10 Kitchen Hacks That All Of You Should Know to Make Work...

10 Kitchen Hacks That All Of You Should Know to Make Work Easier at Home

wYour kitchen is a lovely place that has to be kept completely clean and also kitchen speaks about the health of the family. The kitchen should be kept and managed in such a way that you can work fast and prepare delicious meals with great techniques. Especially for those who are working and still manage home will be finding fiddicult to manage their kitchen. For those working moms here are a few great kitchen hacks that will help to act fast and do most of the kitchen work as soon as possible.

Hack 1: Unclog a stobborn Kitchen sink

When your  kitchen drain is clogged, you need not call the maintenance guy to fix it for you. You just need some vinegar and half a cup of baking soda, the combination of which will help you fix the clog issue. Just pour in this mixture and once it stops foaming around, you can clean it off with hot water and voila! You have a crystal clear sink.

Hack 2: Storing The Milk

Most of them do not know that the milk can be stored for a longer time. Some people just use the milk by storing them in a refrigerator and they just throw away it once the date of expiry nears by. But in actual it is possible for you to store the milk for about 2 months at least. You just have to keep the milk in the freezer to save it for a longer time.

Hack 3: Storing Cheese

This is another important thing because you need to use the cheese in a certain mentioned duration. But as you know that the shredded cheese is just easy to store where you can keep them in the refrigerator or a freezer and the texture remains the same. But it is not the same case when it comes to the solid block cheese. So to save the block cheese you should first shred all the cheese and only then they can be placed and stored in a freezer. But if you store the solid cheese bloack as it is in a freexer then it will crumble.

Hack 4: Eliminate Bad odor from trash cans

It just happens that sometimes your trash bins really smell awful and make you feel really gross at home. Though you empty the trash bins you still face the issue of the dirty odor. To solve this issue just pour in the vinegar on the toast and leave it at the bottom of the trash bin overnight. The next day there is absolutely no bad odor.

Hack 5: Remove stain from pan

Boil in some white vinegar and water in your pan which has really bad stains on them. After boiling the mixture your pan looks vibrant and clear.

Hack 6: Yogurt Ice Cubes For Instant Smoothie

8-super-smart-uses-for-ice-cube-tray_heroMany a times you will need something that will help you get an instant breakfast. Smoothies are the best way to get an instead and a tummy filling frink to you. So to prepare the drink you can use the yogurt that has been frozen in the ice cube tray. Buy making the yogurt ice cubes you can just dice 3 to 4 cunes in the blender with your favorite fruit to get a best and amazing smoothie. Also when you store the yogurt in a frozen form, the texture and flavor is also not lost.

Hack 7: Storing Eggs

Eggs can be frozen in an ice cube tray and then transferred to a freezer bag for easy storage. These frozen eggs are great for baking. Storing dairy products and eggs in the freezer is a great way to keep perishable items handy. You will never find yourself out of key baking ingredients if your freezer is always stocked with these basics.

Hack 8: Managing A Slipping Cutting Board

Your damp kitchen cutting board always is slippery and it will be difficult for you to cute the veggies and the fruits. To avoid this you can place a paper towel or a thin cotton towel under the cutting board. The friction created by this will help to keep the cutting board in place. This will be great when you are cutting tomatoes or onions and there is low risk of cutting your fingers.

Hack 9: Excess Salt In The Soup

Sometimes it happens that you would have added more salt in your soup and this thing completely destroys the entire soup because of excess salt. But you can solve even this issue by adding on a potato to the soup. If you need a quick fix for too salty soups, peel a whole potato and toss it in. It’ll soak up the extra salt — and if you need it, add starch for a thicker texture. You can take off the potatoes once they are completely boiled.

Hack 10: Separating Egg Yolks

You might need egg yolks and egg whites in separate for a few dishes. And separating the egg yolk from the egg white is actually a tough task. You can just use the empty bottle with nozzle to pull of the egg yolk. Just beast the egg onto the plate so that you can see the egg yolk stand up visible. This trick just requires a single plastic water bottle and a few bowls. Crack open your eggs, grab the water bottle, and use the suction to easily (and gently!) grab those egg yolks out of there. Then squeeze the yolks out into a separate bowl.

These kitchen hacks are the best way that you can deal with any issue in your kitchen. You have to know all these wonderful hacks to easily manage your kitchen. You can be a smart person by following these kitchen hacks and stay confident with any upcoming kitchen issue. So why not follow these amazing stuff and be a po in your own kitchen and stay like a king when you are following it. Be a master in your task and follow effective methods like these to manage everything well.