25 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

25 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

easy-hair-styling-step-hairWhat is so fascinating about having long hair? Long hair is something that many women crave for, as you can carry any hairstyle in the best manner if you have long hair. According to the function or the occasion you can keep changing your hairstyle and look differently. Who does not like a change?

Long hair has a lot of advantages like you don’t have to use an hair extension. A hairdo is shown better when you have long hair, irrespective of the texture of hair. So if you have long hair remembers not to cut it short, just maintain it well with patience. When in a rush to step out long hair can cause a little hassle, just remember to stick to the old hair style i.e., a high ponytail. Enjoy the article to know easy and fashionable hairstyles for long hair!

You can try different hairstyles on your long hair according to the texture of your hair:

If you have wavy hair

Rather than normal straight hair or curly hair you can give a modern look by just twisting your hair to fall naturally. It gives a very natural look. For getting gorgeous waves you can use a light alcohol free styling spray and wrap a small portion of hair around a curling iron. Finally complete the styling with a mist of hairspray.

A Nice Bun

nice-hairA neat bun keeps your hair in place and is easy to maintain. A high bun gives you a formal and a classy look; you just have to keep in mind to match your accessories according to your hairdo. A low messy bun gives a very casual look and suits any occasion. This hair style can be carried well during a summer day and can easily go with any summer wear.

A sleek vixen hairstyle

This is a twisted ponytail hairstyle for medium or long hair. If you want to get a polished vixen hair look, make sure you straighten few strands using a straightener. You will require some bobby pins when you section your hair.

Easy chingnon

classic-low-chignon-3-easy-steps_118897This hairstyle gives a perfect feminist look. This is very easy for a person who wants to spend least time on hairdo. You will spend very little time yet be charming. This hairstyle is best suited for a party or wedding. You just require few bobby pins and a comb for this style. In the end use a setting sprays so that your hair stays in place for hours. You are left with a sophisticated look which will not become messy.

Tuck and cover hairstyle

diy-tuck-and-cover-hairstyle-thumbnailIt is a very easy hairstyle where you just need to tuck your hair and then cover it.  If you have a band it makes it all the more easier. You just need to wrap all your hair and tuck it into the band. If you have any loose hairs tuck them in too. This style suits office going women and it also looks good for a casual holiday time.

Wedding style

When you want to leave your hair down but not want to keep it in style, you can tie a little bit. This is a very nice hairstyle for straight, wavy long hair. Let down hair gives a great look for wedding. It goes well with formal or casual dressing.

Twisted pony

It is just a normal ponytail but with a twist. Twist your hair on the side of your face before tying your ponytail. This pony gives a perfect look.

Knot Pony

favoriteponytailtutorials_zIt is a little different from the original ponytail. This hairstyle suits long hair and it is different and modern. It might be a little difficult to get the perfect ponytail, but once you learn the trick it becomes very simple. Use enough mousse so that your hair becomes smooth and easy to work on.

Fancy Ponytail

The original ponytail is the easiest and the most vibrant hairstyles for long hair. It can be changed into a very classy hairdo or something more stylish, care-free and casual. The fancy ponytail is best suited for parties. It can be done with few steps and it suits any party outfit.

Twisted Bun

This is another simple and easy bun to make. Bun is the most easy and best hairstyles for summer season. This is the ideal hairstyle when you go to the beach or when you want to go for a swim. It is very easy to do and does not take much effort. Make a bun nice and high to get the younger look.

Slicked-back ponytail

windproof-hairstyles-slicked-back-ponytailIt is a neat and elegant hairdo for a formal event. You can keep your hair away from your face with this hairstyle. It is a very famous hairdo among cheerleaders and models. It is easy to get this done at home with a very few things.

Low ponytail

1500x1500_th_jpg_undone-lowNo care needs to be taken for this ponytail. Make sure your hair is not washed just before tying your ponytail. It helps in making a showy ponytail. It is a care-free pony, once tied you need not worry about it.

Braid-wrapped ponytail

This is for people who are confused whether to braid their hair or go for a ponytail. They can go for a mix of both styles. It is a very pretty country look.

Infinity Low do

This hair style gives a very neat look. It is not very formal but suitable for a wedding or a dinner date. You must make sure that your hair is not wet, so that you can set it well the way you want to.

Updo and Bangs

c675cf03f08b8fddbfcb5487e5678a89Updo is the best style when you want to keep your hair away from the face. It is a very organized style. Bangs or fringes give a very elegant look but it limits the way you can dress up.

Long ponytail

This style will help in making your hair look more thick and healthy. This is best suited for curly hairs. If you have straight hairs, make it a little wavy before you start.

Twice passed chingnon

This hairstyle may look quite difficult, but actually isn’t. Keep one hand to hold firmly so that you get a neat look.

Half Bun

bun-cover-620x400This style is ideal for a casual day. Secure your bun with bobby pin. It is very neat and helps in achieving a very rough casual look.

Inside out ponytail

aid295580-728px-do-an-inside-out-ponytail-step-6This style is ideal style if you are in a hurry, as it is very easy to make and takes very little time. It gives a very elegant look and enhances your overall appearance.

Lovely Layers

Short cut in the top and medium cuts all throughout gives a wonderful layer cut. This gives a very cute hairstyle. If you have a round face, this hairstyle will help your face look slightly elongated.

Ebony curls

Your hair is left smooth on the top and curls are added half way down. Hair is parted in the centre and layers are cut from the jawline.

Fish tail braid

img_1693This hairstyle will require a little amount of practice. You can make it neat or messy according to the occasion and your dressing.

French Braid

This is one of the best style for long hair and looks very elegant and classy. You can invent your own style in this.

Messy Bun

It is an elegant, romantic and a casual messy bun. It helps you be creative and you can design your bun the way you want to. If you add a nice hair piece it will enhance the look of your bun.

Cinnamon bun

maxresdefaultThis hairstyle is ideal for formal occasions and it gives a very elegant look. It is a perfect style for long hair.

Hairs are one of the most important parts of your body. Managing long hairs is not very easy. A well managed and styled hair can enhance your beauty, whereas a messy hair style which is not made correctly can completely ruin your overall appearance. So, just try out the above given hairstyles and enhance your looks and personality.