These Proven Home Remedies Helps You To Purify Your Lungs In 72...

These Proven Home Remedies Helps You To Purify Your Lungs In 72 Hours

How-to-Purify-Your-Lungs-In-a-Very-Short-Time (Large)A lot of people are prone to lung infections and respiratory problems even though they haven’t lit up a cigarette in their entire lifetime whereas, there are lots of other who have been smoking for years together and still show no signs of lung problems. Well, it all depends on the body of the person, his genetics and of course his lifestyle. Other than smoking, there can be a lot of other reasons that may be causing lung problems. Almost all the time people are not even aware that their lungs may be intoxicated until they suffer from lung problems.

As we all know, lungs are one of the most vital organs of the body and they help us to breathe and also provide oxygen to the blood stream. So it’s necessary that we keep our lungs clean and healthy so that the 2 important functions can go on smoothly. Though you may not be smoking, you must remember that there are a lot of pollutants in the air we breathe in that may have polluted the lungs. The harmful toxins, chemical, gases and dust particles that enter into our lungs through the air we breathe in may damage the lungs without our knowledge. So it’s really important to maintain the health of the lungs.

Cleansing the Lungs

01A lung cleanse is one of the easiest processes that helps to maintain the health of the respiratory system including the lungs, bronchial passages and other associated organs on a regular basis. This lung cleansing helps to flush out the harmful toxins, organisms, and irritants from the lungs and promote the normal functioning of the respiratory system.

Furthermore, this lung detoxification process helps to improve the circulation in the lungs and facilitates easy transport of oxygen within the body. So wondering how to do this amazing lung cleaning regime? It’s quite simple!

You don’t need to go to a doctor for this as you can easily flush out the toxins from your lungs at the comfort of your own home. Yes, we are definitely not kidding! Detoxifying the lungs is a simple home remedy with which you can easily remove the dust and toxins from your lungs within 72 hours. All it takes to do during this lung cleanse is a strong will power, dedication and determination! So here we go!

Step 1: Eliminate Diary products – The first step is to eliminate all the dairy products from your meals. So eliminate the cheese, butter, milk, yogurt, ghee, etc from your diet at least from 2 days before you start your cleansing session. This is an important step because consuming dairy products will only encourage the storage of toxins, and we don’t want that. The milk products will only interfere with the detoxification process so get rid of all the toxins by saying no to milk products for a few days.

Step 2: Go Organic – The next step is to drink plenty of herbal teas and organic teas as and when possible. Drinking these beverages is a sure shot way of detoxifying the body of all the stored up toxins and pollutants. Make sure you drink one cup of this organic tea or herbal tea before going to bed on the night before the first day of your regime. You may experience constipation as the cleaning process starts to detoxify the intestines.

Step 3: Early Morning LemonadeThe morning on the first day of your cleansing regime, drink 300 milliliters of warm water mixed with the freshly squeezed juice of two lemons. Do this before breakfast so that the acidity of the lemons can prepare the stomach to digest the alkalizing foods and to flush out the toxins.

Step 4: Snack with Natural fruit juices: Consume a glass of grapefruit juice or lemon juice for snacks. If you do not like the taste of grapefruit juice you can either dilute it with a bottle of water or even switch it with pineapple juice. These natural fruit juices have plenty of antioxidants in them that act as natural cleansers and aid in getting rid of the toxins from the body. So the trick here is to go natural and drink natural fruit juices so that the natural working of the lungs is not affected. The goodness of these natural juices also promotes a healthy respiratory system.

Step 5: Carrot juice – Next, drink around 300 milliliters of pure carrot juice midway between breakfast and lunch time and this helps to alkalize your blood during the 3 day detoxification process.

Step 6: Follow a proper diet plan – For lunch you can have any balanced meal, but avoid fatty food, fast food, junkies and carbohydrates. Go with simple foods like fruits and vegetables, soups and salads, fish and eggs. Along with this you must consume 400 milliliters of juice rich in potassium. Carrots, spinach, celery and parsley are good sources of potassium. So freshly squeezed juice of any one or all the 4 together can be consumed during lunch.

Potassium is an excellent cleanser and when ingested into the body, it helps to eliminate all the toxins without affecting the lungs. The logic here is to not load your lungs but at the same time free it from all the pollutants and toxins. Potassium also fights the harmful bacteria and prevents the lung from infections.

Step 7: Go berries – The last step is to drink 400 milliliters of fresh cranberry juice or blue berry juice before going to bed at night. Berries are loaded with antioxidants that fight the infection causing bacteria in the lungs and automatically keep the lungs healthy and clean.

