These Home Remedies Can Control Hair Fall In 5 Days

These Home Remedies Can Control Hair Fall In 5 Days

hair-fall-Panache-India-IndianIt becomes a cause for concern among many, including the youngsters, particularly if they find clumps of hair sticking to the hair brush, after coming. It can cause much aggravation and also lead to baldness, if not checked in time. So here are some home remedies to control hair fall which you can follow and see amazing results. Skim through the rest of the post for more details on the same and update yourself.

Hair care hints


First of all, there are certain tips and strategies which you should keep in mind to eliminate the loss of hair. Combing wet hair, just after a bath or a shower, is a strict no- no.  Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water plus fluids. It flushes out the toxins from your system and keeps you well nourished and provides your hair with good health.

Many ladies have heavy duty hair treatments at the salons by using curlers, rollers, blow dryers and hair straightening devices. It can lead to the hair becoming brittle and damaged.So try and keep the use of these hair care devices to a minimum, which would be the best kind of treatment for them.

Have a clean and dandruff free scalp. Make sure that you have a balanced diet, free from junk food, which ensures rich contents of protein and vitamins for excessive hair growth. Comb hair regularly with a hundred strokes morning and night, to make it soft and silky.

The other thing is shampooing your locks and tresses.  Once you are done with shampooing, move your locks backwards and tie a towel around your hair, turban style. Now gently rub your hair dry and let the water drip out naturally.

Remedies for controlling hair fall

Now, we can discuss some home  remedies to control hair fall so read on for more details.

Effective hair care remedy with Indian Gooseberry or Amla

downloadThe amla or Indian gooseberry is extremely adept in the curbing of hair fall. Amla is a rich source and has high content of Vitamin C which is immensely good for hair growth. Anoint your hair with amla and massage it for keeping overnight. In the morning, you can wash out your lovely locks with shampoo.

The Indian gooseberry can also be heated to mix it with coconut oil. In this manner, you can be rest assured of getting superb results since the hair will be falling out in lesser and lesser amounts. You can massage your hair with the mixture of amla and coconut oil. It is an effective way of curbing hair loss and also stops grey hairs before your time.

Natural hair mask


Instead of going to the beauty parlors or salons, you can still try making natural hair masks or hair packs at home for effective treatments. There is one example given in this paragraph.

Take half a cup of curd or yoghurt and mix it with a quarter teaspoonful of black powder. Once the paste is ready, apply on your hair and keep it till thoroughly dry. Once the solution has set in firmly, wash off and see the difference in noticeably less hair loss.  The curd also adds luster to your locks, in addition to making them grow stronger.

Natural juice provide effective remedies

You can enjoy a thick and luxuriant hair after applying some natural juices. Grate onions, garlic or ginger and squeeze out the juice. Massage your hair locks with the juice and leave it on throughout the night. Once it has been well absorbed, you can rinse off the oily effect in the morning with a good shampoo.