What Does Your Eye Colour Says About You?

What Does Your Eye Colour Says About You?

Eyes are often called as the window to a person’s soul. Eyes do not lie and they are not only beautiful but most indispensable sensory organ of the human body. They play an essential part in the facial expression and just by looking into a person’s eyes you can know about their feelings, mood and emotions. Ain’t we all often attracted towards various gleaming colours of a person’s eyes?? But do you all know that these colours don’t just add beauty factor in one’s life but also tell you a lot about the personality of a person. Eye colour is a genetic trait and determined by the amount of pigment melanin one has in their iris. More the pigment, darker the eyes will be.

Let’s see what different eye colours say and depict about various personality types:

Black eye colour and its depiction

It is said that black eye colour is the rarest of all and it’s the intense dark brown eye colour that appears to be black. Black eye coloured people are often said to be very intuitive and trustworthy. They hold too much mystery in their life and are pretty secretive too. One can share confidential information with them, without worrying about it being passed to others. They can easily fall in love and trust people to the core. Black eyed people are very passionate towards their life and are inclined towards spiritual activities a lot. Loyalty comes naturally to them and they can withstand any pressure that life brings along. They stem from experiences and use them wisely and remain unaffected and indifferent in momentary distress. Black eyed people are pretty optimistic, hardworking and practical in every aspect of life situations and circumstances. Don’t be mistaken and think that they are boring or reclusive in any sense, as they can bring their wild side and be a life to any party. They even command high respect and possess high self- esteem and exhibit great dignity as well.

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Brown eye colour and its depiction

Brown is the most common eye colour with the people around the world. People with brown eyes are often tagged and perceived as dominant. Brown eyed people are very confident and independent. They are always up for new challenges and thirsty for new adventures in life. Practicality takes a back seat when people they love and care are concerned. These people find it quite hard to express themselves and are known to be very caring people, as they would even go out of their way to help those who matters the most to them. Brown eyed people are known to be great lovers and can do anything to make their lovers satisfied and happy. They ae also believed to have strong mental health and are physically very strong and can bear the discomfort of any situations without whimpering. People with brown eyes can also be protected from some form of cancers, as huge amount of melanin is present in brown eyes, which block the sun’s harmful rays and can protect one from melanoma cancer. They have all the traits of an affectionate human being.

Grey eye colour and its depiction

Grey eye colour is definitely one of the most beautiful and best eye colours. Grey eyed people are said to be born leaders and dominant. They are high on imagination, creativity and rational attitude and that is what makes them stand out. These people can sometimes find themselves caught in a web of inner conflicts of emotions, which makes it hard for them to take right and rational decisions. But no matter what, with the entire struggle, still they come out of it with flying colours and handle the situation as effectively as anyone else can. They are even thought to be self- effacing, quiet and patient and they don’t want to be in limelight to prove their act. Biggest trait which they possess is gentleness, as they won’t do anything that hurt anyone and are pretty sensitive to the pain of others. They are very dedicated in all phase of their relationships, be it family, friends, love or business relationships. It is fun to be around grey eyed people; as they leave positivity and strength all around and lift your spirits with total ease.

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Green eye colour and its depiction

Green eyed colour is also a very beautiful eye colour. Look into the green eyed people’s eyes and you can easily get lost into them. They have a breath of fresh air and are full of enigma and positive vibes. Green eye colour is enchanting and because of this they look attractive. They are full of intense passion and elevate different level of energy to the soul. They also have extreme sex appeal and believe in long term relationships both platonic and romantic. Their vibes are contagious and the compassion they bring is exceptionally understated. If there is one negative thing we can feel about them, it is that they are bound to have a jealous streak in them. They are creative, intellectual and great decision maker. Green eyed colour people beams with inquisitiveness and have great emotional restraint.

Hazel eye colour and its depiction

Hazel eye colour is an uncommon shade for eyes. People who possess hazel eye colour are often said to be special. They like to be independent and take their own decisions and they also love adventures, as they like to take risk. Thrill excites them, and they never hesitate in taking new challenges. Being sensitive is one of the major traits they have. No matter how friendly and outgoing they become, but because of being too sensitive they have to share the brunt of emotional damage. They are pretty friendly people and get along well with most of the people because of their good interpersonal skills. Anger is another side of a coin of being sensitive. Hazel eye coloured people are quite short tempered and can lash out easily on anyone, if something upset them badly. They are not very good in keeping relationships. Being impulsive with sensitivity mostly doesn’t work in their favour. Due to unusual colour of the eyes, they tend to be beautiful and exotic. They are also innate witty and spontaneous.

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Blue eye colour and its depiction

Blue is the most common eye colour in the world after brown. Blue eyed people are immune to pain and can tolerate pain pretty well. Men with blue eyes find blue eyed women quite irresistible and get totally attracted towards them. They are pretty sensitive to UV rays and are melanin deficient; therefore it gets difficult for them to handle extreme sunlight and these people are also known to be more prone to get affected with cancer. They come across as very intelligent thinkers, quite good at strategy thinking and academically inclined too. They are hesitant to changes and take up new things quite slowly but are perky and bright and are capable of making every situation light and joyous. Their energetic personalities are so uplifting and upbeat, and they are so full of life that they make room for long term relationships with everyone, be it family or friends. Blue eyed people are keen observant and look for detailing in every aspect. They are highly devoted to noble causes and spiritually bounded too. In addition to attractiveness, blue eyes people are often calm and peaceful in nature. They are even said to be the most desirable eyes.

Each one of has unique personality irrespective of the eye colour. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s great to receive gift from nature, but it’s up to us to make things good or bad in our lives.