12 Home Remedies For Instant Glow

12 Home Remedies For Instant Glow

lighten-skinWho doesn’t want a glowing skin? It’s a marker of health and beauty. All the cosmetic industries in the market are flooded with the products that tend to ensure you that your skin will glow a lot after having used their products. Of course these products do not always fail and at times give proper results but going for the natural alternatives available is always preferable.

After all, why should we put our skin through harsh chemicals when there is always a way to find the solutions in the natural products for all our skin concerns. Though it takes some efforts on our parts, but if we need beautiful skin, we should not shy away from a little drudgery. Differently as in the case of cosmetics, you don’t necessarily need to give each and every method a try for better effects.


Rose extract

Well nourished with highly useful antioxidants for our skin, rose water can naturally clean your skin taking away all the traces of the pollutants and dirt particles that accumulate over the surface of our skin. Rose water can be sprinkled for providing the skin with a fresh glow.

Simply, wet a cotton ball into a container of rose water, and scrub your skin with the cotton that has been perfectly soaked in the rose water. Afterwards, you can wash your face with cold water to give your skin a healthy and refreshed glow.

Oatmeal glow face pack for dry skin

Oatmeal is considered to be very rich in such ingredients that can impart an instant glow on your face. It is actually highly recommended by the beauticians for bringing out the miraculous effect on the dry skin. It has great nourishing properties.

Simply, make some fresh oatmeal and add equal amount of milk in the bowl. You need to take just 1 teaspoonful which is enough to bring out the positive effects. Mix them well and spread it on the face like the pack. Let it remain there for drying completely and then you can rinse it off with tepid water that would reveal a glowing smooth skin.


Honey and lemon glow face pack

Honey Lemons process (Small)With This lemon and honey pack, you can treat the scars and marks on the face that makes it look untidy and devoid of the confidence. Lemon juice can bring out the most positive effects in the oily skin and honey tends to serve the same purpose. Take one teaspoonful of almond and one teaspoonful of honey. Mix both the ingredients together and prepare a pack that not only makes your face fair but makes it look well nourished too.


Rose_Almond_and_Sandalwood_Face_PackAn ideal ingredient for attaining an instant bright glow, sandal wood is universally considered an ideal tool for treating the problem of dullness of the skin. Though it is slightly expensive, but it is actually very effective. Simply, Mix sandalwood oil or powder along with turmeric powder making a thick paste that allows the paste to spread evenly on your entire face. Move your hands in circular motion and wash it off well after about 15 minutes, you can always include almond oil to the pack to get healthy impact on your skin.


Sugar and lemon instant glow face scrub

This instant glow scrub pack has all the qualities of a wonderful skin type. This will not only exfoliate the face but will also bring a smooth radiant glow that is simply marvellous.  This method can be used either exclusively on the face or could be applied on the entire body as well.

You have to essentially mix sugar and lemon juice in equal quantity and stir them well together. That is only for the face and neck or for the body as well. You have to let this mixture dry your face for about 15 minutes to 20 minutes. This will bring instant brightness on your face.

Papaya glow face pack for oily skin

To make a pulp, you have to take a papaya slice and need to crush the fruit altogether so that the pulp could be extracted. Let this pulp dry on your face for about 20 minutes and then wash it off thoroughly. This remedy works well with all kinds of skin tones. It is very helpful in bringing out the hidden glow from your face.

Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds are known to have multiple medicinal properties and they are considered really helpful in case of digestion problem. But that is not everything. It is supposed to be very helpful in the ailment of the skin as well. Boil 1 tablespoon of cumin seeds in tap water and wash your face with the liquid attained by doing so. You can actually soak the seeds in the water overnight so that the best results could be extracted.


Watermelon glow face pack

Watermelon-face-pack-for-beautiful-skinWatermelon fruit is a very good agent to bring the brightness of your face very quickly. You simply have to take a thin slice of watermelon and spread it all over your face and keep this on the face for about 15-20 minutes and let the juices work on the tan, dullness and the acne on your face. This is considered to be the best remedy for the dry skin and can add layers of gorgeousness on your face.


Health-benefits-of-Potato1Bleaching is also considered often very necessary in order to bring out the hidden glow out of your skin surface. When we try to carry out the process with artificial agents, the effects on the skin could be dangerous.  Potato on the other hand is very effective in such circumstances and doesn’t really cost much as compared to the surgical treatment. You have to simply soak the potatoes in the water overnight and have to scrub your face gently with the slices of the potato.



Tanning can always reduce your skin’s glow and add to the overall effect of the brilliance on your skin tone. You have to simply add 2 to 3 potatoes together in order to get a thick watery paste. You can also add gram flour in your pack in order to attain the maximum benefit of the tomato.

Olive oil

Olive oil’s multiple remedial effects on skin have been known for centuries for its cosmetic properties. Many use it as an absolute glow provider to their face while others apply them on their cheekbones and leave it there in order to highlight the attractive cheeks. You can use it in order to get amazing results in the short duration of time.

Almond and milk cream glow face pack for dry skin

Milk cream is easily found in the kitchen in every home. It increases the fairness of the skin and adds layers of beauty and charm in your overall personality. When this is mixed with ingredients like almonds, it makes a very effective face pack for the dry skin. You can use 4 to 5 almonds to be added in the pack. Peel the skin carefully and add to the milk cream in order to make a paste. Apply on the face for 20 minutes. Wash it off with clean water



sandalwoodProbably one of the most effective but a little costly home remedy – sandalwood is the most miraculous remedy in order to get the radiance on the face. You need to simply mix sandalwood oil or powder in turmeric to get a thick paste that could provide an instant glow to your face.

Afterwards, rinse it off and find a smooth supple skin waiting for you! It’s in fact one of the most tried way to get the glow and brightness on your face. You can always try these glow providing packs before stepping out for a party or a family gathering. It will certainly make you the centre of attraction amongst the admirers of your glowing, crystal clear skin.