2 Effective Uses Of Sleeping In The Dark Room And Some Tips...

2 Effective Uses Of Sleeping In The Dark Room And Some Tips On How To Sleep

bigstock-Sleeping-beauty-woman-on-sofa-800-x-419-e1437893040602Sleep is an important modulator of neuro endocrine function. A good night’s sleep plays an important role when it comes to losing weight and being healthy. One of the main reasons for lack of sleep is the disruption caused by the nighttime exposure to the artificial light. Lack of sleep could lead to obesity, disturbed or an incomplete sleep can make you feel hungrier as a human body increases the production of cortisol.

According to recent estimates, the worldwide prevalence of obesity has doubled since 1980. This obesity epidemic has been paralleled in modern society by a trend of reduced sleep duration. Poor sleep quality, which is often associated with overall sleep loss, has also become a frequent complaint. Growing evidence both from laboratory and epidemiological studies points to short sleep duration as a new risk factor for the development of obesity and its complications.

Studies on Effects of loss of sleep and obesity

413020-sleepResearchers at Oxford University explored the link between obesity and disrupted sleep. The team epidemiologists sought to build on knowledge from previous studies showing that disrupted circadian rhythms. A human body’s natural clock that is synchronized to the 24-hour solar light cycle caused weight gain. As per the abstract study at the “The National Library of Medicine”, United Kingdom who has recruited almost 110,000 Women since 2003, found that even when accounting for factors such as hours slept, level of physical activity during the day, etc. there was a significant relationship between obesity and nighttime exposure to artificial light.

Studies on Effects of loss of sleep and hormonal changes

A team from “Nara Medical University School of Medicine” published a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism based on a health study examination of 528 elderly people in Japan in 2013. The variation in hormones also is a cause of loss of sleep that affected the health. A team at “Ohio State University “ during 2013, found that mice exposed to dim light at night experienced ‘rapid and sustained body mass elevations.’ The results published in “The Journal of Biological Rhythms” reported that disruption of circadian rhythm caused changes in metabolism at the level of both proteins and genes.

By this we know sleep is essential and not sleeping in a dark room really affects your overall health and body metabolism. Read more to know about the positive effects of sleep and tips to keep your room dark and perfect for your sleep.

Tips to keep the bed room dark

Cover the illuminated clock faces, teeny power strip “on” lights and making sure the window coverings are effective at blocking street lights, etc. Consider motion activated lights instead of steady night lights which help in cases of bathroom visits so the light goes out when you go back to bed. Usage of low –Wattage incandescent lamps at the bedside can be done to cut a lot on your utility bill. Eliminate electronics during your bedtime. It is found that the circadian rhythm is especially sensitive to light with short wavelengths, in particular the blue light given off by electronics, such as computers and cell phones, and also by energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs. Eye Mask could be one of the best ways to block out all the light which would induce melatonin production which would help to fall asleep faster.

Light is one of the most important external factors that can affect sleep. Directly by making it difficult for people to fall asleep, and indirectly, by influencing the timing of our internal clock and thereby affecting our preferred time to sleep. These little changes can help in improving health and to rise in consciousness. Additionally, sleep loss can affect the body’s metabolism which may further interfere with the body’s ability to lose weight.