Every Women Should Follow These Important Healthy Habits

Every Women Should Follow These Important Healthy Habits

There is a saying that, God created woman, because he himself cannot be present at all places. Woman plays several roles like a mother, a daughter, sister, wife, and as a friend guide and philosopher too. You should follow certain good things and healthy habits, which go a long way in keeping you healthy, which in turn keeps your family hale and hearty.

Many times due to work pressures or family demands, the woman of the house, that is you; tend to neglect your own desires, aspirations, health, wishes, etc. But here are certain tips which you need to follow, so that you remain healthy, smiling and cheerful always.

Healthy Habits:

1. Eight hours of sleep:

If you want to be healthy, then the first and foremost thing or healthy habit that you need to develop is to sleep for a minimum of 7 hours, though the prescribed hours of sleep is 8 hours a day. Sound sleep is important to keep you healthy and cheerful, and get rid of the laziness and grogginess, once you get up the next morning. Care has to be taken that you should not have heavy dinner before going to bed and also you should never carry any kind of negative thoughts. Make sure that you cut off from all kinds of electronic gadgets, once you are ready to hit the bed.

It is always good to follow a “circadian rhythm”, meaning a regular sleep pattern i.e. going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time daily. Please follow the mantra, “Early to bed and early to rise”, so that it makes you a healthy and wise person.

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2. Relax and Meditate:

Once you get up from your bed after a refreshing sleep, make sure you don’t rush to the kitchen immediately. You need to relax for a few minutes, before starting with your daily grind of routine. First, thank the Almighty for giving you another beautiful day in your life, which many may not get. After this meditate for a few minutes. Meditation is important for you, to keep you stronger from within and it also helps in reducing your stress levels, so that you can face the entire day’s challenges with grit and determination.

3. Have warm water:

Once your mediation is over, do start your day with a glass of warm water. You can add a few drops of lemon juice and honey to the warm water, so that the toxins from your body gets flushed out easily and also this warm water therapy helps in reducing your body weight too.

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4. Regular Exercising:

Make sure you spare that half an hour of yours in the morning for regular exercise routine. In case you can afford to go to the gym that would be really great. If that is not possible, you can do some bending and stretching exercises at home itself. Exercising regularly makes your muscles fit and relaxes your whole body. You can practice yoga too for additional benefit.

5. Never skip breakfast:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which should be wholesome and filled with the necessary portion of vitamins and proteins, so that you can traverse your day and work with ease. If you are a working female, then you should never skip your breakfast un a hurry, as your energy level needs to be high all the time or else your performance can really go down.

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6. Stay hydrated:

Keep sipping water throughout the day to keep yourselves hydrated, since dehydration leads to severe giddiness, loss of breath etc. Apart from keeping the body cool and healthy, it also helps your skin to stay fresh the whole day, and helps to keep pimples and acne at bay.

7. Following hygiene:

Remaining hygienic through the day is very important and a healthy habit which you need to follow. Hot water baths should be strictly avoided, since it rips your body of the natural oils. Warm water showers are always good for your body and hair, no matter what the weather is outside. Also washing hands regularly is very much important, since this goes a long way in preventing germs from spreading diseases.

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8. Follow healthy diet:

It is equally important to follow a healthy diet, to keep you strong from inside. Your diet should comprise of ample quantity of soups, salads, raw veggies, smoothies, dishes made from whole wheat and usage of brown rice should be practiced. If you want to remain slim and healthy and love to wear western dresses then its best to avoid junk foods, which are high in calories and also leads to cholesterol.

9. Love Yourself:

If you want somebody to love and respect you, you have to start loving yourself first. Positive thinking, confidence in your capabilities, the never dying spirit and sportive attitude should set an example for others. You need to take good care of yourselves first, to take care of others. When you look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “Mirror who is the most beautiful of the all” it should say you, that’s how you need to take care of your own self.

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10. Develop Healthy Habits and Hobbies:

Developing healthy habits and hobbies, goes a great way in keeping you engaged always. Hobbies like tailoring, gardening, knitting, reading etc, removes the boredom out of you and also makes you a more happy and cheerful person. You can also solve crossword puzzles and Sudoku, which sharpens your memory and also helps improves your skills at multitasking, all the more.

11. Appropriate clothing:

Wearing appropriate clothes, either at work or at home, is another healthy habit you need to follow. Cotton clothes are best suited for any kind of weather, especially in the summer season. Avoiding tight fitting clothes and lingerie is a habit you need to follow without fail. Your clothes should make a long lasting impression on the other person and speak volumes about yourself.

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12. Grooming:

Grooming yourselves well is another healthy habit you need to follow at all times. Regular visit to the parlors and spas, or at least doing some home remedies to keep your skin and hair glowing, is very much appreciated. A dash of simple makeup when you go out, and avoiding the harsh sun as much as possible to avoid tanning of your skin is to be followed without fail.

13. Go for regular health checkups:

It is of prime importance to go for health checkups once in every 6 months, irrespective of the fact that you are a homemaker or a working female. Once you reach the age of 40, many kinds of illnesses like menopausal problems, depression, stress, mood swings become the order of the day. Regular checkup like mammography has to be undertaken, to avoid problem of breast cancer.

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14. Learn self defense tricks:

Learning a few self defense tricks goes a long way in ensuring your safety. Having a pepper spray in your hand bag, saving important numbers of your reliable contacts, avoiding travelling alone as much as possible are other healthy and safety tips which you can follow. It is good to learn Kung fu, Karate or Taekwondo to keep yourself safe.

15.  Maintain a diary:

Maintaining a personal diary is another healthy habit which you need to follow, to keep your mind free of tensions and unwanted thoughts. You might be having lots of friends, and a good family support to care for. But there might be some thoughts, which you may not be able to share with anybody. This is where your personal diary comes in handy and you can jot down all your personal thoughts, without any inhibitions.

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16.  Keep a tab on your finances:

Irrespective of whether you are working or not working, it is extremely important to have a sound knowledge of your finances. Keeping a tab on your debit and credit card spending, visiting the bank regularly to have a firsthand information about your bank transaction,  paying utility bills on time, ensures that you will be tension free and also help you in saving a few bucks.

17. Take regular vacations:

Taking regular breaks from the routine life and enjoying vacations with family and friends is another healthy habit, which you need to follow without fail. A break once in three months rejuvenates you and makes you a more optimistic and happy person.

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18. Be tech savvy:

In this age of social media, it is definitely essential that you be tech savvy and stay connected with people.

19. Spend quality time:

Spending quality time with friends and family is definitely a stress buster. If you are a stay at home mom, you can attend functions, parties etc. If you are a working female, it’s still more important to take time out for family amid your busy schedule.So, these were few of the healthy habits which every woman should follow to lead a happy and stress free life. So, what are you waiting for? Start implementing these things in your routine life now!

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