6 Extremely Effective Home Remedies For Skin Pigmentation

6 Extremely Effective Home Remedies For Skin Pigmentation

skin-pigmentation-600x350Skin pigmentation of getting dark or light patches on your skin can be a most unbecoming appearance condition. Instead of opting for expensive and really costly pigment removing sessions, try some of these home remedies for skin pigmentation.

Almond and honey pack

honey-and-almondYou can try making this almond and honey pack to remove the skin pigmentations effectively. Put it on your face, let it dry and then wash off the pack after fifteen minutes. Your skin will feel absolutely fresh and you will see positive results very soon.

Potato treatment

Potato-2The potatoes are considered to be excellent sources of removing dark patches, blemishes and skin pigments. Slice a potato and rub an extract on your skin daily. You can also grind the potato for  obtaining the juice. Then make a home skin spa with this potato juice and fuller’s earth. It will remove the skin patches.

Turmeric powder and milk paste

milk-and-turmeric-powderThis one is also considered one of the most effective home-made skin pigmentation removal packs. Take turmeric powder in a quantity of five tablespoonfuls and milk in ten teaspoonfuls. Blend them both well together to make a gum resin and smear the mixture pack all over your face. Massage softly and let this skin spa remain on your face for twenty minutes. Then use warm water to wash it off.

Skin pack of tomato juice, oatmeal and yoghurt

Tomato-juice-Oatmeal-and-Yogurt-PackIt is one of the most successful home made remedies for skin pigmentation. Take two tablepoonfuls of oatmeal and one teaspoonful of yoghurt. Now, mix both of them with a fresh amount of tomato juice. Massage your skin patches with this mixture and wash it off totally after it has dried out. If you repeat this procedure on a daily basis, you will soon see results.

Treatment with onion juice and apple cider vinegar

Apple-Cider-Vinegar-OnionApplying the juice of onion can also be an effective way of removing the skin pigmentations. An onion is finely cut or blended in order to obtain the juice.  The juice of the onion is squeezed out through  cheesecloth.  Blend the onion juice with apple cider vinegar and make a fine mixture for skin pack. Apply it on your affected skin areas with swabs of cotton.

Mashed strawberry skin care remedy

dry-out-pimples-home-remedies-strawberries1Pulp the strawberry fruit to a fine mash and then apply the mashed strawberry extracts on your face. Let it remain on your skin for fifteen minutes and then wash it off.  You will soon be able to feel the difference.


These are some of the home remedies for skin pigmentation. Other than these above mentioned skin pigment antidotes, you should also drink plenty of fresh water every day. It would make your skin well hydrated and let it remain healthily fresh. So the next time you see skin pigmentations appearing on your body, don’t start feeling life is over. Have patience and try one of these above mentioned home remedies. You will soon be sporting a youthfully fresh and clear skin again.