more pre-dominant near the tips. To address this, you might need a specialized treatment towards this.

Coconut oil can be a great remedy for this. Just apply coconut oil (slightly warm preferably) in the tips and massage softly. Keep it overnight and rinse your hair. Do this regularly twice a week or so for prolonged benefits.


honey-cinnamonHoney can be referred to as a natural moisturizing agent. It not only moisturizes the hair but locks the moisture content in the process too. The natural moisture remains in the hair leading to better shine and softness. To use honey, just mix 1-2 tbsp. of honey in warm water and store it in a spray bottle. Wash your hair to remove all dirt and then spray this mixture on your hair using the spray bottle.

Massage gently for not more than 5 minutes and then wait for about 15 minutes. Use warm water to wash your hair. This is probably the quickest home remedy to realize shiny hair in one or two uses. The process of using honey isn’t complicated either!


13.Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency can be another reason for dull hair. You can opt for sun-bath at your terrace when the sun is not too harsh or consider some Vitamin D rich options. You can consider Vitamin D supplements on advice of a dietician or a doctor if you have Vitamin D deficiency and are addressing dull hair. Look to eat mushrooms for enhancing Vitamin D in your body.

Vitamin D will make your hair shinier and healthier. It is not very difficult to maintain sufficient amounts of vitamins in our body unless and until we inherit a disease from our ancestors.

Personally, I never thought getting shinier hair could ever be so easy. You can actually try all the above procedures simultaneously from the comfort of your home for exceptional benefits. These are result oriented simple and easy tips, which won’t disappoint you for sure!