5 Silly Mistakes We Do Everyday In Our Kitchen That Hampers The...

5 Silly Mistakes We Do Everyday In Our Kitchen That Hampers The Weight Loss Process

dWeight gain is actually one of the universal problems that all of us face in some point of time. It can happen due to stress, pregnancy, and medical condition or there can be other reasons as well. But sometimes, a few will be unaware of the reason for weight gain. This happens because, the way we prepare and consume the food could be a common reason for gaining weight or making the process of losing weight more difficult. But these mistakes can definitely be corrected. Read what those common mistakes are and how to rectify it.

Wrong oil usage


For most of the recipes we prepare, oil is one important thing we use. There are a lot of types of oil which are not adjusted to high temperatures, i.e. they don’t have a high “smoke point” (the point of the temperature when the oil can be heated without any smoke); which leads to destroying of all the nutritious elements and creating substances which are bad for the health. The best oil for frying is the sugar beet oil or the palm oil; the olive oil is good for salads or addition in the cooked meals. Even olive oil is said to lose its stability when heated.

Wrong estimation of the meals

We follow a variety of cuisines for our meal. While keeping in mind the proportion of the daily meal intake it is also essential to keep in consideration the kind of meal we are consuming. When we serve the food, we define the meals by our naked eye, which is very wrong for our figure. To control the size of the meals, use the following advice: Put half of the amount you think you can eat in a plate, and if you’re still hungry after that, add a few more bites. The amount of salads you eat, the more filled you will stay, so start with a salad or soup to cub your appetite.

Stick to the recipes

You don’t have to use the same amounts and ingredients of the recipes while preparing a meal, in order to make them healthier and less caloric. For instance, if the recipe requires 240 ml of sour cream, you can use half of that amount, and replace the rest of the amount with guacamole. This replacement has fewer calories, and won’t influence to the taste and the texture of the meal. Look for the alternate solution for ingredients that have more fat and carbohydrates so you can stay light.

Taking bites while preparing the food

Unless it is a cucumber or a tomato while preparing a salad, don’t take bites. If you try the food while cooking, soak a piece of bread in the soup, or eat the pasta while you’re preparing the sauce; you’re just adding extra calories to your meal which is yet to come. If you can’t resist the food you’re preparing, here’s a trick: drink a glass of water while you’re cooking, this will kill your appetite. If you are still willing to take bites, then put smaller amount of food on your plate.

Using the same spice

The salt, the sugar and the oil are the most common additions to the food and we usually don’t think about the extra calories we add with them. Instead of these standard additions, try using fresh or dried herbs with intensive aroma which will make your meal more interesting, and still won’t affect on your figure. Some of those spices are: Cinnamon, pepper, ginger, mustard seeds, bittern, sweet basil. So these new and fresh spices can work great on your excess body weight.

Now you know the simple to notice mistakes you have been doing until now. Just keep an eye on these mistakes you might have been doing and take care of your health by rectifying them.  Especially when it comes to weight loss you have to crucially look into things that you have been following in your daily routine. So you need to specifically address to all the errors you have been doing and change the habit such that you have a great and healthy lifestyle with a lovely and fit body.