5 Ways To Make Cute Hairstyles Everyday

5 Ways To Make Cute Hairstyles Everyday

cute-braided-everyday-hairsYou have put on your best clothes, best shoes, best makeup, but, is something’s missing? You keep looking in the mirror again and again, and still not sure if you are done or not. Well, whatever you put on, or do, you won’t look complete without your hair made. If your hair is not ready for the moment, you have actually wasted your time and money for everything else. It is not necessary that your hair should be tied up for only special occasions; you can carry it in a different way every day. Your hair needs to be presentable. No you don’t need to go to the parlor and spend on styling your hair every time, you can do it all on your own.  

Girls love to look different every day. Usually, we either tie our hair or leave it open, with a simple clutch or band. But an effortless hair twist can transform your whole personality and help you look unique. Just be tricky your normal pony tail, bun, braid, puff and open hair and be popular among your friends. Read on the following steps to get cute hairstyles for your daily wear.


111298-simple-messy-bunMaking chignon hair style is a very old hairdo. It is simple and gives you a classy look. You must have seen your mother simply tie her hair around and make a bun, especially during summers.  Similarly, you can also make a bun on your hair for a different gaze.  It is quick and doesn’t require any professional skills.


First, make a pony tail and tie with a rubber band. Now, twist the tail and wrap it around its base, where you have used the rubber band. Use another rubber band and some bobby pins to secure it safely, so that the bun doesn’t fall apart.


  1. Neat bun: Also known as a ballet bun, because of its popularity among classical dancers, a neat bun needs to have straightened hair. If your hair isn’t straight, you can use a hair straighter to give your bun a more structured and neat look.
  2. Messy bun: The difference between a neat bun and a messy bun is hair type and also the way it is made. If for neat bun, you have opted for straight hair, messy bun looks best on wavy or curly hair. Plus, if you are on with casual clothes, tying the bun in a careless way, you will look natural and wonderful.
  3. High bun: High bun is dependent on the height of the bun you make. Make the bun appear right in the middle of your back head or a little higher than that.
  4. Low bun: Low bun is usually made at the lower back head. Remember to use pins to secure your bun from falling. If made properly, this type of bun looks amazing.
  5. Side bun: Side bun should always be made on low height near the ear to make it appear perfect. If on height, side buns don’t look attractive. This bun can be made on any hair type, straight, curly or wavy.
  6. Falling bun: This hair type sounds different but seems to be stylish and unusual. Tie a pony tail and take some hair from the pony tail to make a bun at the middle of your back part of the head, and let the rest fall. You will look cool.  

2.Pony tails:

551-ponytails-for-women-with-long-hairThe most common hair type is the pony tail. We prefer a pony tail as it goes on well with all types of clothes and haircuts.


Using a comb, bring all your hair together and tie it with a rubber band. You are done.


  1. Half pony tail: To make a half pony tail, simply part your hair from back, into two and take the upper part to make a pony tail.
  2. Double pony tail: Rather than parting half from back, try middle parting, now tie hair from both the parts differently, using a runner band. Although common, your double pony tail makes your appearance neat and tidy.

  3. Side pony tail: Tie your pony near your ear, side ward, to give it an uncommon look.

  4. High pony tail: to make a perfect high pony tail, try to part your hair from your back head and make a pony tail from both the upper part and the lower part, separately. Let the upper pony fall on the lower. Your high pony won’t fall loose.

  5. Low pony tail: Just bring your hair in the lower part and tie it. Use pins to secure it.

Note: You can add a puff in all your pony tails, to add more style to it.

3.Open hair:

20-beautiful-hair-styles-bThis hair type is very difficult to carry as the increase in pollution and natural environment, makes hair dull and frizzy. Using hair spray daily is also not safe for the health of your hair. Try a different way to let your open hair stay longer and look more presentable.


Although there is no exact way to let your hair open, but normally a good hair cut will help you look different.


  1. Straight hair:  You are amongst the luckiest people if you own natural straight hair. But even if you don’t, worry not. Market is filled with hair straightening brushes and tools which will help you get straight hair in minutes. Straight hair looks amazing and can be carried in any occasion and dress. If you want your hair to be straight always, you can try natural products like, eggs, henna, and aloe vera, to straighten your hair.
  2. Curly hair: Only a few among many have natural curly hair. Curling machine will help you get curl that you desire. If you have a broad face, curly hair will add stars to your personality. Instead of curling your whole hair, you can also curl only the lower part and add a puff in the upper part of your hair for an outstanding look.

  3. Wavy hair: This is the most common type of hair and very easy to carry. Simply let your hair open and add a puff in the upper head to be fashionable.

Note: Dampen your hair and make braids, let it stay overnight. You will get all natural curls next morning.

4.Fake hair bangs:

bangs-600x450This is a very uncommon type of hair style but very fashionable.


Make a high pony tail and pull out some hair from the top part. Place the hair in such a way that an artificial bang is created. Secure it using pins or elastic band. Now make a bun out of the rest of the hair. A unique bang hair style is done without even a haircut. If you have short hair cut, you may have natural hairbang,


  1. Straight across bangs: Simply bringing your hair to the front portion and setting it will give you a straight across bang.
  2. Side swept bangs: For this hair type, you need to put your pulled hair to a little side ward and then safe it using bobby pins.

  3. Rounded bangs: When you place your hair on your fore head, use a roller to curl the front hair, then use pins in the inner part to secure part, your rounded bang is ready.

  4. Parted bangs: Part the hair into two and secure it in the side part near the ear, after your bring your pulled hair in the front.


maxresdefault-1A simple braid hair style is known to almost every one. You may find it difficult to make one on your own, but you are surely to have someone in your family who’s an expert in it. Well, the thing is you can now not only learn the common braid hair style but also some variations with it.


Using a comb bring all your hair at your back, a little low. Now make three parts of the hair, till the length. You need to be a little tricky with this. Take the first part in your hands and bring it in the middle, this will put your second part in the first place. Now, similarly holding both the parts, bring the third part in the middle. Use both your hands for this, continue doing it, once with the first part and then with the third, until you reach the bottom. Use a rubber band to tie it, wherever you want to finish your braid.


  1. French braid: The French braid is very similar to a normal braid with the only difference of it being closer to the scalp. Rather than stating from the lower part, the braid is made within the hair from the upper or middle part of the hair and continued till the bottom of the hair length, depending on the haircut.
  2. Fish tail braid: You need to get a hand on this hair style but it isn’t very complicated. Just the right method is known and you can continue the step till the end. Try braiding this type of hairdo a little sideward rather than middle, to get a bit trendy feel.
  3. Hallow braid: To make a hallow braid; you need not be an expert. Part your hair and select the side where you want your braid to be made and then clip the rest of the hair. Now, start the normal braid and tie with a rubber band at the end. Now bring the whole braid side ward at the top. Use pins to secure. Make the same on the other side as well. Your braid is ready.
  4. Side braid: Normally, making a braid a little near the sides rather than the middle portions gives a side braid which ultimately makes you cool and smart.

Try one each day and tempt your friends. You are sure to shine like a diva and be called a fashion addict with these amazing hairstyles.