Natural Diet Plans to Lose Weight

Natural Diet Plans to Lose Weight

If you are flipping through a newspaper or a magazine, you would have definitely read some or the other advertisement, regarding a newly opened slimming centre, close to your place, which says it can work wonders on your body, to give you an enviable shape.

The packages at many of these slimming centers, may burn a hole in your pocket. It would be always advisable to check better and cheaper options. The best thing which you can follow, to get that svelte shape, would be a combination of right diet and exercise.

Here is a diet program spread over 7 days, which will help you lose weight naturally and effectively. You too can make use of the same plan, which is both cost effective, and also doesn’t cause any other health problems.

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7 day diet program:

There are certain precautions to be followed, before you start to follow the 7 day diet program. Here is a list of those precautions.

  • You should not skip your breakfast, since it the most important meal of the day.
  • You have to totally avoid caffeinated drinks, processed food and soft drinks which are laden with added sugar.
  • Crash diets also should be totally avoided, since it may harm your body. Your diet plan should be such, that it should benefit you and not harm it.
  • You should avoid heavy foods after 8 pm. This tip or precaution has to be followed regularly, not only when you are on a diet.
  • Most important thing is to make a note of your weight before starting the 7 day diet Plan. If you do not make a note of your weight before the diet plan is started, you may not be able to know the difference in the weight, once your diet plan is completed.

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Advantages of the 7 Day diet plan:

  • It is by far the best way of losing weight, which most dietitians prescribe.
  • It is a balanced diet, weight loss program, where lots of fruits, vegetables and water are used as the main ingredient, which is definitely beneficial for your body.
  • Another major advantage, of adapting this plan to lose weight is that, your bowel movements will be regulated, since you would be consuming high fiber foods.

So, let’s take a look at the diet plan now.

Day 1 Diet:

The first day is the most important day in your diet program. You would be definitely curious to know, how in 7 days, does your weight reduce, using this plan, how would your body respond to the weight loss program, do you feel tired etc. First of all you should know, what goes into the diet of your first day diet plan. It can be called the “Fruit Diet Day”.

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You can have fruits like water melon, papaya, pineapple and apple. Bananas have to be totally avoided on your first day, the Fruit Diet Day.

The prescribed water intake for your first day is around 12 glasses, since water not only keeps your body hydrated but also keeps hunger pangs at bay. Remember, that it is only fruits and fruits for all the 3 times i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner on your first day and not even vegetables.

You can distribute the fruit diet for the whole day as follows.

A medium sized apple by 9 Am.

A bowl of pineapples by 11 Am.

Two slices of watermelon for lunch.

Fruits like Orange, Grapes and Avocado for dinner. 

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Day 2 Diet:

The second day of your diet plan will be “Vegetable Diet Day”. You can consume vegetables the whole day either cooked or boiled. You can include potatoes too in the diet, but care has to be taken to eat cooked potatoes in the morning itself, since the carbohydrates break down during the day.

You need to consume high fiber vegetables like beans, broccoli. Herbs and seasoning like basil, oregano, and a bit of salt and pepper can be added to the boiled or cooked veggies to make them more edible and tasty.

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Care must be taken that you have to drink 12 glasses of water, whatever the diet be. Since water is known to not only decrease your appetite, but also help in flushing out the toxins out of your body, apart from keeping it hydrated.

On your second day, your veggie diet should be distributed like this.

One medium sized boiled potato for breakfast.

Cabbage and Lettuce leaves, along with a topping of salt and pepper by 11 A.M.

Slices of raw cucumber, onion and carrots can be had for lunch.

Mixed vegetables, like beetroot, broccoli and beans for dinner.

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Day 3 Diet:

The third day of your diet plan must include both fruits and vegetables. Your diet on the third day can be aptly called the “Fruit and Vegetable Diet Day”.

Make sure that you are not including potatoes in your veggie diet and also bananas must be eliminated from your fruit diet. You can choose according to your choice, as to first fruit diet has to be taken or vegetable diet. If you have fruit diet in the morning, you can follow it by a vegetable diet for lunch and so on.

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It is important to not skip your water intake of 12 glasses at regular intervals in-between the fruit and vegetable diet. Your third day diet is a mixture of fruits and vegetables, which can be distributed as under.

Various fruits like apple, oranges and grapes for breakfast.

Carrot, slices of onions and cucumber for lunch.

At snack time, a guava can be taken.

Broccoli, Beans and Beetroot which are boiled has to be taken for dinner.

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Day 4 Diet:

The fourth day of your diet plan can aptly be called as the “Milk and Banana Diet Day”, as your whole day the main diet will be just bananas and milk.

The prescribed number of bananas is around 10, but you can alter it to your preferences, may be you can have more than 10 or less. You have to take care that, not more than 3 glasses of milk is consumed. The bananas and milk itself is a wholesome and nutritious diet and you need not worry about hunger pangs bothering you.

Your banana intake for the 4th day diet should be as follows.

You should have three bananas for breakfast.

Glass of milk and three more bananas for lunch.

Again for dinner, you need to have a glass of milk and remaining of four bananas.

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Day 5 Diet:

The fifth day of your diet plan is the flexible day in your diet, where you will be allowed to have one cup of rice for lunch. You can have curd rice for lunch.

Apart from rice, you are also advised to have six to seven tomatoes through the day. Tomatoes can be made into tasty and healthy soup, juice, salad or plain slices of tomatoes with a bit of salt and pepper.

One more tip you have to follow during the fifth day of diet plan is to increase your water intake from 12 glasses to 15 glasses, which is very important and has to be followed very strictly to flush out the extra uric acid produced by your body.

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 Day 6 Diet:

Once your diet enters the sixth day, the diet plan will be less rigorous than the earlier days. You can have one cup of rice in the afternoon for lunch and along with that assorted vegetables of your choice too should be had.

You should never forget to consume the 12 glasses of water, since water helps in flushing out the toxins from your body. You will definitely notice a remarkable change in your weight loss, by the sixth day.

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Final and Day 7 Diet:

You would have arrived on your final and last day that is the seventh day of your diet regime, where in you will be curious to know the outcome of your hard work is.

Just because you have reached your seventh day, you cannot skip your diet. You have to strictly complete your diet of seventh day too, which is a bowl of rice and vegetables. You will be allowed to have potatoes in your diet along with rice on your seventh day.

So, this was the all effective 7 day diet plan which helps you to lose weight naturally at home without causing any kind of side effects. So, if you also want to shed those extra kilos from your body, then wait no more and try out this effective diet plan.

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