Why Dentpik Is India’s Best Oral Irrigator ?

Why Dentpik Is India’s Best Oral Irrigator ?

In a world where we believe ‘first impressions are the last’, appearances mean everything. One thing most of us tend to overlook to our happy and healthy teeths. No matter how much we smile in daily purposes, if our teeths are not looking fresh, we tend to look uncomfortable from inside usually while smiling because sometimes your teeths automatically come in eye contact while we’re laughing and doing gossips.

But where is the time? We a feel so lazy in brushing our own teeths and also we are too busy in our organisations so do not have time to brush up our own teeths, moreover we are in a rush every morning, picking up the brush always seems like a huge task. But we should not forget, teeths are the most important part of our body and our face! What if there was a magic verge that would vanish all our problem within 5 minutes. What if we could carry it around everywhere without anyone noticing? Well, the good news is, there is one such ‘magic verge’ of sorts – the Dentpik Oral Irrigator. But, like all things, is this just another product with empty promises? Well, let’s find out.

What It Promises
Dentpik Oral Irrigator claims to be India’s best Water Flosser for brushing and floss needs. It is fast, effective, and efficient and takes only 20,seconds to fill the Water in reservoir and less five minutes to clean your teeths. The best part is this Dentpik water Flosser is a portable appliance and is very light in weight.

First Impressions
The Dentpik Oral Irrigator is beautiful to look at small and elegant. It’s American design gives it a sleek, classy look. The body is white, with cordless,  battery operated waterproof flosser has a multi directional nozzle and easy fill water reservoir. The device can hold up to 170 ml of water and even with the water, it is very light. The device itself is small and portable, and it gives you great ease of use. You can literally get rid of brushing teeths daily. It has just one simple switch that helps you turn it on or off. The reservoir area is in a lovely transparent aqua blue color that is very soothing to the eye. As promised, the device fill up with water in about 20 seconds and gives 3000 water pulses per minutes of pressure. There’s also rechargeable AA batteries which is really helpful and when required you can charge it.
What The Dentpik Oral Irrigator Does?

  • To begin with, the built-in simple operating buttons as start and mode soothing is very easy and there’s single button which helps avoiding the confusions and mishaps. It comes with a waterproof design which make it more durable and harmless for your family in the washrooms.
  • This product lighten with cordless technology helps the device to make it worth and work smooth without using any cables. It also removes all the gum problems and plague problems– which all in one top notch solution. It also keeps teeth health.
  • Dentpik also have an Adjustable Water Pressure with two power settings mode which lies 65 PSI to 80 PSI. It’s pump frequency is quite higher than its competitors in the market which is 3000 pulse per minute.
  • The Dentpik Oral Irrigator also comes with an inbuilt Rotatable Tips that makes it easier for the user to cleanse both upper and lower gums without difficulties.

My Experience With Oral Irrigator
As soon as I read about the device, I had to buy it. Since I have a bit  problem in my gums, I am very foody and like always eating so having too much gum problems although I’m very lazy to brush my teeths daily. So, i found this product very nice and cheap. All features are extremely impressive, and no other device can give you all of that.

It is light (about 200 grams) and portable and, more importantly, safe. I don’t hesitate to carry it along wherever I go, even if I have to take it to work or have a party to attend later. It is chargeable and gets fully charged within a few hours – I usually leave it to charge overnight. It has a voltage of 220-240V and a power of 850W. Main thing is that, it’s cordless, which allows me to take it anywhere.

Coming to the flossing part, I actually used this once in a day, such that my teeths were untidy before applying it, and it took me all of  2-3 minute and a half to get it back to normal. Although every part of the teeth was looking fresh and healthy, unlike the other flossers, which comes with a larger surface area, I tried other flosses too which are already in the market,  but they didn’t give me healthy environment and lots of ungrateful things they had, few had problems with reservoir and pressure.

I also tried variety of toothpastes but they didn’t also make me satisfied, after all I’m too lazy in picking the brush in hand and doing so daily. So I stopped using those Flossers and thrice in a week I did brush my teeths, that sounds so filthy and annoying, but majority of the people do the same. The day i saw Dent Pik, I was pretty sure this will give me what i really wanted and was so true,  worth believing.

Final Verdict
Well, I am absolutely impressed! I am ecstatic with my buy. This is a product that India totally needs, and I am so glad it is here. I am sure you are going to love the Dentpik Oral Irrigator too. It comes with a one-year warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it. This is a win-win situation for anyone who wants to try it.

All in all, the device delivers what it promises, and it will not be long before every person owns one. I’d give it a 9.5/10.