11 Homemade Face Packs To get Rid of Pores Instantly

11 Homemade Face Packs To get Rid of Pores Instantly

PicMonkey-CollageAlmost all of us are suffering from pollution, sweat and dust particles that have come to define our environment lately. We’ll have to agree that keeping pores and pimples at bay is our major concern. It’s high time we stop being ignorant and nonchalant about our debilitating skin troubles and do something about it.

Listed below are few homemade face packs which will help you to get rid of pores instantly:


1.Lemon pack

Lemon juice is considered to be a great astringent and this quality helps in cleaning the pores. It essentially keeps the debris away so that the pores do not erupt on the skin surface, moreover it can absorb some of the oil. Because of all these qualitative features, lemons can actually be proved as the essential must haves in order to have tight and bright skin. However, if your skin is allergic to lemons, you should not use it.

2.Pore Strips

The pore strips are actually miraculous that do the job really effectively. Strips made of paper are made up of special adhesive materials that acts like a magnetic force zooming the deep down dirt and hence closing the pores with great results.



ice-cubes-can-be-too-coldDue to its tightening effect, ice is considered to be one of the best things available at our easy disposal. It is recommended that we apply ice on our face before the makeup so that the size of the pores is significantly minimized. Also, it stimulates the circulation and keep the face healthy and refreshed throughout the day.

Either you can wrap up an ice cube in a clean cloth and rub it over your face for about 15 to 20 seconds or you can alternatively just splash ice cold water on your face multiple times a day. Both will give you great results. In order to make the process more productive, you can make ice cubes with green tea or apple juice as well. These are the best effective methods for curing pores with ice.

4.Baking Soda Scrub

Baking-sodaA gentle exfoliating agent easily available in our kitchen could also be used in order to have pores free skin. Simply, mix two teaspoons of the available baking soda with small quantity of water to make a paste. Use circular motions to gently spread the prepared paste all over your face. You can leave it there in your skin for about 5 to 10 minutes and can later wash it off with clean water. Do this on regular basis and you will get amazing results.


5.Brewer’s yeast

Due to its great content of proteins and minerals, Brewer yeast is yet again an effective method to ward off the irritation pores. It is used as an important ingredient in the face packs meant for closing the pores. You can mix this paste with water to make a putty. Apply this putty carefully on the affected area of pores and let it remain there for a while. You can in fact combine yeast and lemon together to bring in the astringent nature of the lemon as a useful tool.

6.Oatmeal And Tomato

Everyone knows that Oats are probably the best thing for our diets. However, it is found to be a useful exfoliative and cleansing material as well that might bring radiance and tightness in the boring skin. Moreover, it suits all types of skins. Also tomato like lemons has great astringent qualities and the combination of tomato and lemon can help in improving the problem of open pores quite easily.

A combination of oatmeal and tomato can also be used to make great face pack that could be washed off after about 15 minutes. It is really a very good treatment for the open pores.


7.Sugar Scrub

Lemon-and-Sugar-Scrub1Homemade sugar scrub is miraculous when it comes to treat your open pores in a highly effective manner. You can rely on it for the favourable results. Simply, mix two teaspoon of sugar, little quantity of olive oil and few drops of lime juice.  Slowly rub it on your face for about 5 minutes to the least and wash it off thoroughly by splashing the cold water on your face.

Also putting a small slice of lemon rubbed with sugar in the face can prove effective too. One can do this procedure for about 2 times a week

Alternatively, you can also use a very highly recommended mixture of honey, sugar and lemon. After having applied on the face, leave it for considerable time to dry and then remove it. Repeat the steps once or twice a week for around a month, or until you see the desirable effects coming.

8.Cleanse And Apply Some Ice

beauty-benefits-of-iceFirstly, just cleanse your face using mild face wash. After this, keep an ice cube all over your face and let the cooling effect soak in deep your skin. This will close the pores for considerable time. But, however, you must know that this provides only a transitory solution and the pores may bother you again. In case you have to attend some function, you can try it.


9.Fuller’s Earth

Fuller’s earth or multani mitti is a blessing in disguise for the people who are suffering from the adverse effects of the seasons on their face. It also fights the scars and the blemishes that are caused due to exposure to the sun.

Mixing fuller’s earth with gulab jal can do the trick. Simply make a mixture and apply it evenly on your entire face. After 15 minutes, wash it off and cleanse it with water. Use this mask once in a fortnight at regular basis.

10.Egg Whites

Egg whites are also very effective in case the large open pores are bothering you. It helps in providing firmness and tightness to your skin and also extracts the oil out of the oily skin.

Egg mask to shrink open pores- Simply break an egg and whisk the white part. Spread it evenly on your entire face. Rinse it off after it is dried well. For better productive results, after applying the egg white on your face, cover your skin with bits of tissue paper and take them off when the mixture has dried well. Do this once or twice a week on a regular basis.

There is another option available too. You simply need to whisk the egg white along with some juice drops from the lemons. Mix them well, keep it applied on your face for about 20 minutes and then simply rinse it off.

Yet another option is that you take an egg white and mix it well with two tablespoons each of lemon juice and highly useful oatmeal. Spread it on your entire face evenly and let it drywell for nearly 30 minutes.


11.Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple-Cider-Vinegar-620x400Acting as a natural astringent to effective skin toner, apple cider vinegar is very useful in battling the issues of pores. It not only tightens the skin, but also reduces the pH balance of the balance. Moreover, it contains certain anti microbihas as well as anti-inflammatory qualities that help in curing and controlling the acne sudden breakouts. You simply need to mix reasonable amount of water and the organic apple cider vinegar.

With the help of cotton ball, spread it all over your face.  Let it remain on your face for about 20 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. For best results, use this remedy overnight and keep it on your face till morning. You can also apply moisturiser on your face so that the humidity could not hinder the process. You will see the desirable effects in few months.

However, please keep in mind that these remedies and methods are given by a discreet sense of understanding of medicinal effects of the prescribed ingredients. But, researchers need to do their job and also need to find out it’s possible pros and cons.