DIY – Amazing Step by Step Tutorial For Bun Hairstyles at Home.

DIY – Amazing Step by Step Tutorial For Bun Hairstyles at Home.


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Hairstyles are always the ones which give you a new look adding an edge to your personality, every day. They are a way of creating statement that tells lot about the person’s image and personality. On a whole, it represents an individual that creates a best first impression on looks. People often talk about “a bad hair day” which makes them feel less confident and more self-conscious. Hairstyles create perceptions and images in people minds whom you see or those who notice you.

When we talk about it, up-dos are great to tell your mood of the day or “What’s the occasion?”. The bun hairstyles can do justice to any look, for a night out or a trip. You’ve got the dress, accessories everything perfect to go along with the dress but you miss one thing: your hairstyle for the day. If you are confused what to choose then say, ‘I do’ with, then you may want to give every bun hairstyle a try. Waking up late for work, getting ready for the rush and mean while want to address your hair knowing it has a personality of its own, and it simply refuses to stay the way you want it to be? The buns hit the road when you’re in a hurry to anywhere. You will fall in love with bun hairstyles, the comfort they give you within minutes, using nothing but hair pins and hairspray!

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Looking for some interesting and good looking bun hairstyles for this summer as well? Here are the top and most want to-do bun hairstyles with declined steps. We have listed hairstyle tutorial that are good to go for short to medium to long hair.

Style 1: An easy Donut Bun

A softer, much romantic, and little messy high bun that gives a cotton candy texture. Just a classy look!

  1. Tie your hair to a high ponytail and give a rough tease to the hair using a comb.
  2. Use the donut ring band and pull-out the ponytail through it.
  3. Cover the donut ring with hair all sides.
  4. Take the edge of hair and section it into two.
  5. Twist them to make it appear ass rope.
  6. Wrap them around the bun in opposite directions and secure with bobby pins or you can also use an elastic band.


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Style 2: Low bun with a slight messy look!

If you have naturally curly hair just twist them into a low bun and give them a messy look.

  1. This bun hairstyle will look classy if you have curls by nature.
  2. Comb your hair to remove tangles if it’s really a mess.
  3. Divide into two equal sections and twist them separately.
  4. Now, twist both the parts together till the end and tie it with a rubber band.
  5. Wrap it around and use a bobby pin to tuck the end inside.
  6. Pull-off few hair around and let it lose to give a messy appearance.


Style 3: A Messy Side bun!

Similarly, if you have curls or if you have done curls already and you are hurrying up for girls’ night out, this will be a simple side bun that must be tried right away then.

  1. Gather all your hair to one side of your head and tie a low ponytail.
  2. From the ponytail, take some sections depending upon the volume of your hair, give a rough tease using a comb.
  3. Wrap each back-combed section around the base of ponytail. To secure them to the head, use bobby pins.
  4. Bunch all the sections together so that you can create a balanced bun.


At-last, the messy bun!
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Style 4: Fishtail bun for the braid lovers!

Braided bun always looks great on top. Try this one to give a new spin on head with fishtail. When you have a dirty hair, high bun could really help at time. Dress it up this way.

  1. Brush your hair and gather it to a level where you want the bun. You can also put it lower if you want.
  2. Tie it as a high ponytail.
  3. Do a fishtail braid with the ponytail hair and secure the end of the braid with an elastic band.
  4. Using your fingers, gently loosen and widen the braid to give a high-volume look to the braid as well to the bun.
  5. Wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail and secure the ends with a bobby pin.


Style 5: Two Braided bun is always fun!

Two braids are much better than one. It’s not messy but still looks cool!

  1. Leaving your fringes in front, in the middle take section.
  2. Tie it to ponytail.
  3. With the left-out hair and ponytail plait into sections and secure the ends of each braids separately.
  4. Using your fingers to loosen and widen the braids.
  5. Take the first braid and take it under the base of the pony tail towards left.
  6. Wrap it completely beneath the ponytail.
  7. Pin it to the head using a bobby pin.
  8. Wrap the other braid in the opposite direction to the first and pin it.

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Secure it and spray over it once done!
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Style 6: Messy bun, one style you must really try!

I love being messy! This style will look stunning even at your workplace with no doubt. Just roll!

  1. Comb your hair roughly, gather it and tie a high ponytail.
  2. Wrap the ponytail and make it to a bun.
  3. Pull away the bun slightly to loosen it.
  4. Fold it over and secure it with the help of bobby pins.


Style 7: Upside down Braided bun! Quite tricky but not hard!!

A back braid going into a bun looks difficult but it looks stunning once the style is complete. Worth of trying!

  1. Flip your head, take hair from the very bottom and start to braid.
  2. Stop the braid at where you want to put the bun, high or low and gather it with a hair band.
  3. Tuck the edge of the braid and roll it.
  4. Now wrap the roll around the base of the braid knot and loosen the bun.
  5. The back braid is done.


Style 8: Simple crisscross low bun!

Get this done in jiffy. Very easy and simple that does not eat much of your time when you’re rushing out.

  1. Leave some hair in front on both the sides and tie a low ponytail with the rest of the hair behind.
  2. Wrap the ponytail around the base and secure with a bobby pin.
  3. Take the hair from front of one side and wrap it around the bun. Secure the ends with a bobby pin.
  4. Do the same for the other side and secure the ends. Pull-off few hair in the front.

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Style 9: A Romantic Layered bun!

Like the above crisscross bun, we are going to add some twists and turns to the bun.

  1. Leaving some hair in the front on the sides, tie a low ponytail behind.
  2. Make a bun and secure it with a bun pin.
  3. On one side, section the hair to two or more, depending upon the volume of your hair.
  4. Twist the sections and wrap it around the bun.
  5. Repeat the same for rest of the sections on the other side too.
  6. Secure the edges with a bun pin.


Style 10: Rainy day bun when summer surprises you or anytime!

All the buns and their twists are time consuming, but this one guarantees your hair to get frizzy.

  1. Grab a small section of your hair in the front.
  2. Makes sure you don’t divide in the center.
  3. Twist it and use a clip to hold it.
  4. Repeat the same for few more sections away from the center.
  5. Take few more sections on the sides and hold them with the bobby pins. You may need at least four of them.
  6. Pull your hair together into a ponytail, remove the clip, and keep two bobby pins.


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Roll them to a bun, and

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Finally, the rainy bun!
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