Step By Step Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Step By Step Fishtail Braid Tutorial

fgghHair reflects our identity due to which we give so much importance to it and put in extra effort to maintain it. A bad hairdo can ruin your look and have a direct impact on your self-esteem thus it’s very important to take good care of your hair and spend some time styling it.

There are various hairstyles for girls like French-Braid, ponytail,  upside down braid, Dutch Braid, Milkmaid Braid, four stranded Braid, etc so we really have numerous options to chose from depending upon the attire we are wearing. Also the length of the hair has to be considered while trying out a new hairstyle. One such hairstyle which has caught the fancy of modern day girls is Fishtail Braid which looks trendy and is also easily maintainable. It can be tried on a medium length hair as well as on a long hair.

Here is a simple tutorial for you to help you learn how to make fishtail braid-

1] Points to remember before doing a Fishtail Braid

You must not oil the hair the previous night before you try out this hair style.

If possible, wash your hair with a shampoo to give it good volume.

Your hair should be completely dry before trying out this braid as a wet hair can give a flat and limp look.

Try trimming the split ends of your hair to give an even look.

Girls with frizzy hair can use a conditioner as soft hair compliments this hairstyle well.

Brush your hair properly and make sure it has no tangles.

It’s better to use a narrow-toothed comb for this hairstyle as it helps in giving a compact look.

Apply a good quality serum (optional) to give your hair a polished look.

Now that your hair is ready to be styled let’s learn how to plait an intricate looking Fishtail Braid the simplest way. For this you just need to use your hands and it doesn’t require any hot tools and hair products.

2] Creating a Ponytail

12To begin with, bring your hair to form a ponytail at the back of neck. Use a rubber band or a cloth tape to tie your ponytail and make sure you use the one which can easily be cut with a scissor after the braid is done. The rubber band is cut in order to give the braid an untied, natural look. This is how the braid looks the best.

3] Dividing the Ponytail

dsc_0010_edited-1The next step is to split the ponytail into two equal sections. In comparison to the standard, everyday plait, fishtail braid requires only two sections.

4] Weaving the braid

Now using your fingers try to separate small portion of the hair from outer edge of the ponytail near the rubber band. Bring this portion over the other side as if you do in the standard braid (This portion of ponytail must overlap the other side), grip your hair as tight as possible to avoid loosening of the plait holding both the sections firmly. Repeat the same steps with the other side of the ponytail too.

5] Maintaining Evenness

Now continue to overlap the pieces from two sides of the ponytail till you reach the ends. Pull only small sections of hair from below to cross it over and make sure to grab equal volume of hair (about half an inch) from both the sides.

6] Giving the Braid a Finishing Look

Once the hair is woven all the way till the ends, tie the braid with a rubber band. You can use a band matching your dress too. Now cut the rubber band tied initially to the ponytail with the help of a scissor. Once this is done gently loosen the braid by using your fingers to give it a look which seems effortless.

If you are wearing fishtail braid for a party or an important function and want to keep the look intact for quite some time then try using a hair gel or a spray to keep the hairdo still especially, if you have an unmanageable hair. Otherwise, when you are wearing this hairstyle on a normal day you don’t have to put in any extra effort to maintain it as this is supposed to be easily manageable.

7] Decorating the Braid

short-hair-style-updo-frencOnce for all when the braid is completely made you can decorate it to give a grand and elegant look. For decoration you can use beads of varied shape, size and color. When you are wearing a grand dress like a sari or a long gown go for a pearl bead that compliments your dress to add on more beauty to the braid. You also have the option of using natural flowers to decorate the braid provided you don’t use huge flowers while doing so. Use small flowers only in order to avoid an awkward look. Also use only few beads or flowers for decoration as using too many of these would give a bulky appearance to the braid.

8] Styling the Braid in Different Ways

braids-hairstyles-for-weddiThere are different ways in which the fishtail braid can be styled. The fishtail braid can be left flowing long or can be tied up to form a bun. It can also be done only on one side either right or left. Also, only a portion of your hair can be used to form a braid like sideways on the crown of your head and the rest of the hair could be left flowing to give a cute look. This looks best on the little girls. You can also roll a satin tape or a silk thread over the braid for yet another different style.

9] Face Shape Suitability

The fishtail braid suits almost every face shape like the round, oval, square, heart, diamond and oblong but it looks the best on a diamond shaped face and also it looks good on any skin tone.

10] The Comfort Quotient

When compared to other hairstyles where you need to let your hair open, the fishtail braid gets a thumb up for its comfort and easy handling especially during the summer, when the sun is scorching and temperatures are soaring high making you uncomfortable and irritable this hairstyle surely does come to your rescue and help you maintain style as well as comfort.

11] Comparison to Other Braids

In comparison to other braids like the French braid which starts at top of head, Fish tail braid starts at the back of neck. Three main sections of hair are used in French Braid to plait wherein only two sections are used in Fishtail Braid.

12] Tips to Maintain Hair in the Long run

hair_625x350_51429181118With all these it’s also important to groom your hair well by trimming it regularly to avoid breakage and split ends, use good conditioner once in a week to maintain texture and avoid tangles, consume diet rich in nutrients like more of fruits, veggies, nuts, etc to avoid hair fall, oil your hair at least twice a week to give it proper nourishment and also increase blood circulation to the head which in turn helps in good growth of the hair. Use mild shampoos only as shampoos laden with chemicals easily available over the market can harm your hair beyond repair.

So this is it girls. Hope my instructible has helped you all learn the steps to make a fishtail braid the simplest and easiest way. At first you might find it a bit hard but gradually with patience and practice you will find it really easy to make. It isn’t all that complicated and tricky but might be a little time consuming when compared to other braids. So what are you all waiting for? Go try this trendy and modern look and get all the heads turn your side. HAVE A GREAT HAIR DAY!!