DIY – Step by Step Procedure to Get Perfect Puff Hairstyle.

DIY – Step by Step Procedure to Get Perfect Puff Hairstyle.

kdEvery girl wants to be popular and trendy and for this they spend hours in parlor trying to get that perfect look. This is because they believe only professionals have the power to transform their personality from normal to stylish. Undoubtedly, professionals are professionals because they have experience as well as magical tool to change your looks within some time, but not always.

Even in your normal day-to-day life, you can get that star look all by yourself.  Just with a little fun with your common boring hairstyle, you can bring life to your hair as well as persona.

Hairstyles have always helped one look better than their normal appearance. It is always important to stay in touch with the emerging fashion and, together with your clothes; hair also needs to be updated. There are numerous hairstyles out of which, the puff has now taken lead among all. A puff may sound complicated, but it is the easiest. Just a little trick and you can get an amazing hairstyle for yourself.

Now, we will teach you how you can get different cool and adorable hairstyles on your own, at the comforts of your home.

1.Front puff on high curly pony:

It is easy to make hairstyle and looks best if you have natural wavy hair. Even if you don’t, curl your lower hair and then make a puff using your front hair. Now without disturbing the waves of the hair, tie to make a high pony. You will surely love your new look.

2.Simple puff with open hair:

It is all time favorite hairstyle. You just need to make a low backside puff using some front hair. And let your hair all open. Some curls at the end of the hair will add glaze to your appearance. You can use a hairspray to let your hair stay longer.

3.Front puff with a messy braid:

4c7c606722a4e3f98dbb2dcc038247aeOld is gold is best used with this hair type. Braids help in hair growth but new haircuts, they look messy. Using some of your hair from the front make a small puff and now use the rest hair to make a braid. Your cool look will be surely followed by your friends.

4.The twisted puff:

hair-romance-waterfall-half-twist-tutorial-1This hairstyle will add charm to your party mood. It will help you take all the attention to make you the party star. Just with a little variation, in your puff, you can easily make this hair style. Part your hair into sections, and twist one part of the hair to make a small pony at the back side, of one side partitioned hair. Use pins to secure. Tie all hair at the back to make a pony or a bun, both will look amazing.

5.Hair puff on short hair:

People with short hair need not worry. In fact, puff will give them best look for party, gala meetings, official invitations and anywhere when they need to present themselves with stylish look.  Try to puff the front part of the hair and use hair spray rather than pins to let it stay. Let open the rest of your hair and use hair gel to give the wet set look. You’re ready.

6.Single side puff:

It is always difficult to decide the hairdo on one sided off shoulder dresses. Well, this hair type will help you a whole new appearance. You need to make a puff on one side of your hair and take the rest to the back to make a pony. Curly hair people need to straighten the part of the hair they intend to puff, to get a neat look.

7.Extra front puffy look:

This is no other than celebrity hair style. Rather than making a small front puff, you need to add more volume to the front puff for which you can use a puff adding tool to the hair. Now, when you make a huge puff on your front, tie the rest hair to make a pony. Use hair spray to let your hair settle down. People will all natural black hair is surely to catch eyes of others.

8.Half tied puff:

fobt3At times, keeping hair all open is not possible, nor leaving it tied, is happening. The solution is half-tied hair. But not always, this half tied hair looks presentable. Our hair puff will help you get a complete makeover to your simple half-tied hair. Part some hair from the front, one side more and the other little less. Now take the back part of the hair, leaving the parted part, to make a puff. Use pins to let the puff stay. Use only half part of the hair and not the whole hair. This can be both messy and neat hair type.

9.High puff with bun:

maxresdefault-1This hairstyle will give a very neat and formal look. Parting your hair from side, you need to puff the back part and make a bun out of this. If you want a little casual look with this, placing a hair band in the middle will help you get that.

10.The Victorian puff:

This very old hairstyle has been very influential on our modern hair styling. It gives you the best vintage look and can be carried on all party places. Dresses look amazing with this hairdo. With a slight modern twist in the hairstyle, Victorian puff is adorable.

11.Puff using head band:

For a casual and daily carrying hairstyle, use a head band to make a front puff.   Rest hair can be left open or either tied. This is not a new concept but very trendy. With just a hair band you can transform your whole appearance.

12.Crown puff with a bun:

Most elegant and classy among all hairstyles, the crown puff is perfect for all formal occasions. As the name offers, the middle part of the hair is puffed to make a crown and the rest is then used up to make a bun. Bangs are parted in the middle to let them fall on sides, giving you the desired admirable look.

13.Puff on a fishtail braid:

maxresdefaultLong hair or medium length, doesn’t matter. You will always love a fish tail braid hair type. What if it is made to look more adorable and presentable? Be a little tricky! Just add a little puff on the front, before making the braid. Now continue with your hair style.  You will be surprised by your new avatar and regret of not having used the idea before.

14.Puff on front with a twist:

346A chignon or bun never goes out of fashion. Usually on evening parties, when wearing a gown or dresses, you always want that classic look that has the power to make others jealous of your persona.  The puff is made right in front and slightly teased using fingers or brush, to give it an exaggerated look.

Then a chignon is made right at the middle of your back head. The puff comes together with the bun and is not seen separately. Use hair spray to intact the hair style. Your charisma will be seen everywhere with this hair do.

15.Puff on low side ponytail:

crown-volume-ponytailFor weddings and proms, this hair style is the most attractive and easy option. Part your hair on side in the front and let the bangs loose. Right after that form a puff. Use pins to keep it safe. Then tie the remaining hair in the lower part to make a low pony tail. If you have natural wavy hair, you are lucky but even if you don’t, use a curling tool to get you perfect fallout. No doubt, your hair will add glamour to your party dress and mood.

What are the advantages of making a puff hairstyle?

There are numerous advantages of carrying a puff hairstyle:

  1. Be it round, oval, long, straight, any face type can look amazing with a puff hairstyle on top.
  2. It is fast and easy, you don’t need a professional experience.
  3. Party or general, you can make a puff any time.
  4. Women of any age group look charming with this puff hairstyle.
  5. It makes hair look more voluminous and thick.
  6. It never goes out of fashion.

How to make the perfect puff?

To make a perfect puff, you need to gather some hair from the area want your puff to be. Examples, if it is a front puff, take front hair and if it is side puff, use your side hair. Now using a hair brush or comb, brush the inner part of the collected hair from bottom towards the end of the hair.

Brushing will add volume to the hair and make your puff look thick. Use rubber band to tie the gathered hair. Now push the hair a little forward to bring the puff up to the level your wish to. Now secure this puff using bobby pins. A wonderful puff Is ready.

Try a puff hair type once and you will surely want to try all the puff hairstyles every day, after the attention you grab, just with your first try. It is the best way you can make people magnetize to your persona.