8 Easy Hairstyles You Can Do In 10 Seconds

8 Easy Hairstyles You Can Do In 10 Seconds

5139612110 seconds can be very precious in the modern lifestyle we form a part of. Often we get up late and rush to our daily work locations. In the rush, we might look ugly and untidy as we have forgotten to style our hair. Instead of wasting good amount of time to get a decent hairstyle, it’s time when we adopted to some easy hairstyles that can be executed in just a matter of 10 seconds. Yes, it is practically possible and not a joke.

So without wasting any further time, let us get through the 8 easy hairstyles that can be executed in a matter of few seconds only. Read on-

1.Messy bun :

Sometimes, a messy look can by itself look great and you need not always look neat and clean when it comes to the hairs. Messy bun is one such of a hairstyle where you would require very few accessories like headband, pointed metal comb and a hair elastic. Make a thick ponytail out of your hair and use a hair elastic to hold it. Now put on a headband. You can select the headband to be simple or funkier based on the occasion.

Twist your ponytail a bit and create a bun like structure. Use bobby pins at each stage to secure your hair and tug the tips of your hair in the bun to make it fluffier. Make sure your bun is not too loose or tight. Use the pointed metal comb to loosen the bun in order to get a slightly messier and natural look. Once, you get a casual looking hairstyle, check the sides and back of your hair to ensure all are symmetrically aligned.

2.Bob cut styling :

brown-bob-hairstyleIf you have short hairs or hairstyle similar to a bob cut, this hair style can be great for you. Just comb your hair on one side in a wavy form and use a clip to hold the curves or waves in one side and let the other side fall freely. Now brush using the comb and make your hair in order from all sides. The hairstyle is complete in just a matter of few seconds.

3.Leafy hairstyle :

imagesDivide your hair into three equal parts from the front and let the middle part be allowed to fall on your left eye in the form of a pointed leaf. Comb other two halves of your hair backwards. Now make a thick ponytail leaning backwards and use an elastic right in the middle to keep it intact.

You can additionally add curls or twists in the ponytail to make it look more attractive, if you have time. Let the ponytail display near your shoulder in the front just like the picture. You can use a headband also to keep the front leafy hair intact. For making this style you must have slightly long length hairs.

4.Small braid tail :

If you ever imagined of having a long tail just like a peacock or other beautiful birds, this hairstyle could be your favourite. It is easy and stylish at the same time. Just divide your hairs into two sections one being slightly heavier than the other.

Make small yet clean bangs on either sides! Now collect all your hair at the back and start making criss cross braids from the middle near the neck or shoulder region (based on hair length). Use bobby pins if necessary and secure the last braid using elastic rubber band.

This hairstyle looks like a long braid type tail to the hairs. If different colours are used, dark for normal hairs and lighter colours, red, etc., for braids tail, it would appear extremely appealing but too bright colours can make it look informal as well. The one shown in the picture can be perfect.

5.Simple ponytail hairstyle :

bf1c4185d4a4a774cd32461bd563751fThere are many ways of making a ponytail. This is one unique way of making it which is very beautiful and quick. Just comb all your hair back and make a single ponytail with a single knot. Now use a thin hairband to tie your ponytail with your hairs making a puff like structure in the centre. The thick tips of the ponytail and the puff like structure in the centre makes the hairstyle really cool. The hairband holds the hair well.

6.Quick professional look hairstyle :

7ef5a8ca-bc32-4fce-bb61-0e3216d5874d_tabletIf you are delayed for a client meet or at your office, this hairstyle will take less than 10 seconds and will help you get a professional look. Most of us get delayed due to various reasons on important junctures. This hairstyle is a great option to present yourself professionally. Comb your hair backwards and collect half or less than half of your hair to form a pony tail. Make sure the other half of your hair is laid down straight on your shoulder. Slightly long hairs can be great for this type of hairstyle.

Now just use a rubber band or an elastic to tie up the ponytail slightly elevated to the normal hairs. So your hair appears in two layers at the back and the front of your head is neat and tidy as your hair is held backwards. This is clean and tidy solution for urgent professional getup.

7.Stylish and easy :

Sometimes on the way to party, you may realize that you are missing out on the style quotient. In such a situation, you can up your style factor by making this hairstyle in a matter of few seconds. Just take one inch or similar length of your hair from one side and twist in direction away from your face. If you feel your hair is not holding up well, use a spray to keep it intact. Use bobby pins diagonally to secure the twisted region of your hair. Such tips can make your bobby pins like an accessory and there is no need to hide them making you look pretty and georgeous.

8.Cool hairstyle with a twist :

mind-blowing-french-twist-hairstyle-72684Create a triangular structure right in the centre of your head just as in the picture below. Take assistance of pins and use twists and curls to make it as appealing as possible. Let the other hairs flow tangled with each other with a mix of curls and straight hair. You can also use a spray that could help retain this look for long. It’s a cool hairstyle for the young women, which can be used effortlessly on busy weekends.

If you are stressed about your appearance and in particular your hairstyle, these 8 hairstyles listed above will surely help you. There are some situations where you even need a hairstyle change especially if it has been a long day at work. These hairstyles will change your mood and will make you look pretty and refreshed in a matter of not more than 10 seconds. Hairstyles not only change the look of your dress up but are also a very important factor to measure your overall look and personality. Why wait then, start experimenting with your hair now and be party ready or get a professional look in just 10 seconds!