Repeat the same regime for three days and give your body some time to release the toxins.

Some more lung cleaning tips

LungsIn addition to the above regime, you can also take herbal steam baths for at least 20 minutes to get rid of the toxins by perspiration.

Exercising will also help you to get rid of the toxins as the more you sweat, the more the toxins are eliminated. Take deep breaths and go for brisk walks to enhance the cleansing process. So both stream baths and exercises coupled with this regime can help to cleanse your lungs effectively.

Inhaling hot steam with a dash of eucalyptus oil has also proved to be effective in ridding the body of its harmful toxins. Just add around 4-5 drops of eucalyptus oil in the hot water and cover your head and face with a dry towel and inhale the hot eucalyptus steam until the water is no longer hot. Do this at least twice a day during your 3-day lung detox regime for best results.

Also make sure you try the home made castor oil pack to have better results. To make the castor oil pack, just soak a clean cotton cloth or cotton or wool flannel in some warm castor oil. Lie down on a plastic mat and place the soaked cotton cloth or flannel on our chest, over the region of the lungs.

Cover this cloth with a plastic sheet and place a heating pad or a hot water bottle over it to provide heat to the lung region. Remain like this for an hour or two and then take a steam bath with some herbal essence. Repeat this at least twice a week.

Watch what you are drinking

Drinking water
Drinking water

Drink lots and lots of water during the 3 day lung cleaning period. If you are bored with regular water, drink flavored herbal teas or organic teas. Herbs like eucalyptus, oregano, lungwort, plantain leaf, lobelia, elecampane, osha root, chaparral, peppermint, chamomile, orange peel, etc.

These herbs are excellent natural decongestants and have been used as remedies for lung disorders for ages. The anti-bacterial and soothing properties of these herbs help to reduce any irritation of inflammation of the lungs and detoxify it naturally.Lungwort and eucalyptus are best known for their ability to promote the respiratory health by fighting several harmful organisms like bacteria and viruses.

Oregano and peppermint oil have been widely used in commercial teas and organic teas as flavoring agents as well as for their decongestant properties.  Drinking these flavored herbal teas or just flavored water can eliminate the toxins significantly.

Walk your way to release the toxins

dietary-nucleotide-supplement_1928Like I said earlier, walking is a great exercise for cleansing the lungs. Walking, pumps the blood into the lungs and heart which inturn provides oxygen to the lungs and eliminated the toxins. Engage in brisk walks at least for 30-45 minutes everyday during the 72 hours regime to reap maximum benefits.

Concentrate on your breathing

MeditationAnother important aspect in lung cleansing is breathing. Concentrate on your breathing and take long, deep breaths. Deep breathing encourages the transport of oxygen throughout the body, clear the air passages and also strengthen the lungs. Make the most of this deep breathing technique during the 72 hour lung cleanse period so that all the traces of the toxins are washed out from the system. Perform different lung and respiratory exercises in your spare time.

Deep breathing exercises will also increase the capacity of the lungs and increase the energy and also lower the stress. To do this exercise, lay down flat on your back, place your hands on the stomach below the ribcage. Keep your eyes closed and take deep breaths while counting to 5. Do this at least 10 times per session and one session per day.

Eat lung friendly food

360_diet_portions_0225Plantains, cayenne peppers, pistachios, etc are amazing food for the lungs. The nutrients contained in pistachios reduce the risk of lung cancer whereas the goodness of the peppers relieves lung irritation and inflammation. The plantains and plantain leaves also decongest the lungs and help to expel the toxins and mucous from the respiratory system.

Limit the pollution

power-plant-smoke-stacksSmoking at the time of the lung cleansing period or before you begin the regime is a big no-no obviously. Also keep away from highly polluted areas or accompanying people who are smoking. You obviously do not want more pollutants in your lungs when you are trying hard to get rid of them! Make the environment at home as clean and pollution fee as possible not just during the lung cleanse period but also in the long run.

From the above lung cleanse therapy we can decipher that anybody can easily detoxify their lungs at home if they follow this routine consistently, following the right timings, quantities and ingredients.

Since this procedure is so simple and easy, it only takes hard work, and the determination to complete the 72 hours cleansing period with the right diet. That’s it! Other than these two important elements you don’t need any other fancy diets, tools or hospital visits to give your lungs the cleansing treatments it deserves. Following these protocols during the 72 ours time frame is extremely important to get rid of all the toxins effectively. Perform this cleanse at least twice a year to keep several lung injections and disorders at bay.